Chapter 85: Demoness’ methods

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“Little brother Feng, we’re here.  Do you remember this place with countless memories for us?”  Xiao Tong Ying crossed her hands, lifting them up to look quite full.  She looked at Feng Xiao and giggled, as her chest began to tremble from it.

“I remember, of course I remember.”  Feng Xiao’s head was covered in cold sweat.  It really was this place, this place with countless depressing memories.

This was a small forest in the suburbs that seemed quite eerie.  It had a very terrifying legend about it, so almost no one dared to come here.  Without knowing when, this place had become where Xiao Tong Ying abused Feng Xiao.  When she was in a bad mood, a man’s pitiful scream would come from here, scaring all passerbys into running away.  Everyone even said that there were even spirits in these forests.

“Little brother Feng, do you know why I called you here today?”  Xiao Tong Ying’s smile didn’t fade as she looked at him with sparkling eyes.  There was a strange glow that flashed in her charming eyes.

Feng Xiao quickly raised his hair that wouldn’t float and said with a face of facing death, “It was all little brother’s fault, you are free to kill as you wish, only…..”  Feng Xiao’s face broke down, “Only little brother’s fault has no fault, so please show mercy to my clothes.”

While saying this, he secretly raised his chaos energy.  In a situation where he couldn’t run, he definitely wouldn’t accidentally enter the gates of death.

She poked his acupuncture point when he was speaking and then faced a brutal encounter.

Xiao Tong Ying noticed Feng Xiao’s small actions and her lips curled into a dangerous smile.

Little rascal, you actually dare not come see me for this long, dare to block me in the game, dare to fear seeing me.  You actually dare not be moved by my appearance, dare……

If this old lady doesn’t tear off a layer of skin, I won’t be surnamed Xiao!

“Little brother Feng, big sister isn’t saying that you’re bad, big sister just thinks it’s been too long since we’ve met.”  An aggrieved look appeared on Tong Xiao Ying’s face, looking like a victimized little wife.

This gentle and alluring expression made Feng Xiao raise his guard and he couldn’t help taking two steps back.

“Little brother Feng…..Look at little sister.”

That low enchanting voice made Feng Xiao unknowingly raise his head and instantly it was like he was struck by lightning as blood came out of his nose.

Tong Xiao Ying’s charming eyes seemed to have tears coming out.  Her hands were holding onto her full breasts and slowly pressing them together, forming a gully that one couldn’t see the bottom of.

“Is big sister pretty?”

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“Pre…..Pretty.”  Feng Xiao could hear the sound of him swallowing his saliva.

“Is big sister’s chest big?”

Tong Xiao Ying’s right hand gently lifted her snow white breast, filling Feng Xiao’s body with a heavy sensation.

Feng Xiao nodded in a mesmerized manner, as he tightly watched her giant chest.

Deep in his blurred eyes, it was actually incomparably clear.

You actually want to use this kind of method to take care of me, you really think that I’m a kid!  Today, watch how this little master repays you for your grace you evil woman!

Tong Xiao Ying’s face came closer and closer to Feng Xiao and a light rose scent drifted out.  He unconsciously sniffed at it, but it made him even more vigilant in his heart.

“Then how about you touch big sister?”  Tong Xiao Ying raised his hand and slowly moved it to her chest.”

“What…..What?”  Feng Xiao definitely never thought that this girl would say this and was stunned.  He allowed the hand that she held to press down on her curvy body.

When Feng Xiao was in a daze, Xiao Tong Ying’s left hand suddenly came out and as fast as lightning, poked at his right rib.  Feng Xiao’s eyes sparkled and he clearly saw the path of the finger.  His lips curled into a smile as he used his chaos energy to protect himself, not dodging at all, allowing her finger to poke seven centimeters in.

The Chaotic Art was not unbreakable.  Seven centimeters under Feng Xiao’s rib was his “energy gate” and once it was broken, his chaos energy would scatter temporarily, turning him into a normal person.  Tong Xiao Ying was the only person in this world who knew this secret.  It was his fault for not being honest when saving Shadow Angel, allowing her to casually poke him and take off his mask.  Since that moment, his tragic life began because she knew his identity, which was equal to holding his handle to make him obey her.

Whenever he thought of that night, Feng Xiao wished he could just cry into his blankets.

The slender jade finger poked Feng Xiao’s energy gate and Feng Xiao revealed a faint smile.  Xiao Tong Ying also revealed a faint smile that was very strange.

Very soon, Feng Xiao’s smile had disappeared.

A needle as thick as an ox’s hair had effortlessly pierced through the chaos energy, accurately poking seven centimeters under Feng Xiao’s rib.  At the same time, Xiao Tong Ying’s pleasing smile rang out.

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“Ah…..You……”  Feng Xiao was like a deflated balloon, as his body turned weak and he couldn’t raise any strength at all.

