p>Even after declaring his intent, Charlotte's face crumpled.

“Why are you being so kind to me, a total stranger?

“Who knows? I wonder too.”

Allen revealed his thoughts honestly.

“How could she cry so much over a piece of cake?”

The thought of it made Allen sick to his core.

It wasn't just pity.
It was a complex blend of rage and sorrow.
It was the first time he harbored such a feeling in his life.

Allen didn't even know how to label this emotion he was feeling.

But that was just a trivial matter.

Once he had decided to do something, by hook or by crook, Allen would see it through.
That was his motto.

“Anyhow, I vow to you, as long as you are in my presence, I will teach you all the pleasures of the world!”

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I can't return the favor.”

“I don't need you to repay me back.
Just think of it as you indulging in my hobbies against your will.”

you're so kind, but you're also such a weird person.”

Charlotte giggled as she dabbed away her tears.

It seemed she had grown accustomed to Allen's eccentric personality.

Seeing her smile again, Allen patted his chest in relief.
He didn't know why but he felt that he much preferred her smiling face rather than her crying face.

Regardless, Allen handed her a handkerchief to wipe her tears and then offered her one cake after another.

“Go on, eat up.
Which cake should you try next? How about this chocolate cake?” Allen asked.

“I can't eat that much…
Allen, please help me eat some.”

“I have already told you…
I don't like to eat sugary food.”

Charlotte's expression clouded a little the moment he said he didn't like them.

So Allen swallowed his remaining words and picked an acceptable cake.
It was a tart with lots of fruits.

“Would you like to share it?”

“Yes! It would taste much better if we ate it together.”

Seeing the smile had returned to Charlotte's face, Allen secretly stroked his chest in relief.

Even though he was poor at socializing…
but for her, he would try his best to improve.

However, Charlotte furrowed her eyebrows.

“The two of us can't eat this much…
what should we do?”

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“What if we eat a little bit every day?”

“But, can a cake last for that many days…?”

“Well, there's this way…”

Allen murmured an incantation and snapped his fingers.

Instantly, a cube barrier surrounds the chocolate cake.

“There should be no problem if you stop the time.”

You really can do anything, can't you?”


Allen shrugged his shoulders casually while he stuck his fork into the tart.

“That's because I'm an outstanding evil wizard.
Be it stopping time or tricking pitiful ladies, it is merely a child's play for me.
Mmm! This tastes surprisingly good.”

Thanks to the acidity of the fruit, even Allen, who did not like sugary food, was able to enjoy the taste.

“I think I'm going to favor that store from now on.” Allen thought to himself.

“Here, you try some.
Open up.


Charlotte took a small bite of the tart nervously.

She chewed on it with a serious look for a while, before breaking into a smile.
Her cheeks were tinged slightly red.

If that color were to have a name, it could only be called the 'Color of Happiness'.

“It's delicious.”

“I'm glad to hear that.”

Allen chuckled and heartily ate the remaining tart.
After all, it didn't taste bad.

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