nger noticed as its happened oh so often.

The mornings are a reset for the schedules of many.

After trudging along for three more days, the weekends finally arrive, providing respite for the toil within the city. Men disappear daily from the streets, and some will never be seen again. Sectarian violence and many brawls also occur in obscure parts of the city.

Herbert drapes his coat on the couch and walks towards Eleanors room. He knocks lightly, careful not to be too loud to disturb her rooms ambiance. After a while, he could hear a shuffling, soft thump on the floor and the doorknob turning to reveal a prim Eleanor. Well, as stuffy as she could be anyway.

The left strap on her top hangs loose on her shoulder as she walks out like a zombie. She sits on the couch, the coat falling to the floor.

”So, youve got a good reason to wake me up? ” she asks as she reaches for her go-to crisps, only to find them missing.

”I was just planning to tell you about our travel plans tomorrow. ” Herbert sighs.

”Can we buy new tapes in France? ” she asks; she seems to gain energy for a moment.

”Like, music? ” he asks. She deflates as she sighs.

”Ive only one, and this thing is good, but I want a new one for keeping. ”

”I have this song stuck in my head… ” Herbert says, sitting next to her.

”Me too! Well, since I only have one. Its about Kenyon Atkins. ”

”Isn that the serial killer, Atkins? The one that makes the human dolls? Why do you listen to that stuff? ” he asks.

”I know, I know. Im pretty sick, am I? ” she giggles, jabbing him with her elbows.

”I saw the documentary on TV. Its one of the rare good ones the Government is providing. ” He sighs.

”Ever since it started, entertainment and everything related to it is suffering. ” Eleanor stands up to open the cupboard. After scouring over the blocks of cheese and preserved bread within it, she stops momentarily after not finding what shes looking for.

”Where the ** are the crisps!? ”

The Next Day…

The bags of important stuff has been packed. Both are wearing their dull-colored coats as they step out of the apartment building. Passing by the rusty pipes, the damp streets, and the uneven pavements, they slowly reach the edge of the City of 90 thousand.

It takes quite some time as, by the time theyve arrived at a place where they can see expansive grass fields outside the city, its already noon. Eleanors stomach starts to rumble as they walk along the main street.

”Want to stop at a food place? ” Herbert looks at her.

She slowly nods. ”Bread and cheese is not a good daily meal. ”

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