g this period was very strong and several projects had even made a name for themselves in the industry.
Now there was a trend of gradually advancing to the Internet market.

It was just like Qin Xingfeng said.
The development prospects of the company were very good, at least on the surface.

Chen Qizhao didn’t waste too much time here.
He quickly jumped to the shareholder legal person page and glanced at each name.
His hand sliding the mouse slowly down.

There weren’t any familiar names or a relative of Lin Shizong.

The current Ruizhen Electronics wasn’t in Lin Shizong’s hands? Then what role did Qin Xingfeng play here?

Chen Qizhao’s eyes rolled.
Finally, they focused on the water cup next to the computer screen and muttered thoughtfully, “It is kind of interesting…”

Originally, he just wanted Qin Xingfeng to harm others without suffering the consequences himself.
However, if Qin Xingfeng was really closely related to Ruizhen Electronics, or indirectly related to Lin Shizong then everything would be different.
In his last life, he hadn’t figured out the relationship between these people.
Ruizhen Electronics was just a small private account of Lin Shizong’s.
If it was true that these two people had a relationship…

Lin Shizong’s hands stretched out longer than he had expected.

The information about Ruizhen Electronics on the Internet was limited and it was difficult to summarize the in-depth things based on superficial information alone.

If it was his previous life, Chen Qizhao would’ve immediately handed this over to his assistant to investigate this type of thing.
Finding out superficial and private information about Ruizhen Electronics was effortless.
However, in his current situation, his connections and capital were nothing.
The people who knew him were basically useless.
He could only rely on external forces if he wanted to investigate Ruizhen Electronics without disturbing Lin Shizong.

There was no way for him to tell Chen Shiming directly.
Not only was there the strange matter of rebirth, if he just said that there were commercial spies in the group then it would only make people think he was whimsical and deliberately making trouble, based on his usual level of uselessness.

The room was quiet and the browsing page on the screen had changed.

Chen Qizhao was thinking about things when his phone buzzed and vibrated.
Then the caller ID popped up.

He glanced at it before closing the website page with a flick of his finger.

Ever since the morning, there had been one or two occasional calls.
Chen Qizhao hung up a few times.

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He didn’t have an impression of the names in the contact notes.
Most of them were a group of scoundrels that he loved to make friends with in the past.
The period around the age of 18 was his late rebellious period and he made friends with everyone.
Now thinking about it, he was probably a bit lucky that he didn’t mess up his college university examination at the time.

These so-called friends ran away faster than anyone when the Chen family had problems.
Chen Qizhao later learned that these people just used him as a cash machine on call.
They ate, drank and played with him but they talked about him more behind his back.

Saying that they were good to him was just a hoke.
Behind his back, one hated him more than the other.

Looking at the chat software where he hadn’t replied to the messages, the phone calls were mostly people from yesterday’s drinking party.
They said they were concerned but in fact, they were secretly inquiring about Chen Shiming’s situation.
Most likely, they were worried about experiencing a disaster and that Chen Shiming would find trouble for them.”

The phone rang with perseverance and Chen Qizhao was annoyed by the vibration.

The moment the phone was answered, there was a boy’s careless voice mixed with noisy background sounds.

Chen Qizhao threw his phone onto his bed after hearing a few sentences and turned to change into pajamas.

The quality of sleep last night wasn’t very good.
It was only a morning later and his forehead hurt a bit.

After he came back from changing, the call still hadn’t disconnected.

“Hey hey hey? Is it a bad signal on your side? Can you hear me?”

“Damn, could it be that my signal is bad?”

Chen Qizhao half lowered his eyes and drank two sips of water.

“I don’t seem to have a good signal.
I didn’t hear you just now.” The boy on the other side said.
“See you at the old place tonight to hold a welcome back party for Lin Zai! It will be too much if you don’t come!”


The other person didn’t hear a sound for a while.
He thought that his signal really wasn’t good so he hung up the phone.
Then he sent a text message to Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao sneered.
He deleted the information with a stroke of his hand.
Then he turned off the machine and threw it aside.

In the evening, a beam of headlights entered the garage of the villa.
Chen Shiming arrived home on time.

He noticed a subtle difference the moment he arrived home.
Zhang Yazhi wasn’t home because she had gone out shopping with her little sister.
The living room was empty and a bit too quiet.
Chen Shiming pinched between his eyebrows and asked the housekeeper, “Is he out fooling around again?”

“No, Second Young Master is upstairs sleeping.”

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Chen Shiming stopped the hand that was undoing his tie.
He asked, “Is he uncomfortable?”

The housekeeper shook his head.
“It shouldn’t be.
It is just that Second Young Master’s medicine hasn’t been taken yet.”

The large bag of anti-inflammatory medicine and painkillers brought back from the hospital was still alone in its original position.

Chen Shiming said coldly, “Day and night are reversed.
Even if he isn’t sick, he will torment himself to the point of getting sick.”

Then he said, “Go and see him.
If he is really uncomfortable then call the doctor over.”

The housekeeper left.
After a while, he came down again and said that the door was locked.

Chen Shiming ordered, “Call him.”

The housekeeper wanted to talk but stopped.

Chen Shiming frowned.

The housekeeper said, “Second Young Master has turned off his phone.”

The corridor was quiet and the bright white light shone all the way to the end.
By the time Chen Qizhao woke up, it was already more than 8 o’clock in the evening.
He went downstairs and found Chen Shiming sitting in the living room.

Chen Shiming had just ended a call when he saw his uneasy brother going downstairs.
His voice didn’t fluctuate.
“There is hot porridge in the kitchen.
Take the medicine after eating.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t move.
Only his eyes moved as he fell into thought.

Chen Shiming  didn’t want to take care of people but Chen Qizhao had something to do with him.

Chen Shiming was looking at a document but there was an extra gaze on him.
Finally, he couldn’t help raising his head.
“If you want to lose your arm or get an infection from an inflammation, you can continue to stand there.”

Chen Qizhao selectively ignored Chen Shiming’s words.
He was about to open his mouth when he caught a glimpse of someone’s face that was as stinky as usual.
He suddenly thought of Zhang Yazhi’s words during the day and pondered on it for a moment.
He thought for a few seconds before his tone took a 180 degree change.
“A friend is looking for me to invest in something.
Do you have time to help me take a look?”


The author has something to say:

Little Chen with a cold face: Brother.

Big Chen looked up in surprise: How much have you had to drink?

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