Kiss me

Chapter 4: Duel

Suddenly the teacher enters.

<< We shall Welcome a new student today>>

This sentence went throughout my mind, several times is he…oh no. The newcomer is just a random handsome guy. Am i thinking of that black jean guy again?


After that brief presentation of his, its with some claps that he went to an empty seat at the back.

The class starts, i concentrate and listening to the class makes it seem too short. The bell rings and its lunch time.

Celia: Elvira, you looked so disappointed when you saw the new are you wishing someone more handsome?

Me: It has no importance

Celia: Oh, were you expecting someone else…


Celia : calm down, you
e again so agressive for no real reason

Me: when you look at me can i been interested in a random guy?

Celia: So its real, whats his name?


With those words i go out of the class in a hurry, when i run into him, his coffee is spilled up on him. It is the black jean boy, whats is he doing? was to be my question but i could do nothing my thoughs were empty and the only words which came out was ”sorry ”.

The black jean boy: Its okay, you must be ongoing Somewhere important

Me: Euh..take this napkin

The black jean boy: (Smiling), thanks you can go

As if it was an order i started moving, while am i smiling? why am i happy ? At the restaurant i sit on a seat and take fruit juice. Is it possible that…no it can be.

Love is a though which we encounter when we find someone having what we need said sir Tamukum. Am perfect i need nothing i can encounter it.

suddenly the new guy from our class appears and sit on the same table as i, what was his name again? …nothing important.

Julien: Elvira, thats right? hope you will help me miss best student

Me: Oh, so what you like on me is just my intelligence ?

Julien : Exactly

Me: (holding his hands) Really??

Julien: (feels embarrassed) hum..with your beauty i guess, but millions of guys must have mentionned that

Me: (Drinking back my juice) Yeah

Julien: But am also handsome and you know that

Me: Yeah, commonly handsome

Julien: Am as handsome as 5% of the population

Me: 5% of the worlds population ? giving that we are around 9billions inhabitants, so you are as handsome as 450 millions others, its likely possible

Julien: euh wait wait


Julien: Lets not find how me or anyother is handsome or not, let me be straigh to the point, will you like to be my girlfriend?

Me: Nope

Julien: eurh? oh its so direct but how long will you resist me?

Me: (with a mockery face) are you sad?

Julien: Am defintely not, i always have what i want and having you is definitely a question of time

Me: (laughing) okay, by the way remember me your name

Julien : Euh..already forgotten JULIEN NDASSY your future man

Me: Dreaming isn a sin

After sometime lunch time is over. I stand first and go back to class, after sitting down i can see my fake copy running towards Julien, and Celia assasinates me with questions.

Celia: Why are you smiling? were you with Julien? Do you like him? whats the name of the other guy? are you in a love triangle ? do you…

Me: Stop stop…calm down…breath…now come back slowly

The teacher enters and starts the class.

Celia:(take in air, take out air) okay, while are you so smiling? whats the news?

Me: Nothing Special, am just happy

Celia: Did you spend lunch time with Julien? are you interested with him?

Me: yeah, but am definitely not interested but he may make a good toy

Celia: Whats the name of the other guy?

Me : which guy?

Celia: The one you were expecting when Julien entered

Me : (looking towards the side) I don see what you
e talking about

Celia: The guy you are in love with


teacher: Elvira! may you focus?

Me: Sorry sir.

Celia: calm down miss, so who is he? whats his name? have you finally seen him?

Me: (looking embarrassed) yeah i have seen him but i don like him, and i don know his name…i forgot to ask but i don like him…i don know his class neither

Celia: Okay, after class lets go very fast in your porsche and wait until he comes out so i can see him

Me: Why?

Celia: Don worry i wouldn steal your toy


Teacher: Elvira!

Me: Sorry sir, i will focus

Celia : calm down, breath in breath out, when you want to shout repeat this exercise

Me: (breath in breath out) So please lets focus

Celia: Shall you show me that guy?

Me: Okay okay…

We start focusing on the lesson and i even participate during this physics class. The clock ticks and its finally time to go 4pm signals the end of the class. Celia takes my hand run until the porsche were we enter.

Celia: Be vigilant

Me: o..kay

Celia: Do you love him?


Celia: Calm down, if you don like him you can agress him with insults…

Me: Yes, i can

Celia: Thats what you shall do, simple

After sometime he comes out with the boys black long sleeve shirt.

Me: Thats him

Celia: Really?

Me: yeah

Celia: So you
e in love with a commonly normal guy

Me: AM…

Celia: (her fingers on my mouth) Go insult him

Me: No, why should i do that? he did nothing am not a heartless tyran and i don like him

Celia: Yeah yeah, when you go home reflect, why do you become suddenly agressive when its about him? why do you keep expecting him? at the clothes store then at school? while does he makes you so happy? then come back and tell me you don love him

With those words Celia goes out of the porsche, and the driver drives me back. I don know what to think after all she said to me, so as soon home i take a shower and start studying.

6: 21pm my dads arrives and i go for counselling.

Me: Dad, i know you
e tired but i need to talk to you

Dad: (He sits down) Yeah

Me: There is…

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