>His own accounts weren’t clean and he still came to drag you into the water.
Fortunately, you didn’t suffer a big loss this time.
Wait for me to ask my friends if there are any good projects.
I will find them for you.”

Chen Qizhao told her, “Let’s talk about it later.”

Zhang Yazhi looked at the things in Chen Qizhao’s hands and asked in a confused manner, “Why did you buy this?”

Chen Qizhao pulled her hand flat.
“Don’t talk.”

The value on the electronic blood pressure monitor was beating.
Once the number reached the end, it calmed down and reported a normal value.

Zhang Yazhi untied the straps.
“This time is useless.”

“Leave it at home.
I will have Uncle Zhang check it for you every time.” Chen Qizhao put away his things and suddenly remembered something.
“When you take the test, have Father take it as well.
His one must be high.”

Zhang Yazhi laughed loudly.
“Are you saying that about your father?”

“Am I wrong? Didn’t he not take care of himself when smoking and drinking when he was young?”

Zhang Yazhi thought about it.
“That is true.
I asked him to lose weight with me a few days ago but he didn’t listen.”

Chen Qizhao took the measuring instrument to the side and sat next to Zhang Yazhi.

Zhang Yazhi talked about her husband in front of her youngest son.
Then she glanced at the boy sitting next to her.
Even though her family members mentioned that Chen Qizhao wasn’t up to expectations and nothing could be done about their personality, Zhang Yazhi was still keenly aware of a slight difference.
In the past, Chen Qizhao was arrogant and troubled and couldn’t say any good words to his family.
Now Chen Qizhao’s personality didn’t seem to have changed much, but looking closely, there was also the feeling that the child in front of her had grown up a bit.

She suddenly said, “Xiao Zhao, you seem a bit different recently.”

Chen Qizhao looked at her in a strange manner.
“What is the difference?”

Zhang Yazhi said, “Last time I talked to you, you left without even listening to two sentences.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes were half closed and he looked down at his phone.
“It isn’t a bad thing to listen to a few more sentences.”

There were times when he couldn’t hear it.

Zhang Yazhi smiled.
“You seem to be a bit more sensible and obedient than before.”

Chen Qizhao thought with an expressionless face, ‘Obedient?’

…Zhang Yazhi liked it, Chen Shiming liked it and even Shen Yuhuai liked it.

“You only come back when you are on vacation and it is hard for me to talk to you.” Zhang Yazhi had repeated this several times.
“If there is no class then you can go home.
This place isn’t far away.
If you are too lazy to call a car then I will have Old Lin pick you up.”

Old Lin was the driver at home.
He had been with the Chen family since Chen Jianhong was young and was similar in age to Chen Jianhong.
He was usually responsible for transporting the two workaholics to the company in the morning.

Chen Qizhao had also been picked up by Old Lin when he went to school as a child.
He always had a good feeling toward this kind driver.
However, this person didn’t end up well in the end.
On the day of Chen Shiming’s car accident, he was the one who listened to Chen Shiming’s instructions to accelerate and he finally died on the spot.

Chen Qizhao accepted this heart.
“There are many classes at school and I will go back when I have time.”

Zhang Yazhi was accustomed to his answer.
Chen Qizhao had replied like this the last time she said it.
She told him, “Oh yes, you must come back next week.
I will take you to a place to play.”

“What place?” Chen Qizhao asked doubtfully.

“A charity party.” Zhang Yazhi was worried that Chen Qizhao wouldn’t go and mentioned a few more friends who were familiar with Chen Qizhao.
“I heard your father say that Kaiqi has recently returned to China to develop and the Yan family seems to have plans to shift their focus back to China.
There are friends like that so you should all go.
Xiao Yan should also be going.
There will be many people at this party.
Once the time comes, I will introduce you to people.
It will be good to have more ways to do business in the future.”

She had already made a plan.
Since the child wanted to do business, his parents should pave the way for the child.

It was especially so in a circle like S City.
It was better for Chen Qizhao to know a few more people and not always get to know those who were dubious.
What if he encountered another Qin Xingfeng?

“I’ll talk about it next week.”

Chen Qizhao listened carelessly while hise eyes stopped on the Moments that was always lively.

In addition to his friends and new acquaintances, the Moments were fresh and lively.
After so many years of seeing this type of ‘peers’ life, he didn’t have too many fluctuations in his heart.
He even felt that some ideas he had when he was young were naive and boring.

He scrolled and scrolled until he reached Shen Yuhuai’s Moments.

Shen Yuhuai: [Picture] The weather is very good.

The picture showed a small white flower surrounded by green grass and a few pebbles.
It shone in the sunlight and was very beautiful.

Chen Qizhao clicked on the photo and the phone screen was suddenly filled with photos.

Chen Qizhao had seen Shen Yuhuai’s Moments many times.
The update frequency was very low and the last time he sent something to his Moments was two months ago.
This photo was a rare life photo compared to the boring and tedious competition content.

Zhang Yazhi saw it and said, “This flower is shot well.
it is very beautiful.”

Chen Qizhao showed her the screen and explained, “My friend took it.”

“A friend who plays with photography?”

Chen Qizhao paused slightly.
“A friend who does research.”

As the two people were talking, there was a noise from outside the door.

Chen Qizhao immediately retracted his gaze.
He looked up and saw Chen Jianhong walking in.
There seemed to be a young man in a suit behind him.
He didn’t pay much attention until he saw the face of the man who followed Chen Jianhong in.

Zhang Yazhi was talking to Chen Qizhao when she saw him suddenly staring straight at the door.
“What’s wrong?”

Chen Qizhao instinctively let go of his hand.
The slightly bulging blue veins on the back of his hand suddenly disappeared under his skin and his momentary emotional exposure was concealed.

Following by Chen Jianhong’s side was… a rat who was hidden extremely deeply.

It has been a long time, Jiang Yuze.

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