”Morning, ” she says as she stretches her arms over her head. ”Did you sleep well? I didn mean to wake you up… ”

”No, no, you didn wake me up… ” he replies slowly. ”You were sleeping deeply. ”

She sits up and ignores him, focusing on her Laboratory Manual. She also grabs her music player and plays the song.

Herbert watches her for a moment. ”Is that Gravity Waves? Is that your favorite musical piece? ” he asks.

”Uh… Yeah, ” she mumbles absentmindedly, still focused on the page. ”Im sorry if I woke you up. ”

He walks over to the desk.

”Not at all. Your voice was soothing… I like your singing, ” he pauses and swallows hard. ”Anyway, lets start our day, shall we? ”

”Yeah. Lets, ” she says, nodding her head vigorously.

After breakfast, they make their way into the streets of Manchester again.

Herbert sighs heavily, trying to hide his frustration. They walk together silently, neither of them saying anything.

The streetlights illuminate the path ahead as the smog covers the entire sky, making the landscape unbearably dark.

Even though most people wear their hoodies, they still feel cold despite the thick layers of clothing.

Eleanor is holding her coat closer to her. She keeps shivering. Her hair covers part of her face, preventing Herbert from seeing her expression.

They are walking towards the pub theyve been in just yesterday when they see Royal Police standing around the perimeter.

Herbert stops dead in his tracks and stares at the soldiers, who seem oblivious to his presence.

”Whats going on? ” Eleanor whispers to him, concerned.

”I don know, ” he mutters, looking at the soldiers. He quickly looks to the side, scanning the area as a precaution. ”Something isn right here. Stay here. ”

He starts running towards the officers, who turn around when they hear him running.

Eleanor follows closely behind.

”Who are you?! ” a tall officer barks at him.

”Sir, I am Dr. Lombard Newton, ” he replies, using a fake name. ”This is my companion, Miss Madison Park. What happened? ”

The officers exchange puzzled glances with each other. One of the men steps forward, revealing a badge.

”Dr. Herbert, I presume. You must know that the police are investigating a suspected drug trafficking ring here. ”

”Drug smuggling? ”

The officers nod, ”Yes. This area is under suspicion of being used by drugs and criminals. ”

Eleanor watches from afar as the police search the area. Herbert stands silently next to the policeman, watching as the officers examine every inch of the ground and the buildings. After some while, a stretcher is pulled out of the building; a dead body has been found.

”Oh, okay, ” Herbert says. Honestly, he doesn care about these things. There must be many gangs in this city. Even if there isn , hes confident it won take long to discover the culprit.

The police officers move away from the scene, and the stretcher disappears.

”Come on! ” Eleanor shouts. She catches up with them. Herbert turns to look at her. What the ** is she doing?.

Shes smiling at Herbert. ”We
e snooping! Come on! ” she exclaims excitedly. She rushes toward the street and holds the edge of Herberts sleeve. ”Come on! ”

Reluctantly, he nods his head. ”All right, all right, just let go… ” he mutters before giving in.

He runs after her.

”Don worry, Doctor, youll find more clues, ” one of the officers assures him.

”Thank you! ” he responds politely.

”We need to find some evidence to prove this crime occurred! ” another one says. ”Do you have any suggestions? ”

”Um, I could help you search. ”

Herbert doesn know what hes saying or what hes supposed to do. These officers are probably mistaking him for a bigshot physician.

”We could use a doctors help, ” one of the officers says. ”If you don mind, sir? ”

Herbert shakes his head. ”No, of course, yes. ”

”Great! You have an appointment at 9:30, so meet us at the police station at 9:00. Well need a man who knows how to cut up dead bodies. ”

You mean an autopsy, Herbert thinks. ”Yes, yes! The Doctor will come. ” Eleanor quips.

The Police Officer looks at her in disgust. ”Little Lady, don interfere with mens business. ”

”Excuse me, I wasn meddling— ” she retorts.

Herbert stops her, putting his hand on her shoulder. ”Yes, officer, well be there. ”

”Great, Dr. Newton! See you then. ”

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