Law of Return Online

Chapter 10: Holographic Screen Suspended in Air


Title: First Player

Class: N/A

Level 7 – Exp (357/640)


Strength: 28 (+7)

Intelligence: 29 (+1)

Physical: 30 (+3)

Attack: 140 – Agility: 35

Magic: 120 – Resistance: 30

Life: 660 – Defense: 33


Its getting harder and harder to level up. It will be easier to level up if I can already do dungeons, but Im still not strong enough, and I don want to take any chances. Leaving that aside, there are still quests, however, its not easy to find quests now. Only after the first month did the quests appear more frequently…

Even though he knew he was at an advantage compared to other people in the entire world, that wouldn stop him from being greedy. The more he manages to gain an advantage, the better it will be for him in the future.

Its no use thinking that if you don seek death, you won die. It might work though, you never know when someone random is going to just hate you just because they don like something about you.

Its the same case with his neighbor, ever since they met, hes been hated by him for no reason. There is nothing he has done to make this boy hate him because when they first saw each other, he had just moved in and he simply greeted him kindly, however, he was returned by a cold look and even some hateful words.

[ ”You disgusting bastard, do I know you? ”]

Jacob at that time was confused by Maicons reaction and was silent and a little stunned. With a mocking look, Maicon spat on the ground and left with his hands in his pockets.

Remembering that scene, Jacob simply shook his head. As long as Maicon didn do anything serious to him, that was fine, however, if he tried to go overboard… Well, he was more than willing to teach him a lesson.

”Huh? ”

Jacob thought he was seeing things, as he could have sworn across the road, he was seeing a holographic screen suspended in mid-air. With his good eyesight, he saw that something was written on the blue screen, but not close enough as it was in small print.

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