(not) a god

n, not to this little girl and definitely not to the other gods.

What had she become to do such horrific, unspeakable things to these people who suffered down in this dungeon. And of course I had to be the one, the one to suffer for their actions.

Back when the creator made us, fathered us, he always emphasized to never harm humans, animals or even insects, but, even back then they still did. The other gods always found a way to push the blame on me, me who just wanted to study how the humans lived, laughed, loved and hated. Always they created the image of me being a cruel and hateful god, even for the creator. I hoped that the all mighty creator would see through their lies and deceit, but he never did, he even went with their lies, their cruel plans to ostracize me from the rest.

”But fret not for i have made you something, something greater than a measly god. ” The little girl spoke, not a hint of respect in her voice, like i was to prove myself to her.

”What? what did you do? CAN YOU JUST FUCKING TELL ME!! ” My blood boiled in me, my body felt as if it would lash out all on its own, like i had no control over it.

Bright golden flames were ablaze all around me, I hadn even noticed them before, their golden light, the brilliance that the flames exuded mesmerized me. Looking around myself i noticed that they didn burn me, in fact they weren even hot.

”I simply made you the creator of these flames. ”

Dumbfounded i couldn stop looking at the flames, from touching the flames. ”How did you… ” I trailed off.

”You could say that even the gods don know how their own powers work, so i managed to steal some of that goddesses powers, and with it and all the hatred in here i created these flames. Although i couldn do much with them, other that to keep my soul intact to my lifeless body and skeleton. I simply waited for some unlucky god to come around, and what a surprise it was to see you of all gods come in, the god who even the great creator despised. ” The little girl explained her voice slowly becoming more and more distant, her soul was disappearing with out the flames to keep it intact.

”Wait… i need you to tell me what it is you want? ” I asked scared to be alone again, I haven talked to anyone in a millennia, even though i was scared, in pain, speaking to someone felt good.

”You know what you need to do, follow the flames voice and you will know everything… ” The little girl disappeared, or rather her voice disappeared, I knew she was gone for the flames told me.

A single thought flew in to my mind, I could feel clarity, something i had lost, it finally came back. The agony of the unknown disappearing, and with it i finally knew who i was and who i am now.

The flames dissipated around me and for a second i felt that i could do anything, until i couldn . For in my pain i hadn noticed that there was now people inside the dungeon right behind me, soldiers, scouts.

”You there, what are you doing in here, it is forbidden by the goddess to enter this place. ” One of the soldiers behind me asked and announced. I didn move, i didn answer, i just stayed still, breathing and enjoying the flames inside me. Oh how warm they felt, the sparks of flames in my once empty eye sockets, for the first time in a long time i had found a reason, a reason to hate the other gods.

”Answer me, or have you lost your mind completely down here!? ” The soldier was increasingly more furious as i ignored him.

Finally i chose to pay him attention, just enough to answer him with a question of my own, ”if its claimed forbidden by your goddess to be here, then why have you come, is it not heresy to disobey your goddess? ”

I could feel the soldiers furious gaze on me, ”We are the envoy of the goddess herself, we do not commit heresy with our actions nor our words, we are true to her teachings no matter what we do. Now name yourself or we will take action! ”

Hearing his words, those words that make them be seen as better compared to other peaceful people, made me think back. Their heresy to the laws that we gods made, for we deemed everyone to be equal, only gods could be better than they themselves. I rose to my feet still keeping my back to the soldiers.

”Name yourself… ” The soldier cut his sentence short as he looked at my back in shock. My head touched the ceiling of the dungeons cell, I was taller than any other god and now, i was not even a god anymore.

”Kassius ”, I said while slowly moving out of the dungeon cell i was in.

I could hear one of the soldiers start to run away, his loud footfalls echoed through the dungeon clearly before they came to a halt and a loud shout could be heard.


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