at journey ahead.

A life of wealth, she had always desired and now, here it all was but she lacked one thing…happiness.

The Don was good in bed, oh real good.

He would stick his way into her, the burly beef would tear its way within, deep down and she would scream atop her voice.

And before long, she proved the worthiness of her hyped dowry with her impressive fertility by bearing the Don a son…one to replace Nero.

She had gloried in all that, worn the finest pearls, the heaviest gold and the most crystalline diamonds.

But she never smiled.

Valeria stared at the great clock castle, its short hand was striking 12 sinisterly and its long smote 6.

Her mind wandered where her beloved groom would be.

She had taken a nice warm shower and sprayed the best smelling perfume all for him, all so she could bear him a second son…another worthy heir.

But for three hours, she had waited… there was no response.

Soon, the brunette grew weary of waiting. She would find the Don herself.

She ascended to her feet stiffly and wore a linen robe; it revealed the beauty of her nakedness through its translucency.

She marched down the stairs of infinity.

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