As the day shone brighter than the sunniest one, I was sure that this day couldn get any better.

As I woke up, I went to find my sister, Chantal. Im expecting that she would be there in her little desk, wondering what would her element be. She was also scared at the same time, because there was a probability she would receive nothing. Which would be impossible.

But before I got to knock on her door, Serene, which is my mother, called out for me to come downstairs, I did as told. As Aremeia had said, my sister was waiting for me at her place for breakfast, which I gladly accepted. We started eating, and I could feel that she was feeling uneasy. The dark circles under her eyes that made her looked like a panda would prove my thoughts right.

We ate quietly, not knowing what unfortunate events would happen later on. I can do anything about it, because its the Day Of Fortunities. This happens every 10 years. Chantal just turned 10. Im 15. The age limit was minimum to 10 to 15 years old. The day where we would be given a certain power, or element, depending on our attitudes, our past actions and more. Eventually there are five elements each. Ones who receive the power of fire are known to be bold and fierce. Ones that have the blessings of the water are often calm and generous. Wind belongs to people who are usually adventurous, full of liveliness. The Nature holders are fond of fauna and are open minded. While the Electric ones are agile and cunning. I really do believe then that their fates decide for them.

I wonder how my life is going to change when I have a new power. I hope that my power will be good. And maybe it will bring us closer, since it seems like Ive gotten along well with Chantal. Maybe my power would help Chantals powers be better. I hope so, since its going to be very hard for her. Ill never know how shes feeling since she always covers her feelings well. But I guess it doesn matter.

”So, today is the day. How does that feel? ” My mother asked after she finished her food.

Chantal, being shy, didn speak. Instead, she took the last piece of meat from her plate. Her face was still very pretty, despite the dark panda circles.

”I hope that Id get a good one. Ill never bear to live again if I ever received an anathema. Maybe theyd even give me the worst anathema Id ever seen. You, Xia? ”

Her head turned to me. I said the first thing that went into my head.

”Im just gonna wait. No matter what it is, Im gonna have to accept it. I can run away from it anyways. ”

”An expected answer from you I guess. I really hope you get a good one. For someone like you whos been supporting me since I was little, you would deserve one. ”

I just realized I finished my food and everyone was already out of the table. Chantal was behind me. I didn answer her. I went to my room to change my outfit for the Fortunities. A simple green satin dress. I tied my hair into a simple bun and matched my dress with my sandals.

I went back into the living room, where Chantal was already standing with her yellow blouse and a cute pleated skirt on. Her hair was elaborately tied into a ponytail. She looks prettier than she usually does, with her auburn hair and beautiful blue eyes. Other people may not appreciate her, but I do.

”Lets go. ” she said. Always the impatient kind. Mother went with us.

There were many people in the streets. Most of the girls about my age, only a few about the age of Chantal. They look confident, most of the murmurs saying that theyll get something very special.

The festivities was going to begin. People dressed themselves up as many kinds of costumes as possible and danced around. Some had different masks on and other people were wearing their normal clothes. It seemed pretty interesting.

People were coming from all over the area for the event. In the middle, there were lots of people dancing and singing songs. There were also children running around everywhere.

When I arrived at the center of the event, I saw most of the people I knew gathered there and waited for the beginning of the festivities. I looked around to find the person who I hoped would get a good one.

”Vienne. ”

I slightly tapped her shoulder. It seems like she was deeply engrossed into something. Wouldn wonder what it is.

She stared up to me with those hazel brown eyes. She smiled.

”Oh hi. Excited huh? Eventually its almost time. If I get Wind then its good for the both of us. ”

I suddenly remembered that when each of us receives our flairs or anathemas, we get seperated then. We get sent to different schools, where we would learn how to use the gifts we received.

She seemed to notice I was lost in thought, so she continued.

”Still, I wish us both the best. I hope we get the ones we want, the both of us. ”

She stood up and hugged me. And then went to the circle. She wasn a girl of many words, which we were both fine with that.

