ir adolescence.

Nobles had ranks, just like the ranks given to pigs, such as imperial delivery, hotel delivery, and market delivery.

It was always boring for Nezar to look down on his peers from the top.
Instead of promising to become a saint and lead the empire in its heyday, he sighed at the thought of using such fools to run the country.

Most of the arrogant punks’ grades were not as good as that of ordinary people who entered the academy after receiving a scholarship.
And those competing for the top ranks in the whole school were ostentatious bastards who lacked social skills.

This kind of expression would make Nezar himself seem like a disgruntled, pompous person, but not that it mattered to him.
It was because Nezar fully agreed with that fact.
In fact, at this rate, it would be right to say he was in the second phase of adolescence.

His aide, Ron, said he was in a very serious depression.
That was why he was fed up and hated everything, and just wanted to let go of it all.
Being a crown prince in depression, he felt like a disgrace to loyalty and just wanted to hang himself out of shame.

But fortunately, he didn’t actually have to hang himself.

‘Don’t you want to get at least one man to your side?’

‘… What are you talking about all of a sudden?’

‘Even though I may appear like this, I pride myself with great courage.
I am Lockherd Ezellot, the second son of Ezellot, who, after graduating from here, will become a knight of my family or join the Imperial Guard at best.
But, if possible, I want to use this so-called superior skill and brain more efficiently.
Do you understand what I mean?’

‘So what are you trying to say?’

‘Please accept me as your highness’ person.
I shall free myself from Ezellot’s shackles and risk my life to serve you.’

Lockherd’s eyes didn’t show a glint of enthusiasm for fame or an ambitious dream of the future.

That fact made Nezar’s long-dead heartbeat.
It was a somewhat creepy expression, but no matter how much he thought about it, it was the most correct way to put it.

From that day on, he often thought his academy life was quite okay.

Maybe I was lonely.
The position of the crown prince who had to endure pretending to be stubborn.
Like a child, I wanted someone to approach me first.

Nezar took off his coat, threw it on the bed, and headed to the window.
Snow falling from the sky was landing on the dark ground.

He enjoys horseback riding in this weather? However I look at it, it isn’t a normal hobby.

“… fire?”

In the garden of the castle far away with only snow and darkness, something was burning brightly.
Nezar’s eyes slightly widened as he pressed his forehead against the window.

He wasn’t mistaken.
A red and white light dot, seemingly a fire, was burning down there.

T/n: by now you must have realised this is the story back in the prologue but from Nezar’s POV

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