hen go to the front desk and set a game for Cheng Rong’s group?”

“Yes.” Yan Kailin didn’t quite understand what Chen Qizhao meant.
“Why go to the front desk?”

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Tonight’s wind was a bit cool.
Shen Yuhuai didn’t get into the car and was standing beside it to take a breath.
On the chat interface, Yan Kaiqi continued to send messages in a row and all of his words involved his precious brother.

The voice messages were extremely clear in the slightly empty open-air parking lot.

“I found him.”

“He is fine, don’t worry.”

“He said he went to the bookstore and met someone, so they went in for a meal.”

Yan Kaiqi snorted.
“You actually believe this nonsense.”

Shen Yuhuai stared into the night in the distance, his voice as usual.
“Yes, it is quite serious.”

Yan Kaiqi told him, “That boy doesn’t even dare to answer my calls now.
Before I come back, I will ask you to help me keep an eye on him for a while.
Then I will invite you for a meal.”

Shen Yuhuai caught a glimpse of the figures walking in the distance.
One of them was looking around for someone.

As if noticing his gaze, the pace of the two men heading to this side increased.
Neither of them were holding anything in their hands.

Yan Kailin walked over quickly, “Brother Huai, have you been waiting for a long time?”

“Not long.” Shen Yuhuai’s gaze stopped on Chen Qizhao for a moment.
Then he didn’t ask anything and directly said, “Get in the car.”

Chen Qizhao got into the car with Yan Kailin and glanced at the driver’s seat from the corner of his eyes.

Shen Yuhuai had taken off his jacket and was wearing a solid-colored short-sleeved shirt inside.
His eyes were calm and distant.

The smell of alcohol in the car was a bit heavy.
Yan Kailin opened the window for ventilation and kept talking to Chen Qizhao.

In a rare manner, Chen Qizhao was patient and responded from time to time.

“I will probably be in China for a few years this time.
I am an exchange student and will study at S College.” Yan Kailin asked, “Brother, what college are you going to? It shouldn’t be too far away.
I remember that you have good grades.”

Chen Qizhao replied, “If there are no accidents, it should also be S College.”

Yan Kailin was overjoyed to hear this.
“That’s good.
Wait for me to ask my brother about it.”

He glanced at Shen Yuhuai, who was sitting in front, and whispered, “Once school starts, I will be able to slip away from under his eyes.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak.
His eyes stayed on the rearview mirror of the front seat.
Through the mirror, he could clearly see Shen Yuhuai’s face.

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How many years had it been?

Chen Qizhao saw that young face and thought aimlessly about the past.

Oh yes, he hadn’t seen Shen Yuhuai for eight years.

If Shen Yuhuai hadn’t died unexpectedly in that accident, would he have gone to such extremes later on?

“Brother Zhao?”

The night breeze blew away the alcohol in the car.

Chen Qizhao regained his mind and noticed the gentle and calm eyes in the mirror.

Yan Kailin told him, “Brother Huai asked where you live.
He will send you there.”

“I haven’t been back to S City for a few years and I can’t recognize the roads… why is my phone out of battery?”

Shen Yuhuai spoke in a loud voice from the front, “Use my phone to navigate.”

As Chen Qizhao was still thinking about things, Shen Yuhuai had already handed over his phone and unlocked it.

The phone interface was very simple and there weren’t many apps on the home page.
Chen Qizhao could see the GPS app instantly.
He took the phone and opened the app.

After a while, the car pulled onto the main road.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Are you okay?”

Chen Qizhao started the GPS and silently closed a background program.
“I’m okay.”

The mechanical voice of the GPS played in the car while the drunken Yan Kailin was already sleeping beside him.

Chen Qizhao gazed at the scenery outside the window.
Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the person who was driving calmly in front of him.

The next second, he withdrew his gaze and silently recited a certain string of numbers.

He remembered this person’s phone number.

The waiter knocked on the door of a private room and brought in a few bottles of wine.

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The group of young people who were drinking didn’t notice the changes in the private room at all.
They were having a good time drinking and playing dice.
By the time they reacted, over 30 minutes had passed before Cheng Rong realized there were two less people in the private room.

Cheng Rong asked, “Where are Chen Qizhao and Yan Kailin?”

Someone replied, “Huh? Didn’t they go to the bathroom?”

“It has been a long time…”

“It seems like I didn’t pay attention.”

“Hahaha, they can’t drink and vomited it up.
Does anyone want to go and take a look?”

“Oh, I saw a message from Yan Kailin.
He said that he left with Chen Qizhao first and we can play casually.”

Chen Qizhao was drinking and didn’t have time to care about Yan Kailin and Chen Qizhao.

Those two ancestors were gone so he didn’t have to waste time coaxing them.

It lasted until midnight when the group of people were completely drunk.

They were about to leave when the waiter stopped them.

“Excuse me,this is tonight’s bill.”

The waiter inquired, “Card or cash?”

Cheng Rong was stunned.
“Chen Qizhao and Yan Kailin didn’t settle the bill?”

The waiter smiled and said nothing.

Cheng Rong frowned upon seeing this.
In the past, Chen Qizhao would rush to pay the bill whenever there was a drinking party.

He said, “Swipe the card.”

He handed his card.
Once he finished paying and saw the message that appeared on his phone, he was stunned.
He had spent nearly a million at once.
“Why is it so much?”

People around him looked over.
Cheng Rong carefully looked at the bill and found there were several bottles of precious champagne on it.

He was stunned.
“Where did these come from?”

Someone came up to him and said, “The front desk sent it in.
It seems that Chen Qizhao and the others ordered it, saying that we should drink.”

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