Lady Mystique

Chapter 2-1

As soon as we left, Sariel took us straight to the entrance to the Academy. The bigger groups we
e leaded in first, and since theres just a few of us, we
e the last. Sariel came back for us. We walked inside through giant double doors, and everyone of us followed her.

Inside I saw wide classrooms with students talking and laughing. Other classrooms were filled with silence, except for the lectures of the teachers.

As students walked around the campus, books were flying everywhere and there were magical glows varying from red to purple.

We were led into the second floor, and in a room. Eyes of students eyed us. I also noticed that I actually wore the exact same uniform that every student were wearing. It seemed it occurred when I entered the main door or Sariel chanted something I didn seem to hear.

”Ill leave the four of you here. Good luck to the four of you. ”

Then Sariel left. The four of us stared awkwardly at each other and shyly went into the back. The feeling is weird. The air in the room feels cold. I feel weird. The teacher isn here yet. But unlike other classrooms that were noisy without teachers, this one feels like its full of tension between each other.

A little while later, someone stepped in. Lady Lia of Electric.

One girl stood up, and said ”Our lady. Greetings. ”

The others bowed slightly. I followed what they did. The other four who came with me did the same. Lia slowly walked into the middle of the room. ”I assume you were the new ones. I saw you five earlier. Do you have any questions? ” she said with her low tone voice.

We shook our heads slightly. She nodded. ”Welcome to the class of the element of electric. We have the fewest holders since our element barely senses the intelligence and the stealthiness of humans. ”

She stopped to see if we
e catching up. Then she continued.

”This will be your classroom for the year. Dorms are on the center room on the first floor. You should be guided there accordingly. ”

She stopped again, and nodded. She went out. A new lady went in. ”Greetings, Ms.Élliane. ” They did the bowing part again, and so did we. She was gorgeous, with her thick glasses magnifying here deep sea green eyes. ”The new ones, please stand up. ” We stood up. ”The first thing you should learn in handling your element is cautiousness. Too much electric power will shock you to death, since you cannot control the strength of it. For now, what you should learn is how to make small electric orbs and shoot it. ”

”Zeira? ”

The girl earlier stood up. ”Lead them to the training area. ”

She went out, and we followed her dosn through the big staircase, outside, and around at the back. It was a big dome, filled with dummies, swords, and different kinds of weapons. It felt like visiting a museum.

”Zeira ”, as the girl was called, coughed once and looked at us. She has that cold stare. ”To make electric orbs, cup your hands. ”

We followed her. I cupped my hands. ”Feel the waves of power slowly come into your hands. Do it slowly. Too fast, or too sudden, and the power would be too much to handle and youll burst into bits. ”

I slowly focused my energy into my hands. I feel it. The weird sensation of something crawling to each and every vein of mine. It was slowly forming into a little circle. I could see the others forming the same little spheres.

We kept on doing this, until they were a size of an orange.

”Good. Now try shooting. ”

I shot one in the air. The sphere hit the dummy. It exploded immediately. Some people nearby cheered. Zeira nodded.

”Good! That was very good. ”

The advanced students came in with Ms. Éllaine. They waved at Zeira. She nodded in response.

”Get your weapons. ” Ms. Éllaine said. I was fondly curious on how wielding weapons are related in elements.

The students slowly scattered across the training floor and got themselves the weapon they prefer. Bows, swords, knives. Then they went back, facing the training dummies. I was surprised. As one student loaded three arrows into her bow, fixed her aiming position, the bow and the arrows slowly glowed with electrics. Waves of electric power glowed into it, and when she aimed it, the arrows shot like lightning, the three arrows seperated and shot straight through three dummies, all hitting into the stomachs. People behind her clapped.

Another student slashed multiple dummies with a sword, infused with electric waves.

I was too absorbed looking at the advanced when suddenly someone whispered in my ear.

”Its amazing right? Its the transmission of electricity into weapons! ”

I jumped. I was surprised to see one of the girls that were new like me.

”Im sorry, Ive mustve surprised you. Im Cya. That girl, over there, is my sister. Shes Cynx. Only shes a bit quieter than me. ”

She giggled in Cynxs direction. Cynx then looked ay Cya.

”Im a whole lot quieter, darling ” Cynx said and went back to watching the advanced.

”Oh well. The boy there. ” She pointed to the blond boy who was also with us, ”Is Charles. He doesn talk much, but hes kind when you know him. ”

He mustve heard us mention his name. Because he nodded a bit.

Cya once again pointed to a black haired boy.

”And the other one is Lyan. Don mind him. He can be quite annoying, but since he doesn know you, he won annoy you. Not now. ”

”Ummm thank you for introducing them for me Cya. Its nice of you. ”

And with that, the advance were done, and we were dismissed for the day. It was lunch time.

Eventually the classes here are only a half day, which leaves students nothing to do but do magic, talk and laugh.

We went out of the dome, and I followed Cya and my fellow newbies. The advanced were still in the dome.

”So…where actually is the cafeteria here? ” I asked Cya.

”On the opposite side of the main building. You should sit with us. ”

I followed them, me after Cya and Cynx, Lyan and Charles following from behind. We walked in, went into the big room with its tall doors open. The smell of food made me hungry.

”Ill get a table. Its getting crowded here. ” Charles, for the first time, said.

We nodded, and he sauntered off, Lyan tagging behind.

Eventually, the cafeteria looks more like a buffet for royals. A beautiful row of high class food and deserts were laid in a wide table. I picked a few éclairs and a piece of grilled turkey.

We went onto our table, where the two are waiting, and stood up to get their food. Cynx was alreadygobbling up, obviously hungry.

”You have a really good appetite for those chicken satays, don you, Cya? ” I said.

”Yeah. They
e pretty damn tasty. ”

”I think you
e not exaggerating a little bit, ” I said.

She winked at me. Her smile was contagious. She ate the rest of her food, and then turned to me.

”Cynx actually wanted to ask on what part of our town were you from. She never saw you before. ”

”We live by the east. ”

”I see. We
e from the west, so we know the two guys. ”

”How did you become friends with them? ”

”They came to visit us a few times. We usually stayed at my place, where our parents lived. Their parents, though are not very close to us since they moved away. ”

”I know why. ” I mumbled.

I finished my food, which were delicious. I grabbed my empty plate and put it next to my tray. I sat back down and smiled.

Cya asked, ”So about those guys you met earlier…did you like them? ”

I hesitated to say no, so I replied honestly. ”They are okay. ”

She giggled. ”I was actually impressed that you didn go crazy when you saw them. I mean they
e handsome, so yeah most girls faint when they see them. ”

I never thought of the two that way. Sure, I wanna be friends with them, but that kind of view? Never.

I laughed it off.


We were done with lunch and were directed to our dorms when we saw Ms. Élliane. We five were dorm mates. I went into my room and decided to sleep in for the afternoon, even though it was just 2 pm.


It was 9 pm when I woke up. I mustve ate a lot back at lunch since I wasn ever hungry. I don feel the urge to sleep at all. It was boring anyway. I decide to:

[• Go to Cyas room]

(If you choose this, go to chapter 2-1)

[•Go to Cynxs room]

(If you choose this, go to chapter 2-2)

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