”This is me. ” I say once we reach the front door of my apartment. Ryan insisted on walking me up, because I had a little too much to drink. He held my hand the entire way. Probably because I can walk in a straight line, but the butterflies in my stomach can discern that.

”You gonna be okay? ” He chuckles, letting go of my hand.

”Im gonna be fan **in tastic. ”

Im drunk. Not the gross, pukey kind of drunk. The fun, dance on a table, take my clothes off, kind of drunk. This probably wasn a good idea. I have work tomorrow, and knowing Adrienne, shes gonna make me earn every penny of that raise. I still have no regrets though.

”Good, good. ”

As I take out my keys to unlock the door, I drop them.

”Shit, ” I burst out laughing. ”I dropped my…I dropped the keys! ” My laughter continues. I can stop. My stomach starts to tighten, and I double over my knees, completely out of breath.

”Yeah, Im walking you inside. ” Ryan decides, and picks my keys up from the ground. My eyes are filled with tears, I can hardly see anything as we step inside. Somehow he finds the light switch.

e something else, ” He chuckles. I wipe my eyes and take a good look at him standing in my apartment. For some reason the sight is very pleasing. Almost as if hes the finishing touch on his place.

”Thank you, ” I kick off my heels, freeing my ankles of their slow torture. I still feel like Im spinning, but in the best way.

”Are you going to be okay, Alexandra? ” He raises an eyebrow. I never liked my name much. Im named after my great grandmother so I probably should, but its simply too much of a hassle to articulate.

Al-ex-and-druhhhhhhh. A tongue twister almost. Not the biggest fan, but I love the way it sounds coming from Ryan.

What I really want to do is tell him to keep saying my name over and over again, in that sexy raspy voice of his. But I don . I simply reply ”Yep. ”

Shit, how drunk am I?

”Are you positive? ”

”Sooo positive. ”

”Alexandra. ”

”Ryan. ”

I bite down on my lip to prevent another laughing episode.

”I should probably head out now, ” he purses his lips.

Or you can stay.

”Yeah. Its getting late. ” I ignore my ridiculous, drunken thoughts.

”I had a really nice time with you tonight. Most fun Ive had in a long time, actually. ”

So spend the night. My bedroom is down the hall.

”So did I. Thanks for walking me inside. ”

”Of course. ”

Theres sort of an awkward silence that follows. Almost as if he can read my thoughts and isn sure how to proceed.

”Well, Ill call you tomorrow. ” He breaks the silence, and steps towards me. His large hands cup my face, and he just looks at me.

”Goodnight Alexandra. Be good. ”

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