The air between us got awkward.

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Still, I didn’t want us to just stand there, so we moved on inside the Karaoke Celery.

There were rooms where it was full of cushions with multiple monitors lined up, but the one we chose had a standard interior.

In a mode of curiosity, I did see the types of rooms available at the reception desk, rather than a karaoke bar it looked more like a room at cosplay rental shop.

Guided to our room by the waitress, we order the items which we overlooked previously and decided in the gaming platform.
Yet, there was not a single exchange of words between us that took place.

Sitting at a weird distance between us, both of us were behaving fidgety.

“……..”  “……..”

Although, for so long we have been living under the same roof.
Why am I behaving like this now, but on the other end Hiyori’s reaction was clearly nervous and practically trembling.

I could literally feel her trembles reaching my shoulders.
Moreover, it is still hard for me to accept the reality that Hiyori is the same Philia san from the game.
I could also feel my shoulders becoming hot.  Somehow, it still appears unreal that, that Philia san is the same Hiyori san.

The only time I usually see Hiyori is in her school uniform with a long skirt that hides her knees, or at home in a sweatshirt.

Her hair is pulled up into a tight bun forcefully, appearing like a girl who has nothing to do with fashion.

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But now she was like someone who I have never seen before, wearing a short skirt that is exposing her bare legs, just like her game character, Philia san.

Whenever this Philia san talked in the gaming platform, she would say things like ‘opantsu sama’ (oh great panties), ‘futo momo chekku’ (Thick thighs check), ‘Senaka erosurain’ (The erotic backside), just like a vulgar old man.
That personality of Philia san doesn’t seem to fit with Hiyori who is sitting in front of me.

When she entered the room and took off her cardigan, I saw that she was wearing sleeveless, and her shoulders were bare and shining.
The sight was just too bright for my eyes.

She definitely looked cute and was trying to look bold, but perhaps of her sense of clothing and her personality, I could still feel her vibe of an innocent, prim and proper lady.

She had this heart-pulling cuteness which made me look at her with unbated eyes.


Perhaps she noticed my gaze or so, that she hurriedly put the cardigan on top of her lap to cover her bare legs.
Then she returns my gaze while shaking (*pururpuru), tears accumulating in her eyes.

It’s not like that she looked at me with the same type of sight as I mentioned before but…….
But yep.

it suits you.
so, um you really look cute I guess?”


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I tried to say what came to my mind.
It was in the same way as how I usually speak with Philia san when chatting in the game.

In fact, I do think she is extremely cute.

However, perhaps she is not used to dress up like this, somehow I can’t deny the fact that she appears to act and look quite out of normal.

Then again, that very act seems so adorable, and the contrast from her usual self seems so refreshing that my inner heart strings start making noise.

(TL Note: The way she appears at home.)

―she could have done this usually as normal.

[TL: its hectic…]

I start to think as if I were giving a lecture, but honestly, it’s such a waste.

I stared at her while thinking about such things, when Hiyori had her head bowed, her face reddened which made the ambience even more awkward.

The complete silence took a heavy toll on the body, and it made me feel as if I were drowning in suffocation.

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“Thank you for waiting~♪”

A cheerful voice cut through the heavy ambience as it echoed through the room.

It was the waitress, who, unlike us, was very excited.

“Kraken’s Squid Ink Pasta and the Dragon King Fabneil’s Eye Croquettes and the Knight’s Blood Oath will be of?”

“Oh, that’ll be me.”

“And on the girlfriend’s side would be the alchemist’s tea potion right~♪”


Saying so, the waitress left the scene thinking she got to see something fun and adorable.

Two nervous, serious and adolescent lovers —– it certainly did to appear something like it.

Despite the waitress’s intention to push and support us, quite unfortunately we didn’t share that kind of a relationship.

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Somehow the ambience had changed yet again.
I could somehow feel that we were becoming strangely conscious of each other.

Both Hiyori and I were taking small peeks at each other.

“L- Let’s eat then.
It does look exaggerated and colourful, but the contents look delicious.”


“The knight’s blood oath is tomato juice and soda, and it tastes surprisingly good! How does the alchemist’s tea potion taste like?”

“It is………… delicious”

“I—I see! …Haha ……”


I tried raising up the tension and forcibly start a conversation in this unspeakable atmosphere, but that was useless.
We were just going in circles.
Only the sound of the clatters of the dishes were echoing in the room.

I swallowed the croquettes along with the bitter feelings I had accumulated inside me.

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