eldest son of their family could become the head of the household.

These were not the only traits of the Entera Duchy.
As I passed through Entera Castle’s gate, I learned another new fact, which was that Entera castle was old enough to be compared to the Imperial castle.

“I’m sorry, Lady Ezellot.
Miss Caron is not ready yet.”

In addition, I just realised one more thing.
There was clearly a problem with either the Entera Duchy or Caron.

“She still has not gotten ready yet?”

I lifted my chin, clearly showing that I was offended.
I deliberately arrived neither late nor early.
Yet, all my efforts to get the coachman to arrive at perfect timing had turned out to be in vain.

“Yes, we have nothing to say for ourselves.
We are truly sorry.”

The question was, why was she late? As Nezar usually did, I narrowed my eyes and glanced down at the bowed maid.
It was not easy to determine whether Caron herself was being late or if she was being harassed by the servants.
It’s probably the latter rather than the former.

“Well, guess it can’t help it.
Where should I wait for her?”

“I will take you to the waiting room right away.”

I shook my head at her answer.
The weather was so nice, it would be such a waste to spend time indoors.

“I want to see the garden in front of the castle.
Is that alright?”

The scent of the chrysanthemum flowers, filling my sense as I walked by a moment ago, still lingered at the tip of my nose.
Ordinary castles tend to grow their gardens in summer or spring, but in this place, like Ezellot, autumn flowers seem to give off most fragrance.

Fortunately, the maid did not refuse my request.
After leaving the prepared refreshments behind, I step into the garden full of chrysanthemum flowers, which lay among the monotonous landscape.
I could feel the mellowness akin to the one seeping into the carriage upon arriving at the castle.

It was then that I hear someone’s footsteps not too far away.
At first, I assumed that they belonged to a maid, but it seemed that it wasn’t a servant of the castle since the steps did not sound heavy nor were they in a hurry.
Since I heard him, the other person must have felt my presence as well.
Thinking so, I went outside the garden again, and soon after, the person appeared in front of the seat where I was minutes ago.
It was a man that I did not expect.

“… Gypsophila?”

Startled by his words, I looked down at my chest.
It was an instinctive reaction to find the Gypsophilas in the vase back then.
It was much of a reflexive response in a daze, but since I came empty-handed, there was no way I was holding anything.
My hands were empty, and so was the space around my chest.

“You are the one I saw at Imperial Palace.
May I ask who are you?”

The man’s voice is lower and raspier than Nezar’s.
I stared dazedly at the man’s bright and striking purple eyes.
Standing only about four steps away, I could see his black pupils clearly.

“I am….”

Only then did it hit me. 

The man was Pancion Entera himself.
Sir Pancion was standing right in front of me!

Like a child caught stealing, my heart beat violently.
Albeit we had just met a few days ago, it still felt strange, as if it was our first time meeting.
A face drawn with soft and neat lines.
Skin was neither too dark nor too light.
Slender, stern eyes, and a firm body.

As I looked at him, I spotted one or two similarities to Caron.
Eyes of violet hues, a soft scent like summer sunlight.
Although their appearance was slightly different, the impressions they gave off were very much alike.
As expected, this must be why he was adored by all ladies.
Lord Pancion was a true knight, who was a world different from Lockherd.

“I am lady Ca-Caron Entera’s…”

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