ton, ” Herbert says, holding his breath for a second; he is in disbelief.

She stares back at him in silence. Then, without glancing at him once, she reaches over the counter. She types something on a keypad and turns her chair around. She continues typing, ignoring everyone else in the room.

She continues for several seconds. Then the phone rings.

”Thats for you, Dr. Newton. ” the woman says without looking at him. She turns back around and continues typing.

A young officer enters the room, handing a piece of paper to the receptionist. ”Have a nice day, doc! ” he smiles widely at him.

The young officer walks towards Herbert and gives him a smile and a wave. He then walks out.

He then walks out.

Herbert goes to the phone on the wall and gets the receiver.

”Hello? ” he answers tentatively.

”This is the police speaking. Can you confirm your ID number, please, Mr… Newton? ” A voice asks through the speaker.

Oh shit! ”Uh, I can definitely get my I.D number in the future. But Im afraid my ID number is classified. ”

There is quiet for a moment. ”Can I ask for our identity card number? ”

Oh shit

”Dr. Newtons ID number is 23207777! ” Eleanor says.

There is silence on the other side. The police officer clears his throat. ”Is what the woman says true? ”

”Yes, officer, ” Herbert says, trusting her completely.

”Its true, my ID is 23207877, but my name is not registered. My ID numbers are classified, so if someone asks me my ID number, it will show as 23107777 instead. ”

”Okay, thank you for confirming this. Please leave a piece of contact information for our investigators so we can call you again whenever. Have a good day. ”

”Thank you. ”

He hangs up the phone and sighs.

”So, what did they say? ” Eleanor asks curiously.

”You saved my ass. ” Herbert chuckles.

”So, what did they say? ” Eleanor asks impatiently.

”They bought it. ”

Herbert pauses. ”The police bought my ID number. ”

”What? ”

”They scanned their database and saw a Dr. Newton. ”

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