sked, “Gentlemen, what happened?”

Before Chu Suiyun could speak, he was robbed the opportunity by the slightly fat Alpha opposite him.

“This guy was being nosy.
My Omega was being emotional and this kid had the nerve to intervene!” The Fatty Alpha pointed at Chu Suiyun, inverting black and white.

“Sir, you…” The waiter turned to Chu Suiyun with an awkward look on his face.

Chu Suiyun was infuriated by the waiter’s cover-up attitude, and said with a sullen face: “You have an illegal business here.
The two of them were trying to force themselves on an Omega, and your store won’t be able to shake off the responsibility.
I will report this to the Commercial Supervision Bureau.”

If it was as the two Alphas said, that Fan Qing was selling himself, then the third floor of Light was not legal at all.
They would be doing illegal activities under the guise of privacy.

The waiter panicked as soon as he heard this, and quickly explained: “Sir, you misunderstood, we at Light have absolutely no illegal business activities.”

Chu Suiyun ignored him and called the emergency number directly.

Calling the police can be postponed, but the priority now was to call the emergency center and ask them to send a doctor to suppress the Omega’s heat.

Chu Suiyun felt his clothes were about to be torn apart by Fan Qing.
Even if he could resist an Omega’s pheromone better than the average Alpha, he couldn’t let Fan Qing continue like this.
More Alphas here would be stimulated and the Omega’s own health would not be good either.

Chu Suiyun briefly explained the situation and location to the emergency center, hung up the phone, and then looked impatiently at the two Alphas on the opposite side, and then he looked away and instructed the waiter.

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“Find another empty private room and take him to rest.” Chu Suiyun said.

The two Alphas, especially the slightly fat one, immediately became extremely triggered when they saw the Omega being taken away by the waiter, their anxious look was disgusting.
Fortunately, the security arrived in time, receiving the news, and stopped them.

The waiter ran in front of Chu Suiyun and said all kinds of good things to him.
Inside and outside, he explained that Light did not operate illegally and told him not to call the police.

Seeing his good attitude, Chu Suiyun took a step forward: “I won’t call the police, but after that Omega wakes up, you can’t stop him if he wants to call the police.” 

The two Alphas were taken to the private room to sober up and calm down.
The first aid arrived soon after.
Chu Suiyun was relieved after watching the waiter put Fan Qing into the ambulance.

Chu Suiyun watched the ambulance drive away, turned back to the hall, and sat on the sofa for a while, covering his eyes.

He originally came to follow Qin Miao and wanted to take pictures of that guy to obtain evidence, but not mentioning that he lost him, he even had to stand up and act as a hero, this really….

He laughed at himself.
Moving away the hand that covered his eyes, Chu Suiyun sat up, and unexpectedly caught sight of Qin Miao, surrounded by the manager and employees, striding towards this side.


He’s coming towards himself?

Chu Suiyun hadn’t figured out why Qin Miao was bringing a mighty group of people to him, when he saw that person’s handsome scumbag face approach him.

It was opposite for his nose.

Qin Miao had a cold fragrance on his body.
Alpha’s do not wear perfume.
They were proud of the smell of their own pheromones, so this cold fragrance Chu Suiyun judged was Qin Miao’s pheromones.

It’s ok…not a bad smell.

Chu Suiyun thought.

In the next second, the behavior of this scumbag made Chu Suiyun’s hair stand on end, and he almost jumped up in shock.

Qin Miao put his head on the side of his neck and took a deep breath.

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This was an action engraved in an Alpha’s instinct.
The side of the neck was where an Omega’s glands were located.
An Alphas sniff here was to determine the scent of their partner.
This was a class-marking behavior, where an Alpha determines the subordinate relationship.

An Alpha doing this kind of action to another Alpha was no different from provocation.
If Chu Suiyun’s temper was a little more violent, his fist would have hit Qin Miao’s face.

But who made Chu Suiyun an educated, gentle and good Alpha? Violence was not his first choice, so after being offended, he just covered the side of his neck, moved a few inches, frowned and looked at the other side.

“The smell of an Omega…” Qin Miao opened his eyes and glanced at Chu Suiyun lightly.

His voice was lingering and low, like a plume of smoke.
From Chu Suiyun’s point of view, Qin Miao’s nose was high, and his prominent Adam’s apple rolled up and down with his words.

Full of deadly sexiness that was unique to a Superior Alpha.

Then Qin Miao stood up straight, glanced at Chu Suiyun, turned around and instructed the manager: “Throw those two scumbags out of Light, they will be blacklisted from now on.
All the industries under my hands will no longer welcome them.” 

The manager bowed docilely: “Yes, boss.”

Qin Miao looked down at Chu Suiyun again, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

“You can rest assured now, I promise they will never appear in front of you again.”

After speaking, Qin Miao dropped Chu Suiyun who was still in a daze and left with a gust of wind.

Chu Suiyun was still clutching his neck, sitting on the sofa in a confused manner, blinking for a long time.

Uh… he, did that guy regard him as an Omega?

While Chu Suiyun was feeling dizzy, the manager had already sent Qin Miao back, brought a waiter and ran over and gave Chu Suiyun a bag full of gifts.
“I’m sorry sir, our poor service has caused you troubles.
I hereby sincerely apologize to you on behalf of Light.
This is just a little something to show our thoughts, please accept it.”

The manager’s tongue was like a brilliant water lily as he offered the gift with both hands.

Chu Suiyun looked at the attentive manager and the generous gifts, and could no longer doubt that——

He was really treated as the victim Omega by that idiot Qin Miao.

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