Chapter 21.2: Coming out of the closet

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Gu Yanshu calmly paused for three seconds. 

Then, he suddenly came back to his senses.
He abruptly bounced up from his seat, and reflexively picked the doll up and threw it away with all his might. 

The chair fell to the ground in a crash.
“Waahhhhh!!!” The doll let out bitter cries as it fell to the ground. 

All the hairs on Gu Yanshu’s scalp stood on their ends. 

The bullet screen was lit with laughter. 


“Keke, it’s my first time seeing Gu Yanshu lose control of his emotions.
It’s hilarious.” 

“Just now, when he paused for three seconds, I thought it was because my Internet connection jammed.
That was too dumb, hahahaha!”

“If he just threw it out directly, I wouldn’t have been this tickled.
But he even paused for a while.
Was the child scared silly?” 

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Ls, dsv lhlau elpj.

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Eyp vbyv psxl prlnkyz bkdv?

Gp bl alnyzzle vbl pvyqq vlzzkdt bkx ycswv vbl nsdekvksdp qsa ryppkdt scpvynzlp, Qw Zydpbw oyzjle shla.

There was a radio on the table that was crackling with electrical sounds. 

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Gu Yanshu pressed the play button. 

The scratchy tape started playing a freaky child’s voice. 

“One, two, three friends; 

Four, five six friends; 

Seven, eight cute friends; 

Holding hands together and kicking the ball…” [1] 

Just as there was the sound of a ball dropping, with a “bang”, a box popped out of the wall.
The box automatically opened, and a spherical object bounced off it and landed on Gu Yanshu’s shoulder.
Gu Yanshu immediately retreated backwards and used his hands to block the ball, hitting it out. 

The ball dropped onto the floor, and started rolling around in a circle. 

The bloody red light shone…

Onto a head with long black hair, but blood was flowing out of the eye sockets. 

Gu Yanshu: “……” 

He didn’t want his hand anymore. 


And then, another bang sounded.
Gu Yanshu felt a chill behind his back, so he turned around slowly. 

A female corpse whose neck was broken hung upside down right behind him; blood was flowing from the cut at the neck downwards. 

There was a dripping sound. 

And drops of blood trickled onto Gu Yanshu’s shoe. 

Gu Yanshu: “……” 

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Before he could recover from this, that head behind him started laughing devilishly, “Hahahaha, I know it! I know that you will seek revenge for her! But she’s already dead! That b*tch Wang Mei is already dead!” 

Dead… Dead… Dead… 

The shrill female voice almost burst Gu Yanshu’s eardrums. 

What kind of d*amned haunted house was this! There was even a storyline to it?!

Gu Yanshu was losing himself.
He felt that he couldn’t stay for a second longer, and he needed to find Shen Jue immediately. 

He quickly walked to the entrance. 

But when he pulled the door, he realised that it was locked. 


And then, that freaky nursery rhyme sounded again. 

“One, two, three friends; 

Four, five six friends; 

Seven, eight cute friends; 

Holding hands together and kicking the ball…” [1] 

Kicking a ball. 

A ball. 



And the only thing in the room that had any relation to a ball was… 

Gu Yanshu turned around and looked at that terrifying broken head.
Using the green light from the safety sign, he could vaguely make out the reflection of the shine of metal through the two eye sockets. 

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The key was inside. 


Upon this realisation, Gu Yanshu felt as though he was going to lose his mind. 

If only Shen Jue was here.
He wouldn’t even need to be prompted, he would definitely retrieve the key himself. 

But Shen Jue wasn’t here.
He needed to find Shen Jue. 

Gu Yanshu pursed his lips and carefully moved over.
He then reached his hand out, and using his thumb and index finger, he pinched a lock of hair, raised it and quickly threw it away. 

Just after he threw it away, there were a few banging sounds within the classroom.
The metal cabinet opened, and the speaking rostrum was flipped over.
A few terrifying and monstrous ghosts suddenly appeared, and they started crawling towards Gu Yanshu. 

Why the hell were there living ghosts?! 

Gu Yanshu couldn’t take it anymore.
He took the key and swiftly opened the door.
Once the door opened, the ghosts, who were initially moving slowly, started speeding up; from crawling, they started prowling. 

Gu Yanshu didn’t even think about it; he simply ran outside. 

His legs were long, so he naturally could run fast, yet the ghosts behind him didn’t seem to fall behind.
In fact, as they ran, they still didn’t forget to bare their menacing teeth. 

Gu Yanshu didn’t know where he should be running to; he simply went on a mad dash. 

And then, he knocked into a solid embrace. 

Gu Yanshu’s physical reaction was faster than his brain, so immediately, he raised his leg and kicked the person in front of him. 

And then he heard a voice, “Ouch! Why did you kick me again?”

It was Shen Jue.

Gu Yanshu heaved a sigh of relief. 

Immediately, he said in an aggrieved tone, “It’s not like I knew that it was you.
It’s so dark, who can see clearly? Plus, there are ghosts chasing me.” 

Ghost chase….

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Gu Yanshu felt that there wasn’t time to explain further.
They had to escape first.
Just as he pulled Shen Jue and prepared to run, Shen Jue held him back, “There’s no need to run anymore.
The ghosts aren’t chasing us.” 

He turned back.
True enough, the ghosts weren’t running anymore.
They stood where they were, in all types of different poses, their bodies twisting and turning, and then a screeching and strange cry sounded, “Li Feng! Wang Mei! You adulterous pair! You will die a terrible death! You will die a terrible death!” 

You are the one who’s the adulterous pair. 

Gu Yanshu wanted to scold someone, but he didn’t dare to scold the ghosts. 

He then hid behind Shen Jue and whispered, “I heard one of the female corpses say just now that Wang Mei seemed to have died.
Li Feng was taking revenge for her.” 

Shen Jue raised a hand up to shield him, “There’s a male corpse in the room where I came from, and he died of suicide.” 

Gu Yanshu guessed that it was a story about a girl who was bullied, and a guy who had helped her take revenge before taking his own life.

The plot in a haunted mansion should not be too complicated. 

He briefly relaxed, “Then, where should we go now?” 

There was only one corridor, and one end of it was blocked by seven ghosts, while the other end was a staircase.
However, the staircase was locked, and required a key. 

And there was a bathroom beside the stairs. 

The bathroom of the haunted mansion’s school. 

Gu Yanshu subconsciously tightened his grip on Shen Jue’s hand. 

A trace of a smile appeared across Shen Jue’s eyes, as he whispered, “Do you want to go in and take a look?” 

Did they have any other choice? 

“Li Feng! Wang Mei! GIve me your lives!” 

Gu Yanshi only hesitated for a second.
Originally, the seven ghosts which were twisted around on the spot seemed to have revived; as they shouted, they pranced over, and the special effects make-up was extremely realistic and frightening. 

Immediately, Gu Yanshu couldn’t think anymore.
His long legs moved, as he dragged Shen Jue with him and escaped quickly into the bathroom, then closed the door with all his might. 

[1] This is the Chinese rendition of “Ten Little Indians”, in a creepy version.
You can hear it here:

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