Chapter 124: Strange Blue Starred Maple Leaf

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Feng Xiao had invited them this time to first thank them and second to become friends with them.  No matter how powerful he was, he was only a single person in the end and there were many things that a single person couldn’t do by themselves.  No matter what, he had to have some power that belonged to him, so he thought of the Maple Leaf Guild.

There was another reason, it was because they were from the Xuanyuan Family.  Without knowing why, there was a special feeling he had to the words “Xuanyuan”.

The people at the table quickly became acquainted with each other, as Xiao Tian kept chatting.  Feng Xiao didn’t say much as he secretly watched their reactions.  Yang Xi Ruo kept smiling from time to time while Feng Yao kept watching Feng Xiao, not saying anything either.  She didn’t like talking when the men were talking, especially with people she wasn’t familiar with.

“Two little brothers and this little sister, these dishes were all made by my family’s Qing’er, normal people wouldn’t be able to eat this, so it’s your luck today!”  Speaking of Liu Qing Er’s cooking, Xiao Tian was delighted.

“Two little brothers?”  Maple Leaf Roaring Waves and Awe Inspiring Maple Leaves suppressed the urge to charge forward.  They gave it a few bites before revealing shocked expressions.

Maple Leaf Roaring Waves praised, “Wa!  This really is delicious!  You can actually boil normal turtles to this degree, I understand why this restaurant is this popular……Un?  Your family’s Qing’er?  Could it be that your Qing’er is the chef here?”

“Not right now, but maybe in the future…..”  Xiao Tian revealed an awkward look before saying in a depressed voice, “Normal people can’t eat what my family’s Qing’er makes.  The first and second floor’s food are made by system hired chefs, only the third floor’s VIP rooms can have the chance to eat them.”

“It’s like this?  Then how much does each room cost?”

“Ten thousand gold coins.”  Feng Xiao said.  This was the price that Maniac had set, it really was crazy.

“Ten……Ten thousand gold coins?  Does that include the money for the dishes?”

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“No!  These dishes cost around twenty thousand gold coins.”  The number one chef goddess of the capital was personally cooking, twenty thousand gold coins was considered cheap.

“Damn!”  Maple Leaf Roaring Waves almost spat out the water he was drinking, “This shop’s boss is too dark!  Several dishes actually cost twenty thousand gold coins!  This is simply dark without reason, profiteer!  This is just too much of a scam!”

Several strange smiles were aimed in Feng Xiao’s direction and Feng Xiao quickly gave two awkward coughs, “Ke, ke, it does seem…..a bit expensive…..but let’s not talk about that.  Brother Hao Ran, you are a warrior?”

The two brothers really were strange.  Xuanyuan Jing Lan who practiced martial arts in reality was playing as a magician and Xuanyuan Jing Yun who was a scholar in reality played as a warrior.

Awe Inspiring Maple Leaves gave a nod, “I’m a swordsman.”

“Oh.  Then do you have suitable level 30 equipment?”  Feng Xiao looked at him and asked this.

Awe Inspiring Maple Leaves had an idea and was about to respond, but Maple Leaf Roaring Waves shouted out in pleasant surprise first, “Big brother Asura, could it be that you have equipment for my big brother?  My big brother indeed doesn’t have a level 30 two handed sword.”

In his eyes, a piece of level 30 equipment from someone as broken as Asura definitely wasn’t simple.

Feng Xiao said with a smile, “I actually don’t have one here……”  But he added in his head, “It’s all with Maniac.”

“But……”  Feng Xiao looked at Xiao Tian who unconsciously covered his bag.

“Boss, I was going to use it for myself.  You can’t forget your old brothers after getting new brothers.”  Xiao Tian said in a pitiful voice.

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“Damn!”  Feng Xiao really wanted to hit his head with the chopsticks, “Didn’t I give you two swords back then!  Don’t tell me that a mob stole the other one from you, right!”

Xiao Tian was dejected as he took out a golden two handed sword from his inventory, giving it to Awe Inspiring Maple Leaves with an unwilling look.

