Law of Return Online

Chapter 9: Quest Complete

us again… Well, it couldn be helped, he wouldn miss out on getting a nice reward just because it would draw attention, plus he wasn using his real name.

For the time being, he didn intend to tell anyone what name he was using.

He didn even need to go online to know it made the news. After all, people must have already benefited a little from the system. Although only he and one other person had achieved such an achievement, they could only let their thoughts run wild as they wondered what reward they gained for achieving such a feat.

Obviously, it would not be Jacob who would satisfy these peoples curiosity.

[Do you wish to learn (Animal Tamer)? Yes or No?]

”Yes. ” Jacob clicked yes.

Soon the skill information was passed to him.

Opening the skills tab, he clicked.

[Animal Tamer (Low Grade Quality): When using this skill, there is a certain percentage chance of taming an animal. The chance percentage increases if the target animal is favorable to the user (Note: If the target animal is higher level than you, the chances drop drastically)].

Jacob had kind of expected this. If it doesn even show the percentage it has when using it, it shows that its low level. But, he had Contract Space, besides that ability. Although it doesn help if its a wild animal that doesn see him favorably, if he can make the animal see him favorably, it becomes quite useful.

At first, Jacob thought about trying to tame one of the little monkeys, however, thinking that it would increase the chances if he increased the favoritism, he decided to postpone it a bit. After all, he wanted a pet to help him in battle, but now that he got a stat boost, Jacob changed his initial plans.

For the next few hours, Jacob wandered through the forest.

Most of the animals ran away when they felt his presence, what he was most interested in doing was not killing animals, but rather, making the two little monkeys become more attached to him since he noticed that when he saved animals, they applauded, celebrating.

At the same time, Jacob picked up some of the chestnuts and handed them to the two little monkeys.

Upon receiving it, the two little monkeys show their affection by rubbing their faces against his.

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