n front of him picked up the bowl with one hand.
He tested the temperature before drinking it directly.

Chen Qizhao finished drinking and saw that the housekeeper hadn’t left yet.
“Is there anything else?”

The housekeeper was also holding a bag of wound medicine in his hand.
“The wound is inflamed and the medicine should be changed regularly.
The bandage should also be changed.”

“I’ll change it myself later.” Chen Qizhao thought of Zhang Yazhi’s instructions just now and took the medicine from the housekeeper’s hands.
He asked, “Have they finished eating?”

“Madam is on the phone.
Sir and the Eldest Young Master have gone to the study,” the housekeeper explained in a timely manner.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes stopped on the two cups of tea.
“Is that for them?”

The housekeeper smiled and didn’t speak.

Chen Qizhao didn’t ask any more questions.
He was about to leave with the medicine, but when he entered his room, he caught a glimpse of the content of the web page displayed on the screen that hadn’t been turned off.
His steps toward his room stopped for a moment.

He turned and called out to the housekeeper.

The housekeeper: “?”

“They work day and night, they really think they are a young and vigorous 18 year old.” Chen Qizhao’s eyes stopped on the tea for a moment before he said somewhat awkwardly, “What tea are they drinking… just get some sleeping aids and send it to them.”

There was a knock on the door of the Chen family’s study.


Two men were sitting at the long table in the study.

Chen Shiming frowned wearily and only glanced at the housekeeper, who brought in water.
He continued saying, “I will send people to follow up on this project.
It is good to have new adjustments.
For the follow-up contract, I will have people change it again.
If there are no problems, send it to the other party to confirm it…”

“I’ll leave this for you to arrange.” Chen Jianhong saw that the housekeeper had come and instructed, “Old Zhang, have the driver come half an hour earlier tomorrow.”

Chen Jianhong was no longer young and there were signs of aging between his eyebrows.
Even so, the powerful aura he had accumulated over the years of being in business still existed.

His unsmiling face brought about a great sense of oppression.
He was always very serious when things involved work, even if it was the study at home

The housekeeper immediately said, “Yes, I’ll arrange it right away.”

The housekeeper had been in the Chen family for over 20 years and had been following Chen Jianhong for a long time.
The group became more powerful under Chen Jianhong’s hands and reached today’s grand scale.
Chen Shiming was taught by Chen Jianhong and their personalities were very similar.
Most of Chen Shiming’s resolute methods came from Chen Jianhong’s teachings.

Chen Shiming had discussed things for a long time so his voice was dry.

He was about to take the tea when he suddenly caught a glimpse of something and his gaze paused.
“Uncle Zhang?”

The housekeeper had come in with a tray containing four cups.

The original tea wasn’t removed but two more cups of milk were added.

He explained euphemistically, “Eldest Young Master, this is tea and the other cup is milk.”

Chen Shiming could see that this was milk.
“My mother asked you to send it?”

The housekeeper hesitated.
“It isn’t Madam.”

Chen Jianhong’s gaze swept up.

The housekeeper added, “The milk was sent by the Second Young Master… he said it is a sleep aid.”

The two men in the study were silent for a few seconds.

After a moment, Chen Shiming asked, “Has he been drinking?”

The housekeeper recalled Chen Qizhao’s words and expressions and made a judgment.
“He shouldn’t have drank.”

Chen Shiming: “……”

He didn’t feel that Chen Qizhao would act like this in a state of consciousness.
This strange behavior was like sleepwalking.

The housekeeper saw that the two men had normal expressions and couldn’t judge their thoughts for a moment.

He was wondering if he should take back the milk when Chen Shiming opened his mouth, “I will make three more preparatory plans for the risk level.
Then I will go back to rest first.”

Then he picked up the glass of milk and left the study.

The housekeeper looked at Chen Jianhong.
He saw that Chen Jianhong’s gaze was stuck on the milk and there was no emotion on his face.

The housekeeper spoke cautiously, “Sir, should I withdraw the milk?”

Chen Jianhong continued to read the documents, his voice was usual.
“Leave it.”

It was past 9 o’clock in the evening.

Yan Kailin called three times before finally getting through.
The moment he heard the other person’s voice on the phone, his sluggish spirit was revived.
“You finally answered your phone.
I’m bored to death.”

“I just went to take a shower.” Chen Qizhao still had some water vapor on his body.
He removed the plastic film over the wound and put it on speaker mode to talk to Yan Kailin.

Yan Kailin told him, “That kid Cheng Rong sent me a message asking me to go out again.
Are you going out at night? If you go, I’ll sneak out.”

“I won’t go out.” Chen Qizhao removed the plastic film, took the scissors and started to remove the bandage.

The location of the wound was on his arm and it was convenient for one person to apply medicine.
It just took a bit of effort to tie the bandage.
He dealt with the grumbling of the 18 year old on the phone while applying medicine.

“Forget it, Shen Yuhuai hasn’t slept yet.
I’m afraid he will make a complaint to my brother…” Yan Kailin spoke endlessly before asking, “What’s with the sound on your side since the beginning? In addition, why are you quiet? Are you doing something bad while chatting with me?”

“I’m applying medicine to my wound.”

Yan Kailin sat up in shock and his voice became an octave higher.
“No, were you beaten by your brother? Is Chen Shiming so fierce?”

“It is really lucky that you weren’t beaten to death by your brother.”

Chen Qizhao was dumbfounded.
“…I’m hanging up.”

How could Yan Kailin let Chen Qizhao hang up? The next second, he saw he was going to start a video call to see Chen Qizhao’s wound.
Chen Qizhao was a bit annoyed by the voice of this brat, but perhaps it was due to the small friendship in the previous life.
His tolerance of Yan Kailin was surprisingly high.

In the end, he really didn’t want to hear this person keep speaking.
The moment the video invitation popped up for the third time, he agreed to the video request.

Yan Kailin thought the wound was just a joke.
Then he saw Chen Qizhao’s wound and gasped.
“F*k, which gangster attacked you? This knife cut is too deep.
Can you handle it alone?”

He hadn’t noticed this wound that night at the bar.

“You were drinking with this wound?!”

“F*K! Brother Zhao, can you be gentler with your wound?”

“Have you taken the medicine? Is Auntie at home? In addition, your housekeeper.
What is his name? Uncle Zhang…”

Shen Yuhuai came out of the bathroom and heard Yan Kailin’s voice.
This person was sitting on the sofa of the small apartment and staring at his phone while speaking in an exaggerated voice.
Shen Yuhuai frowned slightly and was about to remind Yan Kailin to take a shower.
He had just appeared when he saw the scene on the screen of the mobile phone.

The wound on the arm was conspicuous.
The traces of sutures were intertwined with the fair skin, covered with the residue of the medicine.
The young man was topless and biting the bandage with his mouth.
His other hand was holding the other end of the bandage and he was bandaging his arm.
His wet hair stuck to his face, the ends still dripping wet.
His eyes were half lowered and the bandaging technique was very rough.

Chen Qizhao finished treating the wound.
He heard Yan Kailin’s noisy voice and wanted to hang up the video call.

His finger was moving to hang up when he suddenly saw Shen Yuhuai in pajamas standing behind Yan Kailin.

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