“You fell for it again…..”  This was Feng Xiao’s first thought after being kicked by Xiao Tong Ying.  He was full of regret, his head must have been kicked in.  This girl who was as smart as a fox, how could she use the same method to deal with him.  Everything before this was just acting.

“Hee, hee, hee, hee…..”  Xiao Tong Ying gave a proud laugh, as she looked at Feng Xiao like a little lamb to be slaughtered.

“Little rascal, you actually wanted to resist.  Are you looking down on big sister more and more?”  Xiao Tong Ying looked at him with a smile, as this charming sound made Feng Xiao unable to stop himself from trembling.

“Big sister Tong Ying, you’ve mistaken me.”  Feng Xiao was about to cry as he helplessly cried out.

“Hee, hee, so the Blood Emperor Ying Feng can actually beg people, big sister is really surprised.”  Xiao Tong Ying squatted down beside him and her beautiful eyes scanned over his body.

Feng Xiao rolled his eyes.  Can I not beg for mercy?  The consequences of falling into the hands of a girl like you can’t just be described as pitiful.  If I had the choice, I would rather take a few more slashes from the Sword God.

“You know how to beg for mercy now?  It’s too late!”  Xiao Tong Ying’s face fell and she quickly stood up, as she sent a kick at his butt.

“Aiyo!”  Feng Xiao’s body was as hard as a tortoise shell from the Chaotic Art, so normal kicks couldn’t cause him any pain at all, but he had to call out to make it seem real.  His eyes were looking at her beautiful jade legs and the pink flash between her legs that appeared for an instant.

It was like Xiao Tong Ying didn’t notice that she had exposed herself as she kicked Feng Xiao while cursing him.

“You little rascal, who told you not to see me after this long!  I’ll kick you to death, I’ll kick you to death……”

“……You hide from me when I call you, it seems like there’s something wrong with your memory……”

“…..You actually dare block me, you must have eaten a leopard’s balls……”

Feng Xiao called out because this kick had inner strength that landed right on his  waist.

“Big sister Tong Ying, I won’t dare again, spare me……”

“Won’t dare again?  Didn’t you say this before and say that you would remember.  I’ll kick you to death…..”  There was another kick from those sharp toed sandals that made Feng Xiao take a cold breath.

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“I won’t dare……”

“Going out engaging in love affairs…..”

“I won’t dare again!”

“Secretly looking at my panties!”

“……I really won’t dare, spare me!!”

“Calling out in such a loud voice……”

“I’ll kill you!!”

“Un?”  Xiao Tong Ying’s foot suddenly stopped, like she had heard something funny.

“Little rascal, what did you just say?”  Xiao Tong Ying’s eyes lit up with excitement and looked at Feng Xiao without blinking, looking at him like a cat looking at a mouse.

“I…..I didn’t say anything.”  Feng Xiao was covered in cold sweat.  The moment he accidentally blurted this out, he knew that he was finished.

He really was finished.


A sparkling dagger appeared in Xiao Tong Ying’s hand, it was Shadow Angel’s weapon, the Revolving Rain Blade.

Feng Xiao rolled his eyes and almost fainted.

Xiao Tong Ying’s jade like right hand was holding the jade like Revolving Rain Blade, softly sliding it across Feng Xiao’s face, but she had a very gentle look on her face.

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“Little rascal, you actually said that you wanted to kill big sister, it really hurt big sister’s heart.  You’re too bad, so…..”  Xiao Tong Ying’s face revealed a demon like smile, “Big sister has to teach you properly today.”

Feng Xiao closed his eyes and didn’t say a word.  Begging in front of this girl was just a waste of energy.


The belt that Feng Xiao dug out of the bottom of his closet was cut.

Si la……

All the buttons on his shirt were cut off……

His pants were sliced into bits……


The flames in Feng Xiao’s heart surged and he helplessly rolled his eyes.  This girl was his destined nemesis, she always used her predictable methods to put him in a tragic state and he had slowly gotten used to it.

Seeing Feng Xiao’s perfect figure, there was a blush that appeared on Xiao Tong Ying’s face.  She suppressed the fluctuations in her heart as she shook the Revolving Rain Blade in her hand, “Little rascal, do you still want to kill big sister?”

It wasn’t Feng Xiao’s first time being stripped by her.  Being released he roared out, “You perverted girl, nymphomaniac……”


The Revolving Rain Blade landed on the ground between Feng Xiao’s legs, only being a bit away from little Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao’s soul flew away in fear and he obediently didn’t say a thing.  But he had already placed Xiao Tong Ying in various poses in his mind.

“Speak, why aren’t you speaking?”  Xiao Tong Ying picked up the Revolving Rain Blade and her expression became even more charming.

Feng Xiao closed his eyes and didn’t say a thing, as he secretly thought about a method to escape.

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