ose, I was willing to kill my temper.
After much consideration, the option I chose was the first.

“That can’t be true.
I love these muffins too.
It’s so colourful that it looks like a pretty little toy.
Its scent also smelled good.
Speaking of which, I will try it!”

“Wait, lady Kate? That muffin has carrot in it…”

I quickly put the piece glittering with red sugar in my mouth.
Contrary to the thick rubber smell, the sweetness on the tip of my tongue was quite good.
But just when I tried to chew the bread with a satisfactory feeling, a familiar obnoxious sensation burst into my mouth.


Damn it, why does this smell like carrots?

I stopped chewing and quickly turned to spit the food out of my mouth.
The muffin bite, in a half-dry state, as it could not even reach the roof of the mouth, fell onto the grass.


“Oh-, oh my.”

A small scream was heard from the table.
Then, with the sound of a chair being pushed, Caron ran to me, grabbing the hem of her dress.

“My-, my lady, are you okay? Did you swallow it?”

“No, I spat it out before swallowing, so it’s okay.”

Actually, it’s not okay.
Although I was a good eater, there were two foods that I could not digest: bell peppers and carrots.
The former was just a vegetable I didn’t like one bit, so I avoided it, but carrots were purely an allergy.
It was a food that I had to keep away because of the immediate swelling of my throat and face after swallowing.

“I’m-, I’m so sorry.
Actually, the muffins for lady Kate were prepared separately on the plate next to you.
I should have told you in advance… I’m so stupid…”

Caron, aware of the fact, was restless.
She looked like she was about to cry.
No wonder that plate was so far away from me.

“I’m fine.
Can…can I excuse myself for a moment? Unfortunately, I’m allergic to carrots.
I’ll just cool down and come back soon.”

I hurriedly cleaned my mouth and turned around.
It smelled bad, and I thought I should stop since I didn’t feel good.
The woman who frowned at my words nodded hastily.
Out of the three, she was the least talkative and I couldn’t remember her name.

“Sure! Go ahead.”

“Then, excuse me for a moment.”

I turned around and headed to the castle.
Perhaps it was because I was startled, but my heart was palpitating.
It was such a misfortune that I had to go through such a nightmare again after a long time.
I didn’t swallow it, but I did gulp down some crumbs in panic.
Guess I wouldn’t be able to sleep because my body would be itchy all night.

“Lady Katrina has always stood out.
Sometimes I wonder if she does that on purpose…”

It was when I was walking around the garden to calm my stomach from nausea.
Perhaps not aware that I had moved past the bush not far from there, a loud voice came from across the chrysanthemum flower garden.

“Actually, I sometimes think that, too.
Sir Lockheard Ezelot will return as a war hero, and Rick Ezelot has been honoured as the youngest professor at the Royal Academy this year… How could only lady Katrina feel a little distant?”

“She doesn’t look mature enough for her age, does she? Well, sometimes that’s cute though.”

“Oh ho ho! So it turns out that lady Malia has that kind of taste?”

“Oh my, I’m just kidding.
It must be His Highness Nezar’s preference, not mine.”

Capricious will be on a 2-week break.
See you on Easter (9th April) !

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