The bell is ringing. Everyone gathers up to the circle.

In a vast wide place in the middle of town, a big circle that looks like a summoning circle is there, patterned with the elemental symbols. There we stand up when we
e called, and once that happens we
e immediately sent to the Académie Des Flairs, where our abilities get enhanced further.

People were gathering up. The place is starting to get full.

The elemental patrons are here. Fiéra of the Fire. Adélard of Water. Isidore of the Air. Sariel of Nature, and Eliaxandrea (Lia) of Electric.

The elemental patrons are like the ones sent by the gods of each element as their body on Earth. They are blessed with tremendous amounts of power, guiding the future holders and protecting the land. Unlike normal people, they do not lose their powers whey they reach 50. Instead, they age, until the day they die.

”Let us start, shall we? ” Sariels soothing voice said to the others.

They nodded. The others aren talkative as Sariel is.

”If your name is called, please do step forward. ”

Each and every child started to get called, one by one.

They would go to the center of the circle. The summoning circle would glow and the element that allows itself to be with the child will float up in its symbol, a glowing symbol. And the element bestows itself on your palms.

Usually the younger ones go first, and of course, Chantal got called.

”Good luck. ” I kissed her cheek and she giggled.

She went forward, into the middle. The circle began to glow. Based on her look she was excited which one would go to her.

”Water! Youve got another cutie student from today on Adélard. ”

Sariel said. Adélard, the male patron of the water, nodded.

The summoning circle lost its glow, and Chantal went to the others who got the blessings of the Water as well on the other side.

A few name calls later on, and Im up. Sariel never got tired mentioning a hundred or a thousand names. Im impressed.

”Xianthiara. ”

I went onto the circle. I was scared. Eventually if no element came to you theyd consider you just a normal person or a person of darkness. If you
e a person of darkness, I don know where they send you to. They lock your hands up, your mouth unable to speak and disappear.

The circle began to glow up. The beautiful patterns and spiral designs of the circle made me surprised with awe. They look beautiful with the light.

It stopped glowing. Here it comes.

The symbol of the Electric comes before me.

”Lia dear! Look there! Its been a while since youve had a new student. ” Sariel chuckled. ”Shes gonna make a great little mage. Go on dear. ”

I don understand why electric came to me. Im not cunning, or fast in any way. Im not smart or deceptive or good in lying. Electric ones have some kind of charisma once you meet them the very first time. As if its a force the pulls you towards them. Electric shock, a term we call it.

Eliaxandreas eyes raised an eyebrow on me. I think it meant ”Really? Prove to me your potential then. ” And then I went to join the others who got them as well.

So far, there are only four of us. Two girls, and two boys. I looked over at the other elemental groups, and saw that the group of Water and Fire are the largest ones. I can see over Chantal. She seem to have made new friends.

The glowing circles that encloses each elemental group gets bigger as the group is.

”Ah, youve received the same as us. Such a shame isn it? ” One girl in our group said. She had her long blonde her in a ponytail tied with a purple ribbon. She looked at me.

”I… Don really think its that bad. I mean, things would have gone worst if we we
e powerless. ” I told her.

The other girl nodded. She had short black hair and green eyes. I barely see green eyes, so I was secretly surprised. Even so, she seemed to noticed it and smiled.

The boys near us were silent. They seemed to think about something deeply. Better not disturb their thoughts.

I guess the ceremonies has finished because suddenly the patrons were in the middle of the elemental groups.

They chanted some sort of spell, and then we disappeared.

In a blink of an eye, we were in the middle of a big, big palace in the sky. It was amazing to see it floating above the clouds with beautiful creamy walls and high ceilings. Windows bordered with shimmering gold from top to bottom. Students sitting around in the front of the school, in different colours of their corresponding element. Flying, running very fast, almost invisble to the eye. Things floating around and dropping on the ground. Magical spells performed in front of our eyes. Académie Des Flairs is indeed amazing.

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