p> ”Ive given you the power to open portals to places near, not far. ” the entity says. ”Now go. Use it. ” And with those final words, the portal closes.

The elder boy watches as the child disappears. He smiles. He knows where the child will go. Hell meet someone who can change him. Then finally, the world can come into equilibrium.

The kid is sent back to the earth, into the streets of London. The kid is confused; he doesn know what to do with this power. The kid walks around the square, spotting a battalion of soldiers. Their uniforms, rifles, and flags captivated him.

The boy decides to go to the nearest building and ask for assistance. ”Excuse me, ” he asks a soldier. ”Do you know if there is an orphanage close by? ”

The soldier, a tall man, nods with a sympathetic smile. ”Yes, we have one here. Do you need us to take you there? ”

But before he could reply, a man grabbed him. ”Im sorry, sir, this is my son; Im taking him home. ” the man says. The soldier sighs and lets them go. As the man carries the kid away, hes struggling as hes being brought out. Eventually, he loses consciousness.

When he awakens, hes lying on his cot. The room is dark save for a faint flickering candle next to him. He takes a deep breath. Theres been… something. Something different from the usual events.

His dream felt strange. He couldn describe it, but it certainly didn feel good.

Theres movement at his side. The man from earlier is standing over him. ”Wake up! You
e ruining my business. You should be grateful that theres people to play with you, or else Ive already sold you! ” the man says, kicking the kid. The kid whimpers softly. His whole body is sore from the abuse.

”Hey, shut up! No yelling, you brat. Just because you
e lucky enough to wake up alive doesn mean you deserve to be awake. Ive seen kids like you. All you care about is sleeping and playing with dolls. You don understand how cruel this world is yet. ” the man spits. The Father then opens the door, letting strangers file into the tiny house. These strange people bring alcohol and drugs as they hand in their money.

The Father takes the coins with a smug grin, counting and sorting.

The father throws a bottle of beer on his lap. The boy grimaces and tries to move farther away, but the hand grabs his hair.

He screams when pain lances across his scalp.

The father laughs heartily, watching the blood drip onto the floor. ”What a pretty face! If your mom could take our games, youd be worth a fortune. Your skin is so soft! ” the father exclaims.

Another slap hits him across his face. He screams again. ”Shut up! Who cares? Shes dead! Stop crying! Look at you, trying to act tough like your mama when you
e practically helpless! ” the Father shouts. He then pulls him up roughly by his hair. ”Don worry, kid. Maybe tomorrow Ill take you out. Well have fun. Just like the rest of the brats. ” He then releases the childs hair and kicks him. The child falls forward and groans. He crawls away in fear.

”What are you going to do to me? ” the Kid says in a trembling voice.

The strangers sneer. ”We
e going to have fun. ”

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