Chapter 25

The moonlight sprinkled down on every inch of the courtyard.

There was no progress with the search and finally, Feng Chuge stopped by a garden.

“Woman… are you looking for me?” On the top left side, a soft voice suddenly sounded.

Following the sound of the voice, Feng Chuge saw Ah Chen currently seated atop a rock.

Ah Chen was dressed in a small white robe.
Under the moonlight, it radiated with a faint glow.

After confirming Ah Chen was safe and sound, Feng Chuge was finally relieved.

“Brat, who allowed you to run about? Don’t you know the Feng Residence is dangerous? Did you know you were about to frighten your sister to death?”

Ah Chen turned away.
“Hmph! Woman, you’re not allowed to call yourself my sister.
Otherwise, I won’t go back with you.”

“Who am I if not your sister?”

“My wife.” Ah Chen blinked and smiled.

Feng Chuge’s lips twitched.

In the past when Ah Chen had asked if she would marry him when he grew up, she only regarded what he said as a joke, similar to a child’s whim.
She never expected him to have such a thought deeply rooted in his heart.

“Brat, how old do you think you are!? To hell with getting married.
Hurry and get down!”

“Then when I grow up, marry me?”

“There’s still a long time before you grow up!”

“I don’t care.
Woman, as long as you promise me, it’s good enough.
If your answer is no, I won’t come down.
Even if you come up and catch me, I still won’t come down.”

Feng Chuge used to think that Ah Chen was mature.
At this moment, she lightly chuckled at the tone of his voice.

His current behavior was very childish.

Children have to be coaxed and cheated before they will happily comply.

“Sure, I’ll promise you.
Hurry and come down.”

“Okay!” A smile surfaced on Ah Chen’s exquisite face.

Feng Chuge was momentarily stunned at his smile.

Why does she feel a sense of deja vu when she sees Ah Chen’s smile?

Feng Chuge shook her head and thought,

As expected, handsome men have the most in common.


After Feng Chuge and the rest returned to their courtyard, Zilan and Biluo were still fangirling off to one side.

“You two, that’s enough.” Feng Chuge chuckled as she saw Zilan and Biluo.

“Miss, Young Master Juechen is honestly too beautiful.
He does indeed live up to his name as Yuntian’s top-rated most handsome man.”

“That’s right… I’ve never met such a beautiful and handsome man in my life,” Biluo agreed.

“Miss, only such a heroic man is worthy of you.” Zilan suddenly thought of something and sat up straight.
With a solemn expression, she said, “If Young Master Juechen can become our Miss’s husband… Kyaaa~ Then we’ll get to enjoy an eye feast every day!!”

Feng Chuge’s lips could not help but twitch.

She originally assumed that they themselves were fond of Young Master Juechen.
Unexpectedly, they were having such thoughts about getting her involved.

“It’s late now, all of you should go and rest.”

“I don’t want to.
Now that I’ve met Young Master Juechen, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.” Zilan continued to speak, “Say, Biluo, the scene where Miss and Young Master Juechen were standing next to each other earlier, wasn’t it beautiful?”

Biluo nodded in agreement.

“Aren’t they a good match?”

“Yep, they are a good match!!”

“Since they’re beautiful and look good together, shouldn’t they be together?”

Biluo nodded once again…

At the same time, Ah Chen seated on the side also nodded.

“Yes, they are a good match!”

“Miss, children never lie.
Even Ah Chen agrees that you two make a good match…”

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