Law of Return Online

Chapter 7: Cougars?

isa. Whats up? ” he asked sweetly as his blue eyes almost imperceptibly scanned her body, but quickly returned to her face.

”I am fine; Isn it beautiful today? ”

”Yes, it is… ” He spoke ambiguously.

Jacob looked once more at her breasts. She wore an unlined suit with a material so tight that it bore the subtle imprint of her nipples even when soft, but in this case, it outlined her erect nipples so perfectly that she might as well have been topless.

Even though he tried to be subtle, Mrs. Elisa noticed his gaze and smiled sweetly.

Although she was already in her 40s and had an 18-year-old son, she looked to be in her 30s at best. Jacob found her attractive, her shoulder-length thick brown hair and olive tan, courtesy of genes inherited from her Greek ancestors.

Although he didn like her son who looked at him like he owed him a million dollars; she was different, as she always treated him well.

”It was nice talking to you. ” She said with a smile, ”Ill see you some other time, and if you want to come over to my house, I can get you some food. You know~ ”

”Oh, sure. ” Jacob couldn help but have some thoughts about her saying that.

”I am here. ”

Before he was at the entrance to a forest, there were three green intertwined tender lines facing the same direction. Jacob walked in while holding some chestnuts in his hand, while also having a 1kg bag in his inventory.

Suddenly, the three green lines became 2.

”Something is happening… ”

Jacob ran. He could guess that now that the changes had started, even the animals would be affected, it wouldn be strange if some animal had gained more strength and was hunting the capuchin monkeys.

Though it was cruel, this also favored Jacob, as if he saved the capuchin monkey and even took revenge, he could increase favoritism for him.

Suddenly, a large brown snake dropped from the tree, nearly landing on top of Jacob. Its body fell to the floor, causing a loud thud.

Jacob was a little scared. When he saw that he was level 15… Although it wasn high enough to cause much fear in him, even giving him a great chance to win, Jacob didn want to waste time there, so he kept running, even though he knew that the serpent brown would try to chase him.

As he ran, he looked back and saw that indeed the brown snake was dragging after him, however, he gave up when the difference in speed became evident.

This was a forest with some dangerous animals, it wasn a place that unprepared people could enter, but Jacob didn worry about that, although some animals were already strong by nature and with the change in the world they got stronger, it would be difficult for an animal to be stronger than him, at least now.

Unlike humans, animals tend to grow stronger and faster because they live by hunting. The fact that they also level up, makes the food they ate digest faster and they move on to the next target.

But, as he himself saw, even a snake was already at level 15. It is true that the level of many animals already starts at higher levels, however, if you give these animals a little time, they can double or even triple their current levels.

The distance shown by the intertwined green line was decreasing little by little.

”Cougars? ”

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