br>He listened to the movements outside and waited for over half an hour before going next door to check the situation.

“Is your brother gone…” He had just pushed open the door of the bedroom and saw that Brother Zhao’s table with a lot of books had been cleaned up.
Chen Shiming was sitting there with his long legs and holding disposable chopsticks that didn’t match his identity.

Yan Kailin wasn’t blind.
He recognized the fried starch noodles that were from a late night snack food stall that could be seen everywhere at the school gate.

“I entered the wrong door so I’ll be going.”

Chen Shiming murmured, “I remember that the child of the Yan family previously wasn’t so…”

Chen Qizhao caught a glimpse of Yan Kailin closing the door.

This walking Holy Father was as stupid as he had been before.

Chen Shiming left not long after eating.

Chen Qizhao sent this person away.
He stared at the place where Chen Shiming had just sat for a few seconds and smirked.
“He is really easy to talk to when he is younger.”

He deleted the missed calls from his phone one by one.
He switched back to VX to see the messages when he suddenly saw a red dot appear on the location of the contacts.
He thought someone added him as a friend randomly and clicked in to refuse, only to see a familiar profile picture.

—It was Shen Yuhuai.

Special Assistant Xu worked overtime until late at night.
Not only did he investigate the incident in the parking lot, but he also accompanied his boss to experience the wind blowing at night.

The difference was that the boss entered the bedroom and experienced cold air blowing, while he experienced hot air blowing outside.

He waited hard until 11 o’clock when he finally saw a figure walking through the parking lot.
He hurriedly got out of the car and wanted to open the door for his boss, when he saw the boss passing by him to the open-air garbage 10 meters away.
He threw the thing in his hand into the garbage can.

It seemed to be a takeout box from somewhere.

Chen Shiming wondered, “What is it?”

Special Assistant Xu replied, “Nothing…”

He was hesitating over whether to give his boss a tissue to wipe his hands when his boss’ serious words were heard.

“Check Ruizhen Electronics.” Chen Shiming’s voice was a bit stern.
“In addition, the science and technology park.
Don’t alert the enemies.”

Special Assistant Xu was in awe and put away the tissue he had taken out from his trouser pocket.
“Okay, I’ll make arrangements as soon as I go back.”

It was breezy and sunny.

Qin Xingfeng was sitting in his office and looking at the news in his VX with a gloomy expression.
It was sent by his older brother in the Qin family and there was mocking between the lines.

In addition to these words, there was a video that clearly captured the situation at the racetrack of the Chen family on Sunday.
The video shooter’s perspective was on Chen Qizhao’s car and he could clearly see himself and Chen Qizhao through the windshield.
It recorded the scene of his legs weakening when he got out of the car later.

The video was taken last Sunday and posted in the Moments for almost a day before he found out and contacted the other person to delete it.
The other person’s voice was laughing as he said it was a pity to delete the video.
However, the time it had been posted was enough to make the video go viral, especially the moment when he left the car and his legs softened.

It even spread to the Qin family and made him a laughing stock inside the Qin family.
They said he worked so hard to squeeze into the upper circle but in the end, he was like a dog kneeling in front of others.
They said it was really humiliating for the Qin family.

“I know the video was from Liu Kai,” Qin Xingfeng said angrily.
“I haven’t finished this matter with him.
Isn’t he planning to build a bar recently? Help me find a way to make his business dirty for me.
In addition, there is Cheng Rong.
This video wouldn’t have been sent to the Qin family without his help.
Help me with this matter and I will help you handle the bidding for A Mall once it is done.”

The person on the other end of the phone agreed.

Qin Xingfeng hung up the phone while still full of anger that couldn’t be scattered anywhere.
At this time, Mr Wang from Ruizhen Electronics called.

Mr Wang said, “Xiao Qin, you have done a good job with this matter.
Our people have connected with the science and technology park.”

Qin Xingfeng was slightly startled.
“What matter?

“What other matter is it? As far as Chen Qizhao is concerned, didn’t you go to the suburban racetrack with him last week?” The tone of Mr Wang was full of praise for Qin Xingfeng.
“You were humble with me last time and told me you couldn’t do it.
Today, the people below came to tell me that it was done.
Chen Qizhao’s words seem to be the password given by Chen Jianhong for the most critical science and technology park.
The cooperation was very smooth.”

Qin Xingfeng thought of Chen Qizhao’s almost crazy move in the sports car and said with some trepidation, “Yes… is it?”

Mr Wang laughed.
“You did a good job with this.”

Qin Xingfeng was a bit surprised.
At that time, he only mentioned it and Chen Qizhao didn’t respond positively at all.
Later, those things happened and he didn’t stay at the racetrack for a long time.
He thought he would have to communicate with Chen Qizhao a few more times.
He hadn’t expected Chen Qizhao to let go and for things to go so smoothly…

Qin Xingfeng felt awkward as he thought about how he got along with Chen Qizhao several times.
He asked, “What did Chen Qizhao say?”

Mr Wang wondered, “What can he say?”

“Chen Qizhao is a very strange person…” Qin Xingfeng said.
“I feel he is a bit abnormal.”

Mr Wang was silent for a moment.
“Isn’t it a good thing that he isn’t normal?”

“I mean that there is something wrong with his brain.
I don’t think he is mentally normal.”

Mr Wang added, “If he was normal, we would have a hard time dealing with him.
What normal person in the Chen family is easy to deal with?”

“Don’t think about it too much.
He not being normal has nothing to do with us.
It is best that he is obedient to us.”

“Maybe I am thinking too much.” Qin Xingfeng felt that he was making a fuss when he heard Mr Wang say this.

At best, Chen Qizhao was a child who had just gone to college.
His personality might be strange but he wasn’t a monster like Chen Shiming.
Why was there to be afraid of?

“The rich second generation like him plays in a crazy manner.
The child of the Li family played extreme sports the year before and risked his life.” Mr Wang said, “Besides, if he was a smart person, would he spend so much money to talk to us about the project? If there was a problem, he wouldn’t have talked to us about cooperation in the first place.”

The two of them ended the conversation.
Mr Wang explained the next things to Qin Xingfeng, such as using the Chen family’s channels to break into the interior and then exposing the funding loophole when it was found.
Then the Chen family could only share the burden due to the contract.

Everything went according to their plan.
All that was left was to run the project into a lasting bottomless pit.

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