p>They continue running and passing through several streets. Men in green are shooting at the police, and in the flag is what looks like a Lyre. Several people fall to the ground as the police officers attempt to fire back at their attackers. They fall unconscious in a bloody heap.

”This way! ” Herbert shouts as he sprints toward a corner of a street filled with houses. They cross the street, running parallel to the road. As they approach another intersection, a group of soldiers appears. One of them is carrying a flag decorated with the Union Jack.

”Hey! You! ” he shouts angrily.

As soon as he sees the two of them, he throws the banner down and raises his rifle to aim at them. But the gun jams, giving him trouble aiming.

”We are citizens! ” Herbert shouts. The soldier in red stops what hes doing and approaches them. ”Give me your names! ”

”Lom- ”

”Herbert Kemp and Eleanor McDonald! ” Herbert says.

Hes a soldier, for **s sake. If we
e caught lying, hell shoot us. Shoot us! he looks at Eleanor.

She gives him a nervous expression.

The soldier puts his rifle on his shoulders and raises it slightly.

”McDonald? Are you sure you aren harboring an Irishwoman? Come with me, Mr. Kemp. ” The soldier says, apprehending them both.

”No! I was born here! ” Eleanor screams. The soldier takes his sidearm and shoots Herberts shoulder.

”Ow! What the hell?! ” He clutches his wound and stumbles backward. Blood spills out of the injury and lands on the cement.

”Control your woman! ” the soldier shouts as Eleanor is pushed to Herbert.

”I am not…! ” Eleanor cries.

”Shut up! We
e not going to die! ” Herbert yells.

”Stop crying! This is your fault! ” the soldier roars. He takes out his knife and slices Herberts face. Herbert screams in pain.

”Fuck… ” he groans as he falls to the pavement in agony.

”That should teach you, ” the soldier says, pulling Eleanor by the hair.

They woke up shackled in chains, soldiers outside their prison cell, guarding the perimeter. The only light comes from their burning torches, illuminating their path to the exit and entrance where they were being held captive for nearly a day. Herbert looks to his side and sees Eleanor sulking in the corner. She doesn bother looking at him when he calls her name, not even glancing at the door.

”What did you do? ” She says, barely louder than a whisper. He sighs heavily and tries to figure out what has happened. Where did the planes come from? When did this war start? What exactly is going on?

”I don know! ” Herbert exclaims. The attack came so suddenly that he was surprised when he felt the first explosion.

”Don worry about it, ” she scoffs as she leans over to look at him. ”Just focus on escaping. ”

As soon as that last word left her mouth, a beautiful woman entered the cell, accompanied by her posse of guards. A strange smile on her face. Her hair was dark brown, falling straight and thick down her back, framing an angular, youthful look. Her eyes seemed like they could bore through anything, piercing Herberts soul with an intensity that almost made him believe she was speaking directly to him. ”Enjoy your stay, ” she says with a deep voice.

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