rdly, ‘You should drink less wine and stop staying up late.
Then maybe I wouldn’t buy this thing and you can live longer.’

The rare thing was that he wasn’t angry today because of Chen Jianhong’s words.
Perhaps it was because he had long expected for Chen Jianhong to say this so he wasn’t surprised at all.

He thought aimlessly that it might be more comfortable for him to get angry and quarrel like a reckless young man, asking Chen Jianhong why he didn’t take good care of his body.
Then he thought about how this person was finally gone because of a cerebral hemorrhage and couldn’t say any harsh words.
Finally, he had to choose silence.

Zhang Yazhi glanced at Chen Qizhao quietly.
She knew that this child was very concerned about her and her husband’s health recently.
Sometimes he didn’t say it explicitly but everything he commanded went to Old Zhang.
She also heard Old Zhang say that Chen Qizhao would occasionally call home after school.
He didn’t ask anything else and would ask about her and her husband’s work and rest, as well as their eating habits.

Nevertheless, Chen Qizhao never said these things explicitly.

“What are you saying about the thing that your child bought? It is for your good health.
Didn’t you say you were dizzy a while ago?” Zhang Yazhi looked a bit reproachful as she told Chen Jianhong, “It is the child’s kindness.
You should say less.”

Chen Qizhao raised his head when he heard Zhang Yazhi’s words.

Chen Jianhong noticed Chen Qizhao’s subtle movement, even if the other person raised his head and quickly lowered it.

In the past, he hadn’t thought that Chen Qizhao could be so careful, nor did he think this child would care about their bodies.
He knew this child very well.
Chen Qizhao was careless and didn’t have any perseverance in doing things.
Sooner or later, he would be deceived when entering society.
This time, Qin Xingfeng’s incident caused the child to suffer a big loss.
He thought that the child would be able to remember it for a long time yet seeing the child as casual as ever, he felt a bit of hatred for this child’s stubborn heart.

Yet just now, he still keenly captured Chen Qizhao’s emotional changes.

Chen Qizhao was still thinking about Chen Jianhong’s dizziness.
He hadn’t heard about it before and it wasn’t mentioned when he asked Uncle Zhang.

He was thinking about how to get the words out of Zhang Yazhi’s mouth when he suddenly heard Chen Jianhong’s voice.

“Then measure it.” Chen Jianhong took the measuring device from Zhang Yazhi’s hand.
“Is this the same as an ordinary blood pressure device?”

“It is almost the same.” Zhang Yazhi looked at Chen Qizhao, who was motionless next to him, and looked at the other person.
“Come, Xiao Zhao.
Help your father measure it.”

Chen Qizhao’s slightly clenched hands loosened and he quickly got up and walked over to help.

Chen Jianhong looked at the child in front of him and always felt that the child had changed a lot in the time they hadn’t seen each other.

“Recently…” He had just spoken when he was interrupted by Chen Qizhao.

“Shut up.” Chen Qizhao lowered his head to help do the straps right, not looking at anyone at all.
“Didn’t the doctor tell you not to talk when measuring your blood pressure?”

He added, “Hands flat.”

Zhang Yazhi covered her mouth and smiled.
“Yes, keep your hands flat.”

Chen Jianhong: “……”

He suddenly felt that his blood pressure was a bit high.

The blood pressure test results came out quickly.
Sure enough, Chen Jianhong’s blood pressure was a bit high, which was a bit abnormal for his age.

Zhang Yazhi was surprised.
“Jianhong, it is a bit high..”

Chen Jianhong tore open the straps, his tone as usual.
“I am like this at my age.”

The housekeeper, Uncle Zhang, also said, “Sir, age isn’t the key.
You are indeed on the high side.”

The result that Chen Qizhao was most afraid of was that this person had no big problems.
As a result, there was an accident and he was gone.

Seeing this result, he was inexplicably relieved and his tone relaxed a bit.
“It is too high.
You are 160 for your age and you say there is no problem? You have to go to the doctor to take some antihypertensive drugs to control it.”

Chen Jianhong said it was fine but Zhang Yazhi ignored him and called the doctor directly.

Chen Qizhao handed Zhang Yazhi a message as well.
“The reason for the high blood pressure should be investigated.
It is best to go to the hospital for a physical examination.”

Chen Jianhong had been very busy lately and he had no time at all.
“I will just take some antihypertensive drugs.”

“What is it? High blood pressure might lead to cerebral infarction and stroke.” Zhang Yazhi’s attitude was unusually resolute.
“No, you must listen to me in this matter.
Old Zhang, you go and arrange it.
We will go to the hospital tomorrow for a physical examination.”

Chen Jianhong had a headache and pinched between his eyebrows.
“Then let’s wait a few days.
There are many things going on recently.
I have to go to a party next week so there is no time.”

“Which party?”

Chen Qizhao asked, “Wouldn’t it be better to let Chen Shiming go? Do you still want to do everything yourself?”

Zhang Yazhi explained to him.
“It is the one I am taking you to play at.”

Chen Jianhong added, “The charity party held by the Lin family.”

Chen Qizhao was stunned.
“Which one?”

“It is your Uncle Lin’s house.” Chen Jianhong didn’t notice Chen Qizhao’s expression as he put the blood pressure device back into the box.
“As a child, you went to his house to play.
It was only a few years ago.
You even forgot your uncle?”

Chen Qizhao’s index finger moved inadvertently and there were no emotions hidden in his half drooping eyes.

He pulled his lower lip, hiding the ruthlessness and excitement that spread from his bones to his limbs.
He smiled and said, “Uncle Lin… how could I forget?”

He clearly remembered Lin Shizong.

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