Chapter 100: Xiao Bai (Part 1)

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Feng Yao’s pink lips slightly parted because Feng Xiao had actually hit Li San Si’s head.

Even if he was an idiot……it wasn’t good to hit him like this.

Li San Si held his painful head, but he didn’t dare be angry because the other side was a “senior”.

“You idiot!  What rude and shameless, what bullshit!  Other than being useful in tying up your hands and legs, that thing has no other uses!  You just have to strive for what you wish for when doing things and grab what you have, chasing what you want to do.  As long as you have a clear conscience, why do you need to care about old fashioned concepts!”

“You should be happy that you have a good fiancee, willingly following you for five years, it can be seen that she loves you.  If it was anyone else, they might have run away after three years!”

“Really?”  This was Li San Si’s first time hearing these words, so his heart was a bit moved.

“If you really want to be a hero, you shouldn’t let customs bind your hands otherwise you will become a stereotypical old fashioned blind fool.  Moreover, if you don’t reveal your heart to your Feng’er, sooner of later she will leave you because of how stubborn you are!”  Feng Xiao with a look of regret.

The renowned “Southern Bandit Hero” of Legend of the Sword and Fairy was actually this stubborn when he was young.

Hearing Feng Xiao’s “honest teachings”, Li San Si’s eyes were filled with confusion because he found that his heart was resonating with that this “senior” said.

Although Li San Si had become rather old fashioned under Jing Ting’s teachings, he was still hot blooded deep down.

“…..Am I really that bad……Feng’er……Senior, what should I do?”

Feng Xiao’s eyes glazed over as he thought of someone.

“My father called himself Feng Xiao Yao.  He said that in life, one had to be as unfettered as the wind, doing what one wants to do.  As long as it didn’t hurt the world, what did the opinions of others matter.  That way, one doesn’t live their life in vain.”

Feng Yao’s trembled as her gaze also became more distant.

“Unfettered as the wind……Unfettered as the wind…..”  Li San Si was also in a daze.

Isn’t this what he chased after in his dreams?

The reason why he didn’t learn any powerful techniques and rather learned  these  useless stealth skills was just for his own intentions.  He wanted to become a heroic thief that robbed the rich to help the poor that could freely travel across the continent unfettered.

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But after all these years, after being taught by his master and his master’s wife, his cultivation had soared while he had become more knowledgeable and his personality became more temperate.  He usually was in contact with the important people of the large sects, so he became more cautious and slow, learning to watch people’s faces.  His sharp edge was slowly hidden, gradually making him feel that a person should act like this.

Feng Xiao unintentional words made him feel like he woke from a dream.

Li San Si gave Feng Xiao a deep bow and said in a grateful voice, “Many thanks for senior’s guidance.  Senior’s words are filled with wisdom and has made this one repent.  It is as senior said, living as unfettered as the wind is a life that a man should chase after.  If one day Li San Si has a child, he will be named Xiao Yao to make him remember what men dream off.”


Feng Xiao slipped and his head almost slammed into the tree in front of him.

The famous Li Xiao Yao’s name actually came from me.

“Senior, this one doesn’t have much time and must head back, so I’ll bid you farewell.  San Si will come find you again one day.”  Li San Si gave a bow of gratitude before preparing to leave.  At the same time, he deeply remembered this…..great god in front of him.

“Ah…..Brother Li, wait a minute.”  Seeing that the piece of “fat meat” that he had worked hard to dupe was about to leave, Feng Xiao quickly called out to stop him.

Li San Si quickly stopped and respectfully said, “Are there any other instructions senior has?”

“It’s like this.”  Feng Xiao’s eyes lit up as he said, “I have a question I don’t understand.  The speed brother Li had when you pulled us two siblings away was quite shocking, how did brother Li raise his speed to this level?”

“Just a small skill!”  Li San Si quickly revealed a humble look, “This one was just using a strange acceleration skill and it is a skill that this one can only use for one minute each day.”

One minute?  Feng Xiao’s heart calmed down.  If a person could fight at this kind of speed, one couldn’t deal with them no matter how strong they were.

“Oh, I wonder what skill is it?  It’s this mysterious, can you teach me!”  Feng Xiao had thick skin, so he directly said his goal.

If he had this skill, he could charge into the Stalactite Cave and didn’t have to care about the Immortal Beast.

“This…..”  Li San Si revealed a difficult look as he said, “It’s an honour that this skill can enter senior’s eyes, only it is an exclusive skill of the Flying Dragon Rogue skill.  Only those that change to the Flying Dragon Rogue Job can learn it.”

“Then you can just turn me into a Flying Dragon Rogue.”  Feng Xiao directly replied.

“What……But senior, turning into a Flying Dragon Rogue means losing your current Job and this Job doesn’t have any attack skills, it is all for stealing, keeping one’s life, and running…..”  Li San Si tactfully stopped talking because he found that this “senior” wasn’t disappointed, rather his eyes seemed to be glowing.

Keeping one’s life and running.

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What was he lacking?  Attack?  The Asura’s attack state and the Magic Warrior’s powerful skills allowed him to surpass normal players.  What he lacked now were skills for keeping his life and escaping.

Moreover it was a Hidden Job.  From the start of the beta test to right now, of the hundreds of million players in «Rebirth», there was only him who had a Hidden Job.  Since he met one, how could he let it go?