Undead Wolf’s Spirit Sword: Golden Equipment

Requirements: Level 30 swordsman.

“Big brother, it’s actually a piece of Gold Equipment.”  Maple Leaf Roaring Waves’ eyes opened wide.

Equipment higher than level 30 had lower drop rates and were hard to find, so the price also increased for them.  Take this morning’s auction, the level 30 Gold Spear had sold for six hundred thousand gold coins.

Awe Inspiring Maple Leaves looked at the golden sword with specks of gray in his hand and only after a while did he unwillingly put it in his inventory.  He gave a grateful smile to Feng Xiao.  With this sword, he would definitely level faster after reaching level 30.

Xiao Tian couldn’t help muttering: You clearly got it from me, but you’re thinking boss.  Ai, the fate of the second oldest is always bitter.”

“Big brother Asura, do you have one for me?”  Xuanyuan Jing Lan had an expectant look as he asked in an awkward voice.

“No……”  Seeing the disappointed look on Xuanyuan Jing Lan’s face, Feng Xiao said with a smile, “You can go find Maniac at ‘Popular World’ for a set of level 35 Golden Equipment…..Oh, I have a bit of relation with him, so he’ll give me this bit of face.

“A…..A set?  Golden Equipment?  Level 35?”  Xuanyuan Jing Lan’s face was covered in happiness.

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At this stage, a set of level 35 Golden Equipment would cost at least two million gold coins.  He could not care about these gold coins, but these equipment couldn’t be bought just with money.

Asura really was Asura!  He was worthy of being the top expert in this game, he could scare people with a single move, as well as making it seem as simple as one hair off nine oxens.

Seeing their reaction, Xiao Tian couldn’t help curling his lips: You’re excited with just this?  If you were to see the stats of boss’ mask and cloak, it would scare you to death.

“Lan Lan, what’s wrong?”  Yang Xi Ruo was surprised seeing Blue Starred Maple Leaf’s reaction.  She couldn’t be more familiar with this little girl’s personality, but she was sitting here silently like she had seen a ghost, only occasionally taking a bite or two.

Feng Xiao was also surprised.  Did the legendary little demon that even Xuanyuan Xiong Tian couldn’t deal with change personalities?

Was it the calm before the storm?

“Ah?”  Blue Starred Maple Leaf was stunned by Yang Xi Ruo’s question and then said with an unnatural smile, “Big sister Xi Ruo, I’m fine…’s really nothing.”  After saying this, she secretly looked at Feng Xiao as her heart raced.

What to do……What to do……

Maple Leaf Roaring Waves and Awe Inspiring Maple Leaves looked at each other, both revealing strange expressions.

“It’s good that you’re fine.  Come, eat a bit more.  Big brother Feng, you should eat more too.”  Yang Xi Ruo used her chopsticks to get some food for Feng Xiao, making Xiao Tian’s face fill with jealousy.

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“This beautiful big sister, your Guild Formation Token?”  Maple Leaf Roaring Waves asked in a hesitant voice.  Yao Dreams of Loving Wind’s fairy aura made him unable to look directly at her.

Awe Inspiring Maple Leaves also perked his ears.

Feng Yao said with a faint smile, “It was given to me by big brother.”

“You’re real brother and sisters?”

Feng Yao secretly looked at Feng Xiao.  Reply “Yes!”

“Wa!  So it’s true!  Then beautiful big sister, how did you become this powerful?  You could instant kill a level 29 knight, that’s too unbelievable.”  Maple Leaf Roaring Waves’ eyes filled with even more admiration.

Feng Yao said with a smile, “Secret.”

Maple Leaf Roaring Waves revealed a disappointed look before immediately asking, “Then what about the ‘Loving Wind Pavilion’ that you founded?  You don’t know this, but everyone in Heavenly Dragon Imperial City is looking for your guild’s base to join.  Some people are even willing to pay ten thousand gold coins for information.”




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