Chapter 43: Young Man, Why Are You So Tsundere?_i

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Ah Chen continued to stare.

His sharp gaze shot straight at the meatbail.

However, the meatball hiding in Feng Chuge’s arms was not afraid of him.

It knew that Ah Chen couldn’t do anything to it now.

The meatball really understood human nature.

Perhaps after realizing that, he became even more proud of himself…

An invisible war slowly began…

Feng Chuge didn’t see the eye contact between Ah Chen and the meatbail.
She was just resting on the side.

When the carriage stopped, Violet Orchid, who was driving outside, said,” Miss, we’ve arrived at the palace…”

Feng Chuge opened his eyes.” Ah Chen, we’re here.
Let’s go down.’”‘

Feng Chu Ge got out of the car first.
He waited for a long time, but Ah Chen didn’t come down.

He lifted the curtain and saw Ah Chen leaning on the side expressionlessly.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to get out of the car?”

Ah Chen crossed his arms and said arrogantly with a cold face,” It’s too high.
I can’t go down.”

Feng Chuge looked at the sedan chair that was a little higher than the inside and finally said,” I’ll carry you down.””

Ah Chen’s eyebrows twitched slightly, and his lips curled up.

Feng Chuge stepped forward and was about to hug him when he realized that she was still hugging the meatbail in her arms.
He could not pull his hand away at all.

Just as he was about to call Violet Orchid over to help, Ah Chen said,” I’ll help you carry the meatball…” Hug me again.”

” Meow, meow, meow, meow!” After Ah Chen finished speaking, the meatball in Feng Chu Ge’s arms let out a sad cry as if it was protesting.

But in the end, his protest was futile.

Feng Chuge said,” Alright.”

After handing the meatbail to Ah Chen, Feng Chu Ge reached out and carried Ah Chen out of the carriage.

When he stood firmly on the spot, Ah Chen’s thin lips curled up slightly.” Leave the meatbail to me today.
It’s not convenient for you to keep holding it…”

Feng Chuge heard this and smiled.” Then, we’ll have to trouble our Little Chenchen.””

Indeed, it would be inconvenient for her to bring a cat along.

Moreover, it was too eye-catching ~

Turning around, Feng Chuge looked at the meatball.”Meatball, be obedient

The meatbail meowed.

Obedience is a ghost!

It struggled to get out of Ah Chen’s arms, but Ah Chen hugged it tightly…

The meatbail could vaguely sense that an evil hand was slowly reaching for its ear…

“Meow…” The meatbail cried out again…

“Meatball, do you not like Ah Chen? Why are you screaming so miserably? This will make others think that I’m bullying you.
Ah Chen likes you so much.
How can you do this to me? You really hurt Ah Chen’s heart…” Ah Chen suddenly widened his eyes and said pitifully,

Feng Chu Ge heard the commotion behind him and stopped in his tracks.

Obviously, this wasn’t something a cool child should say.

She curled her lips…

Young man…Why are you so arrogant?

Feng Chuge turned around and looked at Ah Chen’s little face, which was pretending to be wronged.
In the end, he looked at the meatbail in his arms.” Meatball, don’t mess around.
Otherwise, I’ll be rude to you when I get back…” The meatbail wrinkled its nose aggrievedly.
It had no choice but to curl up in Ah Chen’s arms while trembling…

This banquet was quite grand.

Not only did the Emperor invite Feng Chuge, but he also invited the important people of the other three families of the Heaven Enlightenment Sect.

The people from the three families also slowly arrived.

Feng Chu Ge had not arrived for a long time, and everyone could not help but discuss her, who had been very popular outside recently….

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