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Chapter 3: The black Jean guy

As soon as we enter the store someone graps my hand. I turn towards the person with a then our eyes just cross each other, its just another flirty.


The guy says and as a response i ignore him and continue walking with Celia.

celia: Was he your type?

Me: Nope

Celia : Normally you were suppose to brutalise him without looking or perhaps were you expecting someone else?

Me: Euh…expecting, NO WHATS WRONG WITH YOU

Celia : Calm down, i was just joking

The shopping starts and we separate to the dresses that attract us but questions fill my mind; why did i not punch that guy? while was i so disappointed? i wasn expecting the guy we just cross by with our porsche, why am i thinking of him in this situation ?


This is the sentence who brough me back to reality.

Me: It doesn sweet me its too bright

The helper : and this one?

Me: Let me try it

I take the gown and go to the dress-up space then come out.

The helper: Waouh, its so elegant

me: its?

The helper: I meant you…you
e so elegant

Me: hum ok

The helper : Do you mind testing other clothes

Me: Why not?

The helper made me wear a bunch of clothes.

The helper : Oh all clothes suit you, are you a model?

Me: Nope

The helper: Do you mind becoming our model? you increase the value of all the clothes you wear…

me: Nope

The helper : We shall pay you high 100 000XAF per day

me: Not interested

The helper: okay per hour

me: sorry i need to go

The helper : okay, take the clothes for you its free and…

me: Am not willing to take any of the clothes, oh and don mind giving me your card, i wouldn take it bcos i wouldn change my mind.

I leave the helper and go to find Celia, she is enjoying her shopping time and her smiling face contaminates me.

Another flirty approach me, , i ignore him

me: Celia, lets take a selfie

celia: Yeah

I go near her and we snap but the flirty insists . I still ignore him and we continue our selfies.

The flirty then made an error, a tragic sin holding my hand. Time went super fast, it was a reflex action, i kicked hard in between his legs and looked his argony.


Celia takes my hand and we continue our shopping.

Time passes, In the sky can be seen a depressive sun moving apart. Celia and i move to the porsche with all the bags of clothes Celia bought.


The car starts moving;

Celia: Elvira you bough nothing!

me : Yeah, nothing was really adding my beauty

Celia: If you keep that mentality you will never buy clothes, no cloth can increase your beauty

me: All the interest in shopping is not buying, its okay when we have fun

Celia: Yeah, (with a tired face) tomorrow we shall go back to study pfff

Me: Don make that face Celia, highschool is not jail

Celia: Yeah for genius students like you is quite a game

me: Oh my Celia,(holding her jaws) think positively you will see Brayan

Celia: Oh the handsome Brayan

me: The commonly handsome Brayan

Celia : No, the Super handsome

The discussion continue until we reached, Terminus Mimboman; the street of Celia. The porsche then return home.

After taking a shower and eating, i then go to my study room to read my biology notes.

After what, i go to bed. The bed offers relaxation and well-being, what more can make it better? maybe looking the tv now or playing music or chatting with the guy with a black jean and an old blue t-shirt… what am i thinking about. Have i just imagine the two of us on the bed chatting? am i weird? ahh while did i had to think of him? After some time i fall asleep.

My eyes open, my clock shows 6:20. I jump from bed. I must have though too much of useless things before sleeping, now there is no time for studying. I go out of my bedroom throught the green door; the door to my bathroom. I take a shower in cold water, dry my hair and go back to the bed room to wear my school uniform.

A white long sleeve t-shirt with a blue knee level skirt, to my school uniform i add long white socks with a random nike shoe from my shoe cabinet. My hairs are comb and sent on my left shoulder by the front.

7:10 i leave the house after taking breakfast with the house porsche.

At Nkolfoulou can be seen the school gate and written on it < S.Anderson College and highschool>. The porsche enters in and i go to my class .

Five minutes after sitting down, Celia makes me a sign to look at the door.

For every perfect work of art, there exist a fake copy and mine is just coming in my direction; Typhany Erere the demon with white wings. On her mouvement bit by bit the class interests is turning towards the two of us but i understand them. Its always fantastic to see the difference between original and rough copy.

Typhany : Hi Elvira seen my glasses?

Me: yeah, but whats the need wearing glasses when you have no eye problem? Do you want to confirm your fakeness?

Typhany: Euh … you don know glasses is the synonym of intelligence ? Its to …

Me: (laugh) you think you
e in 1990 or 2000? when after studying alot some could have eyes problems? nowadays with the modern instrument its more distractions that destroys the eyes than…

Typhany: Stop blabering and watch quietly how my results will meet up with yours

Me: (laugh) meet up? youll always be my tangent [¹]

Suddenly the teacher enters,

<< We shall welcome today a new student>>

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