Its already 3 in the afternoon, and the sky is as dark as usual.

Their surroundings look abandoned. The streets are empty and quiet, with people hiding in their homes. It was almost impossible to make out anyone on the sidewalks since they wore masks and hoods over their heads.

”Should we walk to Trenton or ride a bicycle? ” she asks.

He thinks for a moment. ”Climb on. ”

”Huh? ” she says, raising an eyebrow.

”Hop on; lets take the bike. ”

”What? Are you crazy? ” she asks in disbelief.

”Come on, ” he says, smiling.

He walks towards the police station and grabs a motorbike. After answering some of the officers questions, he gets Eleonor to hop on.

”Now, itll take only an hour. ”

The motorcycle hums as they ride the long road to the south.

As they turn left on the main road, Eleonor becomes uncomfortable sitting on the saddle and clinging tightly to Herbert.

”Hang on tight, ” he yells at her as he turns his left foot. ”Hold on tighter. ”

The motorcycle races along the straight road.

When they arrive at the highway, the sun has set, and the citys lights illuminate the road.

”Can you pull over somewhere? ” She says nervously.

”Just close your eyes and hold on tight; youll be fine. ” he laughs as he puts his foot on the brake.

Herbert pulls off the road and stops by the side of the road. He takes his helmet off. ”Here. Get on. ” He motions with his hand to Eleonor.

She hesitantly slides off the bike and onto his lap.

”This way, even if you fall asleep, you won fall off. ” He says before wrapping an arm around her waist.

”What are you going to do? ” she whispers, closing her eyes.

”Nothing dangerous. ” He whispers right in her ear. She flinches slightly at his voice. ”Let yourself relax. ”

Eleanor lets herself sink into his embrace.

The ride goes on peacefully, and the English countryside seems peaceful and eerily quiet.

The sky slowly changes from black to grey as the sun begins to set.

Herbert parks the bike under an oak tree next to Trentons train tracks.

”Thanks for everything today, ” she murmurs in a whisper.

He smiles at her as he removes his arm from around her waist.

”I take a trip to Paris at least once a year. I know what Im doing. ” He stands up and offers her his hand. She stares at it in amazement. ”Come on, ” he says quietly as he helps her off the bike, ”lets get inside. ” he points to a massive complex. The amalgamated building holds the citys facilities.

They find the entrance and see a hall with many corridors and stairs. Like a labyrinth, a wrong turn, and you
e lost.

After they climb the stairs to the front desk, he rings the bell.

An attendant comes walking toward them.

”Yes? ” the attendant asks.

”Good evening. We
e looking for our hotel? ”

”May I help you, gentlemen? ”

e here to check in. ”

”Sir, please follow me. ” He leads them through the maze of corridors until they reach a staircase.

”I believe weve finally arrived, ” he continues, ”Room 528. ”

He pushes a button on a wall which unlocks the door.

”Please excuse my clumsiness, ” he says as he takes the key off the wall and opens the door.

The door swings open without a sound. Herbert hands him 2,500 pounds before entering the room with Eleonor in tow.

Once inside, he closes the door behind them. Theres barely any light except the moonlight coming in through the windows. A giant bed in the middle of the room is more extensive than most hotels.

”What do you think? ” Herbert asks.

”Its nice… ” she responds with a smile. ”So, where do we sleep? ” she asks.

”I think it will do. ”

”I don mind a single bed, you know. ”

”You never mind anything, ” Herbert smirks and plops himself on the bed.

Eleonor opens her backpack and takes out her Laboratory Manual. She then starts to scribble on it.

e writing on that again? ” Herbert asks.

”Of course, idiot. ” she laughs.

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