Kiss me

Chapter 1: Me




Am tired of hearing all this, its fascinating the lack of creativity of majority of men,the same words,the same flirting game.

From highschool to home, from home to the karate room, in uniform or in clothes, they all call for me.

During my bore time i accept to play with some despite their lack of creativity, they manage to make me laugh during a moment, after what i drop them.

Oh, i space out again, now am with Jorge Takam eldest son of…, I don know. Looking at my watch i realize that only 3mins 23seconds passed.

Jorge: So?

Me: so what?

Jorge: Are you enjoying…

Me: You are Boring !

With those words i stand up and go out. My dads Porsche is waiting for me. Soon in the driver takes the home direction. I decide to call Celia my bestie.

Celia: allo

Me: Guess

Celia :

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