Although it was not publicly known, Charlotte was the child of the duke's mistress.
Since the duke had a considerably hard time bearing children, Charlotte was taken into the Evans family at an early age.

But a few years later, a child was born to the new duchess.

As a result, she became the black sheep of the house.
Even her servants did not defend Charlotte when she was falsely accused.

She was on the brink of going to prison–

“I ran away from home when there was a gap between the guard's break intervals…”

“I see…”

Allen stroked his chin.

It was a conspiracy play, plain and simple.

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Perhaps the prince did not want to marry the illegitimate daughter of the duke, or perhaps he had another woman he liked.
Whatever the reason may be.

Either way, Charlotte was a hindrance to the prince.

Charlotte bowed her head deeply.

“It has escalated to the extent that it even appeared in the newspapers of this country.
I'm sure they'll be after me soon…
so I won't trouble you.
I will immediately leave after a short break–“

“I have a question.”

Allen interrupted her with his index finger.

“Are you any good at cleaning?”


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“Please answer the question.”

Charlotte's eyes widened in astonishment as she hesitantly replied.

“Well, I think I can do it as well as anyone else…
why do you ask?”

“That's great.
Perfect answer.”

Allen patted Charlotte on the shoulder.

“All right, Charlotte.
I'll hire you.”



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