“…It’s just that, I wear them when I’m watching TV, playing video games, or during class.” 

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“…I see ..also um… thank you for the lunch-time bento….” 

“! …d-don’t worry!.., it’s no big deal if it’s only till that …” 

“Is that so?” 


[ED: I had the urge to give her headpats]

Even though I tried to talk about the bento, Hiyori’s answer was simple and somewhat awkward, cutting the conversation short with no more reason to be extended any further.
The karaage placed in between us gradually decreased.
Both of us became reluctant to mind the other.

What kind of interaction would a normal brother and sister have at a time like this?

The dinner time passed without any more conversation taking place.

“…Gochisousama.” [TL: prayer after the food is eaten]


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In the end, Hiyori, who had forcibly swallowed the last of the fried food, returned to her room as if in a hurry.
I watched her go from the back and put the rest of the food in the refrigerator after placing it into a Tupperware container. 

In the kitchen, I struggled with the stains stuck to the bottom end of the pot and thought about Hiyori.
I thought I did something quite out of character.
I had been almost completely silent on the matter until now.
How would it have been if I changed my attitude as soon as I found out that Philia-san was Hiyori? 

When I think about such a thing in my head, ― I couldn’t help but forcibly rub the sponge onto the tableware.

And suddenly, the figure of the pretty, neat and cute Hiyori who was dressed up fashionably from the other day flickered in my memories.

I really thought it was cute.
But… What was Hiyori trying to do dressing up like that? ―

“Ah, HECK!”

In order to wash away this hazy feeling, I rubbed the pots and dishes more aggressively.

Even after I returned to my room, my heart still remained gloomy.

Emotions akin to jealousy swirled around me, and I didn’t know what to do with myself.
Still, I logged into the game while mocking myself for what can only be described as a habit.

“It was spicy!! It was too spicy, Kreis-kun! And it was also hot! ALSO, you’re late!”

As soon as I logged in, I got such an outcry from Philia-san almost instantly.

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It seems like spicy flavour was not something up her alley.

“I’m sorry.
Also, I was washing the dishes.”

“Also look at this! Thanks to you, I got it right away!”

Filia-san was wearing a pure white one-piece dress decorated with bird feathers.
The details were embroidered with gold thread, and gold earrings glittered on the fox-like ears of the character.
As if to show it off to me, she spun around while repeating the motion of spreading her hands.

There was also the matter of dinner, but what should I even talk about with Philia-san afterwards? Such feelings were brewing within me.
However, with this usual exchange, the fuzzy feeling I had in me earlier was cleared up as if it didn’t exist in the first place.
I really am simple-minded.

“I was thinking that her thigh highs are made quite tight, aren’t they? Also it looks like you can almost see the pants, but you can’t.
… Perhaps they’re tired and cutting corners now? Nope.
This is not done, this is absolutely not done! Don’t you agree with me as well, Kreis-kun!?”

[TL note: This is Filia-san, she is a girl.
Just for information.]

No, rather I can’t understand why she’s getting so concerned about the pants of the character in the first place.

[TL note: this is a boy, Kreis-kun btw.]

“Kaa~! Really why don’t you understand! It’s the panties of a beautiful girl! It’s obvious you will get concerned about the color and the design used in them! A~h or are you the type who is more concerned about her b*****s?”

[TL note: this is a girl]

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“Are you some perverted old man?”


Obviously, the girl who was talking happily about her new avatar just like a perverted old-man was the normal Filia-san.
At first glance, the conversation sounds as if I’m treating her badly, but in the depths of it was a certain sense of trust that we had built up all over the years.
Therefore, I could say things without hesitation when we were in the game.

“Rather, I am more concerned about the abnormality of having only karaage in my bento.
What was it exactly? It wasn’t something you can just show to people.”

“A~ahaha, I also ate that all by myself in secret.”

“Then you probably had indigestion as well and had others take care and worry about you heh.”

“Ueh? Wait… you were watching that? Ugyaa~AH!”

Saying so, Filia-san rolled around with her head in her hands.
At the same time, I could hear some rattling noises from the next room.
I naturally laughed at that reaction.

It’s like we’re talking nonsense like evil friends.
My concerns from a few minutes ago suddenly seemed insignificant.
That’s how much I enjoy talking with Filia-san.

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That’s why in the real world too, I wish I could talk with her more often…—

“Come on, let’s go hunt turtles! Today is the day we’re going to get those materials!”

As if unable to wait any longer, Filia-san got a head start on the hunting grounds.
I, Following her from behind as she walked ahead was like a normal occurrence.
Therefore, I was caught off guard by the words she spoke while I was still trailing her from behind and unable to see her face.

“Thanks for the curry today.
It was really delicious.”


The words she said so casually made my heart jump.
I could feel my face getting hotter and hotter.


Just moments prior I thought that I was probably very simple-minded…but it seems that I really am indeed simple-minded.

If possible, would it be a luxury to ask her to say it to me more directly? I guess, for that to happen we need to be more―

―…Ah, now I see.

I’ve been dawdling and worrying about it all the time, but all I’m trying to do is to get to know Hiyori better―.

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