Adwin looked at him angrily for a few moments and then he was just about to raise his hand to pick up a glass of water when Ezra saw it and immediately got up and took the glass of water from his side table. He knew that all the water in that glass had to come to his mouth. He was well aware of Adwins anger.

”patience, my brother, patience. ” saying this, he picked up a glass of water and placed it on the mirror table which was lying on the side in front of the sofa.

Adwin was looking at him with mixed expressions of anger and concern.

”I was just kidding, alcohol is so far away I didn even drink a glass of water there. ” Saying this, he came and sat on the bed again.

After hearing this Adwin took a deep breath and then closed the laptop and put it aside on the bed and slapped him on the head.

Ezra looked at him in shock and touched his head in a little pain. ”Now what have I done? ” He immediately asked in a questioning tone.

”Think a thousand times before giving me tension in the future, otherwise today I just slapped. Next time I will really break your legs. ” He said in a serious tone.

Ezra looked at him for a moment. ”Hitler!!! ” he only said in a low voice.

Adwin smiled slightly for a moment and then came closer to him. There was no smile on his face anymore. ”Whatever you say dear, but that is really a warning… and if you disobey… I promise I will break both of your legs with my own hands, my dear brother ” he said in a serious manner while looking at him.

Ezra had rarely seen Adwin so seriously like that, then he immediately raised both his hands slightly in a way like a surrender. ”Alright, alright, whatever you say I will obey, my dear wife ” at the end he said jokingly while smiling slightly.

”What???? ” Adwin immediately said while looking at him in great shock. His facial expression had changed surprisingly.

Ezra was also stunned at his reaction for a moment and barely contained his laughter and smiled. ”Yeah, because just now you are threatening me just like a wife threatens her husband. ”

”Shut up you idiot. ”

thats all Adwin said and then took a deep breath and looked at Ezra for a few moments. Ezra was also looking at him with a slight smile. Then Adwin suddenly hugged him warmly. Ezra was surprised at his sudden action, but then he too hugged him warmly with a slight smile.

”Are you alright? ” Ezra asked worriedly and with concern while hugging him.

”hmm…. ” thats all he said while thinking about something.

”You are worried about something, and I am sure about that, ” Ezra asked with great concern while running his hand in Adwins hair.

After listening to him, Adwin became completely silent for a few moments and then turned back and looked at him with care and love.

Ezra smiled slightly, looking at him for a few moments, and then he asked. ”What? Why are you looking at me like that?… Have I done something wrong again? ” Ezra asked in a questioning manner while looking at him with a slight smile.

For a long time, Adwin looked at him in silence with great care in his eyes. ”You know how important you are to me,… Please take

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