o set.

Herbert parks the bike under an oak tree next to Trentons train tracks.

”Thanks for everything today, ” she murmurs in a whisper.

He smiles at her as he removes his arm from around her waist.

”I take a trip to Paris at least once a year. I know what Im doing. ” He stands up and offers her his hand. She stares at it in amazement. ”Come on, ” he says quietly as he helps her off the bike, ”lets get inside. ” he points to a massive complex. The amalgamated building holds the citys facilities.

They find the entrance and see a hall with many corridors and stairs. Like a labyrinth, a wrong turn, and you
e lost.

After they climb the stairs to the front desk, he rings the bell.

An attendant comes walking toward them.

”Yes? ” the attendant asks.

”Good evening. We
e looking for our hotel? ”

”May I help you, gentlemen? ”

e here to check in. ”

”Sir, please follow me. ” He leads them through the maze of corridors until they reach a staircase.

”I believe weve finally arrived, ” he continues, ”Room 528. ”

He pushes a button on a wall which unlocks the door.

”Please excuse my clumsiness, ” he says as he takes the key off the wall and opens the door.

The door swings open without a sound. Herbert hands him 2,500 pounds before entering the room with Eleonor in tow.

Once inside, he closes the door behind them. Theres barely any light except the moonlight coming in through the windows. A giant bed in the middle of the room is more extensive than most hotels.

”What do you think? ” Herbert asks.

”Its nice… ” she responds with a smile. ”So, where do we sleep? ” she asks.

”I think it will do. ”

”I don mind a single bed, you know. ”

”You never mind anything, ” Herbert smirks and plops himself on the bed.

Eleonor opens her backpack and takes out her Laboratory Manual. She then starts to scribble on it.

e writing on that again? ” Herbert asks.

”Of course, idiot. ” she laughs.

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