Shiming adjusted his cuffs and seemed to be paying attention to this side.

At this time, a higher bid came out directly.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes were indifferent but the price quoted was directly pulled up by 1.4 million.
“9.5 million.”

The expression of Lin Shizong’s assistant became ugly but he was unwilling to give up.
He had the others raise the price.

The people originally competing with Chen Qizhao gritted his teeth and raised it by 100,000 yuan.
The price came to 9.6 million.

There was silence around them.
It was a trivial matter for Chen Qizhao to compete with people to bid for an item.
Most regarded it as reasonable competition and thought that the junior just wanted to find something to bid for fun.
However, Chen Qizhao wasn’t the only one present.
The two members of the Chen family were still watching from the side.

Even if the relationship between Chen Qizhao and his family wasn’t harmonious, wasn’t robbing things from Chen Qizhao equivalent to robbing things in front of Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming?

“10 million.” Chen Qizhao reported the number and his eyes fell on the person who was raising the price, his tone relaxed.
“Do you want to continue?”

The man didn’t speak and seemed hesitant.

Lin Shizong’s assistant saw this and was about to ask him to continue, but he saw Lin Shizong’s warning gaze from not far away and had to stop moving.

The two people competing with Chen Qizhao saw that the assistant was slow to give the next instructions and had to give up.

“10 million once, 10 million twice…” The host’s voice was excited.
“Congratulations to Guest 75.”

The Exquisite Full Green fell into Chen Qizhao’s hands.

The charity association continued the auction while Yan Kailin was immersed in the fact that his friend waved his hand and spent 10 million to gain a necklace.

Chen Qizhao glanced at him.

Yan Kailin said in a pained manner, “Ever since I had my pocket money deducted by my brother, I haven’t bought such an expensive thing.”

Halfway through his words, he saw Chen Shiming walking over and quickly looked at Chen Qizhao.

“You have a lot of money?” Chen Shiming looked at him.

“It is because the others gave too much.” Chen Qizhao’s tone was natural.
“That jade looks good.
I bought it for Mother to play with.”

Chen Shiming’s face softened a bit when he heard the words and he gave a rare explanation.
“Mother isn’t very interested in jade.
The next time you want to give her something, you can give diamonds.”

Zhang Yazhi’s hobbies were simple.
The shinier things were, the more she liked them.

Chen Qizhao said, “Oh, then I will go back and exchange it for diamonds for her.”

Chen Shiming: “……”

Zhang Yazhi and her friend were walking in the outside garden for some air and didn’t notice that her precious son had spent 10 million to buy her a jade necklace.
The jokes of the two brothers were naturally heard by Chen Jianhong and Lin Shizong, who had come over.
Chen Jianhong’s tone was casual.
“How can an auction be as nonsensical as you?”

Lin Shizong looked at Chen Qizhao.
“The child has a heart.”

Chen Qizhao just smiled and thanked him sincerely.
“Thank you, Uncle Lin or else I wouldn’t have seen this beautiful necklace, let alone obtained it for his mother.” He said very regretfully.
“Just now, the people raised it by a few million more.
I thought I would run out of money.
If I had known this earlier, I would’ve raised the proportion of penalty damages when the legal team first drafted the contract.
This much isn’t enough for me to obtain two necklaces.”

Lin Shizong’s expression remained the same but his eyes toward Chen Qizhao didn’t have their original smile.
Mr Xu had been keeping this piece of jewelry and hadn’t sold it to many people despite the high price.
This time, it was because Mr Xu was old that he decided to donate this jade jewelry as a charity auction.
It ended up going to the Lin family’s charity auction.

It was his own charity auction and it should’ve been in the bag.

He had inquired beforehand.
No one had come on purpose for the jade necklace.
He planned to raise the price for the face of Mr Xu before secretly asking the assistant to arrange for the necklace to be obtained.
The people who were arranged were from small affiliated companies and there was no need to hide much.
Then Chen Qizhao mixed in and directly disrupted his original plan.

If it continued, he would undoubtedly be exposed so he couldn’t continue to compete in front of Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming.

Lin Shizong thought of the usefulness of the necklace and looked at Chen Qizhao a few more times.
Then he quickly restrained his emotions and returned to his original amiable appearance, as if he was teaching the younger generation.
“It is okay to bid for things but you should do what you can.
Don’t force it if you can’t obtain something, understood?”

Chen Qizhao smiled.
“Of course, I could obtain it.”

He asked casually, “Uncle Lin, you don’t think those people could snatch something from me, do you?”

Lin Shizong had a slight smile on his face, as if he was helpless about the arrogance of this young man.
He glanced at the assistant coming over and nodded slightly toward Chen Jianhong.
“I have something to do over there.
I’m sorry.”

Chen Jianhong understood.
“You go first.”

Lin Shizong patted Chen Qizhao’s shoulder with that kind expression again.
“Xiao Zhao, feel free to play.
Young people don’t have to be so restrained.”

He finished and left.

Once he was gone, Chen Shiming said, “…If you play with the penalty damages like this, it is useless no matter how high the percentage is.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak.
He watched Lin Shizong walk away before casually saying, “How do you know it is useless?”

It was too useful.
Wasn’t it best to use Lin Shizong’s money to rob him of his things?

The charity auction was still going on.
The host was introducing the items in a loud voice and the attention of the guests had shifted to the auction items.
In a corner of the venue, Lin Shizong put down the champagne glass in his hand and wiped his fingertips with a handkerchief.

“Chairman Lin.” The assistant walked over with a pale face.
“I’m sorry, I messed things up.”

Lin Shizong handed the handkerchief to his assistant and fixed his eyes on Chen Qizhao in the distance.
He thought about Chen Qizhao’s smug face that had been in front of him.
“Young and vigorous, reckless and rude.”

He retracted his gaze and looked at the assistant in front of him.
“Say, shouldn’t a child like this be taught a lesson?”

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