Betrayals and Dungeons

form of arrangement to leave me in the past.

Although i didn know about the sins of the other gods that she was talking about, but i knew it had to be serious.

Seeing her after all this time made my hurt burn. She was as beautiful as the last time i had seen her. Well of course she was beautiful, she was and is a god after all.

She was tall even for a god, who were taller than humans. She was very thin, she had long green hair that waved down to her shoulder plates. Oddly enough she had bright blue eyes that always seemed to pierce through everything they met.

Not being able to concentrate on their little gathering because of her beauty, I chose to leave and go somewhere I could think properly, I wanted to talk to her even if it was stupid idea.

And yes I might have had a long time crush on her, but who wouldn have.

After a while of simply walking through the outer forest are of her city, I happened to come across a hole in the ground. It didn seem to have an end to its depth so i chose to take a look, I jumped in.

After falling for a while i finally reached the end of the hole, and to my surprise there was a full Dungeon system waiting for me.

I chose to wander around for a while, simply to see what was down here.

”So i chose to search the dungeon out of pure curiosity, then i found you my friend. ” I said while glancing at a skeleton whose jaw was missing.

”Ok, not a chatterbox this one ”, I hugged my knee one last time before getting up and stretching.

”Time to find a way out, time waits for no god after all. Well ok maybe it does but ah… ” I started to rub my temples, ”Why am i still talking to a skeleton. ”

Looking around and thinking his place makes no sense to me at all, how can something like this exist in our world?

Who made this place, its definitely old? Walking around the dungeon felt like I had been brought to a time where humans were treated as life stock.

All around me were skeletons of somethings that definitely weren human. The skeletons had third eye socket on their forehead and, wings. Some of the skeletons didn even have white or near white bones, but rather black, like wyverns horns.

”What were you when you were alive? ” i asked while kneeling down next to a black boned skeleton with wings and three eye sockets.

Turning my head to one of the many dungeons cells I couldn help but frown, for in that cell a small skeleton was hanged from the ceiling. Somehow the skeleton looked sad, almost like it was still alive.

Walking to the cell where the little skeleton was hung I placed my hand on one of the bars that were imbedded into the dungeon itself, as soon as my hand touched it though, it disappeared. Moving to the little skeleton i looked at its empty eye sockets, it felt as if it was crying. The simple presence of sadness loomed around it, like it had never disappeared after the humans demise.

I could feel my empty eye sockets start to burn in my head, it felt as if they were on fire. What is going on I asked myself, dumbfounded and in pain. Gods aren supposed to feel pain!

”Aaagh ” a loud scream escaped from me, i couldn bear the pain, I had never felt pain like this before.

”You gods will burn for what you have done to us. ” a little girls voice echoed through the whole dungeon as my pain worsened to the point of feeling like my whole head was on fire, and then the girls voice continued ”You deem us heretics after following only your words, your orders, and then you force us here to suffer, for so long we have suffered. ”


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