“Actually I won’t hide it, but I want to be the same as brother Li.  I want to be a heroic thief that wanders the land unfettered.  So if brother Li has the ability, please give me the Flying Dragon Rogue Job.  The two of us can wander the land unfettered together when the time comes, wouldn’t we finish it faster?”

Hearing her big brother’s lies, Feng Xiao found it funny.  Moreover one of them was calling the other “ brother Li” while the other called the other “senior”.  This was very strange, but they still seriously called each other this.

Li San Si’s eyes lit up, but he muttered in his heart: He actually knows that I want to be a heroic thief.  A divine person is a divine person, this will always be seen.

“Alright, this one will tell my master once I head back and have master help senior change Jobs.”  Li San Si respectfully said.

Feng Xiao felt faint.

The one who could change Jobs was actually Jing Tian……If Li San Si went back, wouldn’t everything be revealed?  Then what Job change would there be?

Li San Si took out a scroll for Feng Xiao and said, “This is a transport scroll to my master’s home “Yuzhou”.  Senior can use it when you have time and this one will explain everything to master.”

“So this one will take his leave now,  hope that I can see senior again soon……Goodbye fairy…..senior.”

Li San Si cupped his hands and used a teleport scroll to disappear, leaving behind a stunned Feng Xiao.


It was hard seeing her big brother suffer a loss, so Feng Yao couldn’t help breaking into laughter.  She said while laughing, “Big brother, you made a mistake this time.”

After bullshitting for so long, he actually didn’t receive anything.  Feng Xiao’s thick face couldn’t help turning red.

Putting away Li San Si’s scroll, Feng Xiao unconsciously looked at it for a bit before suddenly saying, “Just wait Yao’er, I will definitely get this Job.”

“Un, I believe in big brother.”

Feng Xiao suddenly thought: In the Legend of Sword and Fairy, if Li San Si was a foolish youth, then Jing Tian was an old fool.  Could it be that I can’t fool the old fool even after fooling the young fool?

Moreover, it seemed to be one step.

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“Big brother…..I want to go back.”  Feng Yao bit her lip as she said this.

Feng Xiao was stunned, but he understood her meaning.

Hugging Feng Yao, Feng Xiao said in a pained voice, “Yao’er, you don’t have to blame yourself.  If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to get through the Terror Forest alone.”

Feng Yao shook her head before saying, “My level is too low, I’ll only be a burden to big brother if I stay here.  So I want to raise my level first before adventuring with big brother.”

Hearing Feng Yao’s gentle and determined voice, Feng Xiao didn’t insist.  He was actually worried that if his treasured Yao’er was to meet any danger like that Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast just now, he wouldn’t be able to protect her.

Feng Xiao lovingly looked at Feng Yao and said, “When I finish this quest, let’s get married.”

Feng Yao trembled as an intoxicating look appeared in her bright eyes.  The look in her eyes dimmed a bit, but it was still intoxicating.

“Is it a wedding in the Heavenly Dragon City wedding hall?”

“Un!  That way I can go level with you.”

“Un, I know big brother.  I’m filled with anticipation…..Then…..Big brother, I’ll be heading back first and then logging off to make dinner.  Big brother has to remember to log off later to eat.”

Feng Xiao nodded as he watched Feng Yao slowly turn into white light and disappear.

Feng Xiao sat down near a tree and racked his brain cells.

How should he deal with that Immortal Beast?

Bait it out?  It was impossible with just one and there are two of them.

Secretly sneak in?  It was a pity he didn’t have any stealth skills, even using two Time Domains in a row wasn’t enough.  The Space Gate skill can only be used for places he had already been to.

Finding another entrance?  Would there be a need for him if this could be used?  Moreover there was a bottomless cliff on the other side of the Stalactite Cave.

Killing those two Immortal Beast?  Wasn’t this nonsense!

Half an hour later, he still couldn’t think of a plan he could use even after killing countless brain cells.

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“At worst I can just stay here.  I don’t believe that the animal won’t be able to handle its loneliness and find a mate to do things with.”

“Big brother Feng, time to log off and eat.”  Yang Xi Ruo’s soft voice came from the communication device.

Feng Xiao quickly responded and stood up, preparing to log off.

Wait a minute.

Feng Xiao had been thinking about the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast and didn’t pay attention to the surrounding area.  Now that he was surprised to find that since Li San Si had saved them, it had been half an hour and there weren’t any monsters around.

This was an area near the edge of the forest of death, a place where fierce monsters gathered.  Back then he and Feng Yao had met that pack of boars and he had to use the Asura Yama Wave to escape.

“Strange, did I enter a strange place without monsters?  It can’t be such a coincidence, right?”

He had to investigate strange things, that was Feng Xiao’s rule.

There must be something wrong.  Feng Xiao brandished the Xuanyuan Sword as he carefully looked around.

What surprised him was that after walking around for five minutes, there weren’t any monsters to be seen.  He could even only hear his own footsteps.

What was going on?  Did they all die?

But even if they all died, they would immediately respawn.  Feng Xiao tried to calm himself down.

The dense forest, darkness, silence, and being alone.  This kind of environment scared him a bit, but made him quite excited.

He was someone that liked horror.

Suddenly Feng Xiao’s ears piqued as a soft sound could be heard, which seemed to be crying.

Feng Xiao quickly focused his mind and slowly headed in the direction of the sound.


The “wu, wu” sound came closer and Feng Xiao stopped because he could sense that the owner of the sound was heading in his direction.

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