Suddenly, Nanjo Rin muttered something like that in a self-deprecating tone.
It’s as if the words became a blade and was commuting a wound onto her by herself.

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I didn’t understand what was going on.

In rumours she was said to be the hundred-times confession slayer.
In fact, I’m sure she should have rejected countless of others just like that.
But then, what was the meaning behind that look of hers then?

It’s obvious a sensitive part of Nanjo Rin that she doesn’t show to others.
This was something that a stranger like me should not be allowed to witness.
It must be a side of her that even Hiyori herself doesn’t know about.
I started feeling guilty emerging within me for peeking at this.

“Ah, I can’t go on anymore.
I am for sure that even he is looking only at the top surface after all.”

― huh!?

And suddenly, Nanjo Rin threw up some words in a low voice.
It was not with the usual beautiful voice which feels as if like ringing bells in the ears, but with a man’s voice with a low pitch at that.
And then starts scratching her head without worrying that her hairstyle would deteriorate in the process.

A Chameleon.

That was definitely the perfect word to describe that.
The words and actions were so far removed from her usual image that I just couldn’t hide my surprise.

“… haaa”

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After the moment that Nanjo Rin burst out all of her emotion, she began to remake her vandalized hair all over again.
And after which she takes out the smartphone and begins to meddle with it.

“If you’re just well-mannered and a cute girl, then Urie-tan would be a lot more cuter R~I~G~H~T! I have to fast welcome the swimsuit and yukata version of Urie-tan as soon as possible, lets pull out tons of Gacha, yeah gacha! Ah, my goodness! When I get frustrated like this, it’s only limited to gacha to ―”

” ― Bu-ha!”

” ― Who is it!?”

Again, Nanjo Rin suddenly changed.

This is also far from her usual image as well.
She was talking to the smartphone in a voice as if a cat stroking.
Not only that, but she also had her cheeks loosened looking at her smartphone, and also spinning around and dancing strangely as well.
Unable to stand such absurd behaviour this time, I spouted out my breath in reflex.
This completely got me off-guard.

“I’m sorry, I had no intentions to peek.”

in order to show that I had no evil intentions I show up with both of my hands extended straight up.
Nanjo Rin’s eyes looking at me was coloured with vigilance, and as if she were observing the situation closely she glares her eyes towards me.

“eh, …?”

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As if she were to conduct a good criticism about a product, she glared at me promptly.
The usual friendly smile was absent, and the eyes did not even try to hide their grumpiness and hostility towards me.
She’s indeed a beautiful girl, but somehow had this strange powerful too.

So then, what should I say then? I scratched my head and faced her, who was still lifting up her beautiful eyebrows.

Thinking about it, I found myself in a strange situation.
I was alone with a girl in a deserted emergency stairway.
And on the other end is the girl who is said to be the school’s idol, the beautiful Nanjo Rin.

It would be a situation that a boy would dream about.
If it weren’t for the … glare of the opposite party.

“You—aren’t you that boy from the next class… Kurai.”

“You know me?”

“Yes, I somehow made sure to remember at least the names and faces of the people in my grade.”

“… aren’t you amazing.”

As for me, I’m not even confident about the people in my very own class,

“In such an unpopular place like this …By any chance, did anyone to you as well?”

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“Nah nah.”

Sadly, I’ve never dated a girl from the moment of my birth.

Then why? Being pierced by her suspicious gaze, I gave out a single sigh.
I’m sure she won’t be convinced by a half-hearted excuse.

I gave up and reluctantly showed her the contents of my lunch box.

“I didn’t want anyone to see this disaster.”

“Pfft! Hahaha!”

This time it was Nanjo Rin’s turn to erupt into laughter.

I thought that she was looking at me with wide eyes, but she crouched down on the spot and began to shake, holding her own shoulders.

“Isn’t it a great to have 3-types of coloured fried chicken bento, don’t you think too?”

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“Hey, what do you… and 3 colors… eh! Isn’t it the taste!? Ahh I somehow feel my stomach hurting me…!”

[TL: the girl laughs so much that her stomach starts hurting.]

It seemed like I, somehow put the nail right on the coffin.

I don’t know if there is a rule to not laugh while facing the said person or not, she was trying her best to hold back her laughter.

With regard to me however, I was once again puzzled witnessing yet another unexpected side of Nanjo Rin.

“Hey, hey~ why did you bring such a lunch box today? Or is it always like that?”

Tears welling up in the corner of those eyes, she spoke to me, her eyes gleaming with curiosity.
It seemed as if she was expecting an interesting response, but if I am asked about that, it makes me feel troubled.

However, now it’s definitely better than those hostile eyes I witnessed earlier eh.
In order to explain the reason, I meddled with my phone and showed her a page.

“A collaboration with Heaven: … ? …Find Chronicle Online avatar: …? What is this game? Oh, these characters look so cute!”

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