guys were trying to look more appealing by throwing their tops off during that time.” 

“It’s strange for him to have such humane considerations.
Until yesterday, he was so on edge that he was ready to kill someone at any moment.”

Nezar’s sensitivity doubled when he could not sleep for a day or two as he was up to ears in work.
Over the past few days, he stayed up all night rearranging and reinforcing the manpower for the Imperial Castle.
Thanks to this, the atmosphere of the prince’s castle had been gloomy and dark like a funeral house.
During daytime, Nezar was like a snow leopard starved for a fortnight, and was ready to expose its sharp teeth to any intruder who entered its private territory without permission.

Every time that happened, Lockherd had to deal with it and was quick to get exhausted too.
Nezar himself was aware of that fact, so when his sensitivity reached its limit, he would abandon all of his work and escape from the Imperial Castle.

Whenever he got onto the carriage in such a drained state, there was usually one place that Nezar would head to.
A small and cozy living room on the first floor of Count Ezellot’s residence.
He would go through the main gate of Ezellot Castle and head straight to the parlor.
It was as if he was waiting for someone to come to him.

“Ah, he’s here.”

At Louis’ words, Lockherd turned around.
Not too far away, Nezar, dressed in light clothes, was facing their way.
His muscle movements were noticeably strong even from the distance.
They were strong enough to be compared to an official knight.
As always, with straight and confident steps, he approached them from across the training ground.

Each time Lockherd stood and looked at him from such a distance, he felt a strange awe.

It was believed that Nezar was born to reign as a ruler.
Sometimes, it felt as if he was crafted from refine and solid porcelain.
The type that would never break even when it was hit by a typhoon.
Especially at times when he stayed up all night training on an equal footing with the knights.
There was, however, a defect to his seemingly perfect image.
His personality could be quite foul.

Nezar smiled as he spoke.

“The lazy nobleman has finally arrived.”

As a result, Lockherd had no choice but to avoid Nezar’s gaze with a sullen face.
Actually, frankly speaking, Nezar’s personality was not just a little foul, but immensely.

“Why hasn’t Sir Breit sent you to your grave yet? Did you perhaps find his weakness?”

“You must have forgotten, but our leader is not a man who will be influenced by a few gold coins or valuable objects.
You said it like it’s so easy to find his weakness.”

“This is not about ethics, but a matter of the knights’ discipline.
Isn’t that right, Sir Louis?”

“You are right a hundred times over.”

With a faint smile, Nezar unbuttoned his shirt.

Up close, his skin looked paler than usual, and his body didn’t seem to be in good condition either.
While Louis was away to get some water, Lockherd opened his mouth.

“You should look out for yourself.
Why are you wandering around in such a state?”

Nezar turned to Lockherd while ruffling his sweaty hair, shaking off the sweat.
His black hair fluttered in waves in front of his eyes.

“No one knows except for you.
It’s amazing that you even noticed it in the first place.”

“Your Highness the Prince, I’m not asking about that right now.
Are you sure this is a good time for you to show off your physical strength?”

Without a plausible answer, Nezar shook his head.
As usual, he barely said a word, but his complexion, which had only seemed a little exhausted earlier, darkened. 

At the change, Lockherd tried to reach out to him but then halted. 

I don’t know why, but I don’t have a good feeling about this.

Shortly after, Nezar intoned.

“Yesterday evening, His Majesty the Emperor ordered an attack to the north.”

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