’t have to go even on a weekday.]

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Of course, Shen Yuhuai was still a student.
He was probably going to the research institute for a project with his mentor.

Chen Qizhao replied to Yan Kailin and swiped to another page.
A new number was added to his contacts but he had no reason to call it.
He wasn’t familiar with Shen Yuhuai at the moment.
At most, the other person had given him a ride so it seemed a bit deliberate to invite him to a meal.

The two lawyers saw Chen Qizhao and knew what they had to do.
They discussed the specific conditions with the other party.

By the time the dust settled, Yan Kailin had already messaged Chen Qizhao about what he would eat tonight.
Chen Qizhao saw the rich dishes sent by the other person and felt a bit hungry.
He replied: [It looks good.
Where did you get the delivery from?]

Yan Kailin: [What delivery? Chef Shen did it himself.]

Chen Qizhao’s hand that was replying stopped slightly.

Yan Kailin: [Don’t say it, it is quite delicious.]

The meal was for two people and it was rare to have three meat dishes and one vegetable dish.
Yan Kailin couldn’t help sharing it with his friends after taking the photo and he even sent it to his Moments to get praise.

He held his chopsticks and didn’t forget to look at his phone while eating.
He saw his brother Yan Kaiqi give it a like and felt relieved.

Yan Kailin muttered, “Strange, why didn’t he reply to me?”

Shen Yuhuai looked at him doubtfully.
“Your brother?”

“No.” Yan Kailin raised his phone to look for a signal.
“It is Brother Zhao.
He just told me he was hungry but didn’t reply to me after I sent the photos.”

Special Assistant Xu arrived outside the clubhouse.
The two lawyers were broadcasting the contract process to him on his face.
It seemed the negotiation effect wasn’t bad and it was even too smooth.

In the distance, neon lights were everywhere and the dust on the side of the road was increasing, not decreasing.

Another 10 minutes passed and he couldn’t resist sending a message to the team.

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Then over the sound of passing cars, a voice was suddenly heard.
“Xiao Xu?”

Special Assistant Xu raised his head and found a person standing not too far away.
He asked with surprise, “Brother Jiang? Are you resting today?”

The person who came was surnamed Jiang and he was Chen Jianhong’s right-hand man in the group.
When Assistant Xu first entered the industry, he also trained under this person’s hands for a period of time and admired him very much.

“Yes, I just finished a business trip and took a two day break.
Are you busy? Is Xiao Chen inside?” Brother Jiang was wearing casual clothes and carrying a bag in his hand.
It was as if he had just come out of the mall next door.

Special Assistant Xu smiled as he said, “No, I came to pick someone up.”

Brother Jiang thought about it before wondering, “Is it the Second Young Master?”

Special Assistant Xu nodded.

Brother Jiang patted him on the shoulder.
It is hard working overtime.”

Special Assistant Xu laughed.
Then he saw someone coming out in the distance, spoke a few words to Brother Jiang and hurried over.

Brother Jiang’s gaze followed Special Assistant Xu’s figure before finally stopping on the door of the clubhouse.

His original smile became a bit shallower.
He paused for half a moment before quickly leaving the door of the clubhouse.

Chen Qizhao came out of the clubhouse and was a bit surprised when he saw Special Assistant Xu.
Then he heard this person say that Chen Shiming had him come and his eyes became a bit strange.
“What did he say?”

Special Assistant Xu pondered on it.
“He said there is something tonight and to take you home for dinner.”

Chen Qizhao looked at him.
“The original words?”

Special Assistant Xu thought of his boss’ cold face in the face and then the little overlord in front of him who wasn’t easy to get along with.
Then he immediately changed his words, “After the discussion, take that person home and don’t let him go outside to fool around.”

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He added, “Those are the boss’ original words.”

“It is his style.”

Special Assistant Xu didn’t dare to speak.

Chen Qizhao wondered, “Are we going?”

Special Assistant Xu was relieved.
“This way.”

There were cicadas chirping in the summer and the sweltering heat made the weather a bit humid.
Chen Qizhao casually looked at his phone, ignoring the irrelevant messages one by one.
Then he became slightly startled when he read the messages from Zhang Yazhi and Chen Shiming.

Chen Shiming had sent him a message 30 minutes ago, stating that he asked the assistant to pick him up.

Zhang Yazhi asked him what time he was coming home.
She said that she had prepared a big meal and asked him not to stay outside for too long.

It had been awhile since he was reborn but Chen Qizhao was still a bit unaccustomed to seeing these messages.

The scenery outside the window quickly passed as he got closer to his destination.

By the time Chen Qizhao arrived home, it was already 8 o’clock in the evening.
His eyes habitually scanned the dim garage and he found that a car was parked in a parking space closer to the door.
He looked at the villa with some doubts.
Was there a guest today?

In the past, Zhang Yazhi often brought her little sisters home with her to eat dinner.

Chen Qizhao didn’t care about it.
Then not long after entering the villa, he heard a familiar voice.
He was slightly startled and headed to the door of the living room.
There, he saw there was one more person on the sofa.

The man seemed to have just returned from outside.
He was still wearing a suit and his briefcase was by his side.
The middle-aged man’s figure was slightly fatter and there was a serious expression on his face as he talked to Chen Shiming.

The man seemingly noticed his gaze and stopped talking to turn to him.

“I’m back.”

It was his father, Chen Jianhong.

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