”And? ”

”And they don think its fake anymore. ”

Eleanor squeals. ”Finally! Thank god I didn mess anything up! ”

That was for a test!? Herbert sighs as he holds her hand, walking with her to enter the swing doors to the back of the station.

Two officers guide them to the autopsy room. ”Dr. Newton, you may enter. But I suggest you keep your wife out. ” One of the officers tells him.

”Why? ”

”Your wife would disturb the autopsy, ” he replies dryly.

”Don worry; shes the nurse. ”

”Oh. ” the other officer looks at Eleanor. He opens the door and gestures for her to go ahead of him.

”You don have to do that, ” Herbert whispers to her.

”Its fine! You
e the doctor here. ” she shrugs as she walks into the room.

A cold breeze blows through the corridor outside the autopsy room. As Herbert closes the door behind Eleanor, he leans against it, his forehead pressed against the wood.

The room reeks with the smell of blood. On every table lies a dead body, either decapitated or missing parts. A large gash on the head makes the entire scene look as gruesome as possible. Some of the bones lie scattered on the floor.

”How many bodies do you think were killed here? ” Eleonor asks as she picks up one of the bones.

”Maybe twenty? Thirty? ” Herbert guesses.

”Were they fighting? ”

”Or maybe the killers had a grudge against each other. ”

”Whoa, I knew you were smart. ”

”Thank you. ”

They stand there quietly for a while. Eleonor starts to pick another bone.

”Start cutting up the bodies Dr. Kemp. I want to experience this at least once! ” she says, turning to him.

Herbert nods and starts to work on the following body. He quickly finds some pieces of skin on the floor that had been thrown out of a window. After ensuring everything is ready, he grabs the scalpel and slices through the first body.

”What now? ” Eleonor asks, looking at him expectantly.

”Um, you realize I am woefully unprepared for this kind of shit. ”

”Well, do you know how to operate on a human body? ”

”No. ”

”Then stop being such an idiot and start! ”

”But there are so many bodies…. ”

”Stop complaining, and cut those things open! ”

The first corpse is sliced open quickly enough.

”Shouldn we be writing a report or something? ” Herbert asks.

He tries not to look at the guts of the poor dead boy.

”We have nothing to write about! That moron got himself killed. Now come over here and let me finish the job. ”

Herbert sighs before he grabs the scalpel and cuts through more organs. This is getting easier.

Eleonor starts scribbling some passable report. Just wing it.

she thinks.

”Done, ” Herbert said while flipping through the Laboratory Manuals pages.

The rest of the corpses are finished after about fifteen minutes.

”Thats it? Not even anything interesting happened! ” Eleonor shouts when Herbert hands her the last piece of tissue. ”Why are these people all so bloody?! ” She screams in frustration.

”Are you finished doing the report? ” Herbert sighs. We could face serious jail time here!

”Yeah, ” she answers sarcastically. ”Anyways, should we leave? ”

He shakes his head.

”What? Why?! I really need to wash my hands! ”

”There are some things Id like to discuss with you. ”

”Discuss away, doctor. ” She crosses her arms.

”Do you know how irresponsible this incursion is? ” he asks.

Eleanor rolls her eyes. ”Relax. I have an excellent poker face, so no one can tell Im faking it. ”

Herbert looks amused by her confidence. ”I suppose thats a little bit better. ”

”Anyway, lets book it out of here, ” she says. She leaves the report on the table and grabs Herberts arm. They exit the building undetected and hop onto the street. They walk down the road silently.

”You know, Im just saying they can keep us in here forever., she says softly.

”I feel like we
e committing a major felony or something, ” Herbert replies.

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