on did not bother her simplicity.

What truly amazed her however, was the thrilling view of the Dons Mansion from above through the glass walls.

Tastefully landscaped, its loveliness was inexhaustible.

She could spot the irresistible center garden, its roses illuminating, its butterflies hovering above them.

The evergreen lawn was a master piece, the conical roofs were covered with thin sheets of ice.

The fragile artifacts seemed amazing; the great statues of cherubs blowing lengthy trumpets and staring up at her with stone eyes that seemed to reanimate when she looked away.

”Where are you, my love? ”

The envious yet demurely natured Italian bride could sense a conspiracy.

Twenty and eight years of existence had unhooded the enshrouding cloak of ignorance and naive thinking.

No, ten years in the house of Don Montovani had ripped the blindfold of innocence apart.

Her groom was not one to defile her bed, never had he but there was something too sinister about this British woman, some calm calculated evil that only experienced eyes could detect.

Valeria needed an answer…which she found; ARIES.

Aries was quite friendly for an AI, it beeped twice when Valeria sat before its pulsing broad screen.

The young Sicilian hit the large keys of the immense system but it buzzed, spelling the words ”password incorrect. ”

With successive attempts of failure, Valerias mind wandered far and wide. What could her beloved groom love so much to use as a password other than herself?

Suddenly, the name clicked somewhere in her cerebrum. Maria was the name of Don Montovannis deceased mother.

Hardly would he speak of her, with teary eyes of red.

With one last attempt, she spelled the words carefully on the keypad and access was granted.

”Initiate surveillance mode! ” she ordered.

And abruptly, as if by magic, numerous footages were displayed on the wide screen, the cameras were activated in every single room in Montovani mansion…including the Primadonnas.

Valeria felt her hands clasp against her lips as she watched Isadoras large melons jiggle in relentless motion while riding on the Don.

So thats Di Mercurios Achilles heel, she thought.

”Thats it? Thats some melons. ”

The warmth of the trickling teardrop sank the brunettes heart down her belly.

”You whore…you British whore! ” Valeria lisped.

”English whore!! I will rip you apart…tit from tit. Ohh…I ll rip em apart and spill their milk over your bloody corpse. ”

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