Looking for My Fiancé’s Lover – chapter 1


Remembering my previous life did not mean that my identity had changed.

I was still Katrina Ezellot, who hated paprika and afraid of falling asleep alone late at night.

The end of my textbooks still continued to be filled with doodle drawings during every education class, and the tutor’s attitude toward those lessons plus the attitude of the maid who came into my room to help me with bathing were still the same as dealing with a wildcat.

If there was one thing that had changed, it was that I had matured a bit, I was no longer acting childishly and selfishly.

Had my personality finally developed? Even when I looked at the maid standing next to the sofa, there was no simmering desire for violence or my tongue did not itch for spitting out some abusive words.

It was truly a remarkable change, it made me realise how much I had been living like a reckless fool.

Every day at the Count’s castle became very peaceful just because I had been quiet.

The complexion of the employees had improved considerably.
I came across the servants’ gossip here and there, most of them said that the atmosphere around my room, which used to feel bleak and hellish, with the thorny road to my room, had turned quaintly elegant.
They even exaggerated that they could even sense the scent of magnolia — the flower symbolised purification around my room.

However, not everyone in the castle showed such a reaction.
In particular, my brothers, who lived under the same roof as me, reacted four times noisier than usual, as if they had caught sight of a rare phenomenon.

“Kate, what did you eat wrong?”

“Rick, be silent in front of mother.”

Rick Ezellot’s lips were tightly shut at Eden’s prompt.

He had been teasing and picking up fights with me since yesterday.
When I secretly stuck out my tongue at him, avoiding Eden’s eyes, Rick’s eyes widened, he displayed a dumbfounded face with his mouth stuffed with meat and salad.

Why are you staring at me like that? I stuck out my tongue again to mess with him a little.


Eden, who also had his eyes on me, scolded me with a harsh voice.
Perhaps it was because of a sense of obligation as the first born, and Eden was especially stricter today, when father was away.

If it had been the me two days prior, I would have shouted Why are you doing this? You are not even father, so stop ordering me around!

But now that I was a newborn Katrina, there was no need for me to maintain my role as an air-headed girl.

In that sense, I turned towards Eden and smiled brightly like a true graceful young lady from a typical long-established count family.

“I’m sorry, brother.
Rick kept making fun of me.
From now on, I will just eat quietly.”

As soon as I had finished speaking, I sliced ​​the veal steak and put it in my mouth with a calm manner.
It may be a misunder

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