ghtclub that day.
He had already been treated rudely by Scum A, yet he still subconsciously defended the Alpha.

It was because of this that many injured Omegas would be looked down upon by Alphas, and the scumbags would think that Omegas are inferior.

Chu Suiyun clenched his fists and continued to talk to his younger brother patiently: “Have you ever thought about what to do if he is a scumbag? He should be much older than you, right? He drives a luxury car and I can see that the other person is good looking.
Do you think this kind of Alpha is safe?”

“He’s not a bad guy.” Chu Muyu looked directly at Chu Suiyun, “You’re also an Alpha, you’re rich, you’re handsome, but you’re not an Alpha that fools around.
Brother, you can’t think he’s bad because of these.”

He never thought that he would be used as an example for his younger brother to refute him.
Chu Suiyun choked for a while before saying: “I don’t mess around, but after all, I’m a minority.
I know Alpha’s better because I’m an Alpha, I know better than you what an Alpha is like.”

Besides, I have seen that person kissing another Omega with my own eyes.

But his younger brother was obviously still heated and Chu Suiyun was reluctant to tell his younger brother about it to upset him.

“You are an Alpha, you know what most Alphas are like.
But I have known Big Brother Qin for a long time and I know who he is better than you.” Chu Muyu looked at Chu Suiyun and said firmly.

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Chu Suiyun was stunned for a moment, his brain was down, and he could not deal with the extraordinarily large amount of information in his brother’s words.

What does it mean to have known Big Brother Qin for a long time?

When did this kid get to know that Alpha, and why does he, the older brother, know nothing about it?

After Chu Muyu said those words, he pushed open the door to get out of the car, put his bag on his back and walked straight to the elevator, without stopping to wait for Chu Suiyun.

“Xiao Yu!”

It took Chu Suiyun a long time to react.
He turned off the car, locked it, and then hurriedly chased after his brother.
As soon as he reached the elevator door, he saw the door slowly closing in front of his eyes.

He had to wait for the next lift.

Five minutes later, Chu Suiyun finally waited for the elevator and went upstairs to open the door with the key.

He walked in, first giving a probing glance into the room, to find that Chu Muyu had already entered the room and locked the door of the room tightly.

Chu Suiyun sighed and decided to wait for him to calm down before finding a chance to talk about it.


The next night, in a crayfish tavern, Chu Suiyun sighed after drinking a bottle of beer.

Seeing him like this, Dong Kejie knew that this guy was worried about his brother again.

Sure enough, putting down the alcohol bottle, Chu Suiyun took Dong Kejie’s shoulder and said bitterly, “What should I do with my Xiao Yu?”

“What’s wrong?” Dong Kejie asked.

Chu Suiyun patted his friend’s shoulder and said, “I know the Alpha who is dating Xiao Yu.” 

“Who is it?”

“The scumbag, the scumbag I met in the nightclub.”

Dong Kejie was silent.

“Look! You also have a headache, don’t you!” Chu Suiyun pointed at Dong Kejie and shouted.

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Dong Kejie pushed his glasses and tried to say politely, “This is indeed a little worrying.”

Hearing him say this, Chu Suiyun’s premonition was even worse.
He frowned and asked, “Why, what do you know about him?

Dong Kejie poured himself a glass of alcohol: “This Qin Miao used to be a student of our university.
He graduated several years ago and is twenty-eight this year.
When he was in school, he had a bad reputation.

Chu Suiyun pressed the glass, and continued to ask calmly, “What kind of reputation?”

Dong Kejie gave Chu Suiyun a sympathetic look.

“The reputation of a scumbag.”

“He used to be the president of the student council when he was in school and he was also in charge of the oil painting club of Lan University’s Academy of Fine Arts.” Dong Kejie said.

Student Council President, Academy of Fine Arts; these two words put together, nine times out of ten can not be separated from being frivolous.

Shanlan’s All-Gender University was the first university in China that accepted all ABO three-sex students.
Alphas and Omegas can’t escape their instinctual attraction and it’s not uncommon to see jealousy between them.
Therefore, Lan University’s gossip was well known.

Because of their innate leadership ability and unwillingness to face another’s arrogance, Alphas’ generally held the position of number one in various organizations of the school.
Lan University’s previous student council presidents were all Alphas without exception.

Soft and sensitive Omegas can achieve higher achievements in art and society believed that Omegas should participate in gentle and harmless work, thus art became a field where Omegas got together.
In the Academy of Fine Arts, 90% of them were Omegas.

An Alpha managing an oil painting club was no different from starting a harem.

If it was said that Chu Suiyun was guarding against Qin Miao before, after hearing about this, he really felt disgusted.

“So there was an endless stream of Omegas around Qin Miao and there were even several different ones at the same time.” Dong Kejie patted Chu Suiyun’s back then said earnestly, “This, I also support you in protecting our Xiao Yu. 

Chu Suiyun clenched his right hand into a fist and put it on the table, his face sinking like water: “But what should I do? I told Xiao Yu that that person was scum, but Xiao Yu seemed to be fascinated by that person and didn’t believe my words at all.”

“What else can you do?” Dong Kejie tapped the rim of the alcohol glass with his fingertips: “Show the evidence to Xiao Yu.”

Chu Suiyun looked at Dong Kejie and finally made up his mind.

Yesterday, he was reluctant to tell his younger brother the truth because he was afraid of Xiao Yu being hurt, but now there was nothing he can do.
He would rather Xiao Yu be sad for a while than let that scumbag fool with Xiao Yu.

“Kejie, tell me everything you know about Qin Miao, especially where he might appear.”

Chu Suiyun gritted his teeth: “I won’t allow that b*stard to deceive my brother.”

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