Chapter 17.2: He’s jealous

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Shen Jue’s car was still parked around the neighbourhood, and it was certainly more convenient if he sent Gu Yanshu there. 

Gu Yanshu rejected him, “There’s no need.” 

“Do you think it’s easy to get a cab at this hour in this area?” 

Few cabs were willing to travel to the area around the villa. 

Gu Yanshu turned on the taxi booking app.
The estimated waiting time was twenty minutes. 


Shen Jue had already put on his jacket, “You can throw a tantrum all you want, but don’t delay the important matters.” 

It was already 9PM, and Gu Yanshu remembered that Fang Yuan had told him that the person in charge of “The Greatest Stage” would get off work at 10PM. 

He wasn’t a stubborn person, and he knew how to differentiate between what was important and what wasn’t, hence he didn’t reject Shen Jue anymore. 

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In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Shen Jue parked his car at the underground carpark in the building, and after he sent Gu Yanshu into the elevator, he went back to the car to wait. 


By the time Gu Yanshu had signed the contract, handed the materials over to the programme team, ensured everything was in order, and then communicated his ideas about the stage design and his styling ideas and requests, it was already 11PM. 

Walking out of the production studio, Gu Yanshu suddenly recalled that Shen Jue was still waiting for him downstairs alone, so he hastened his footsteps as he went down. 

Just as Gu Yanshu reached the elevator, he felt as though someone was following him.
When he turned around, there was no one behind him.
He raised a brow and remained on his guard.
He walked into the lift, and once he reached the carpark, he strode quickly to the car.

And sat in the co-driver’s seat. 

Shen Jue asked, “What’s wrong?” 

Gu Yanshu fastened his seatbelt, then explained calmly, “Someone seems to be following me.” 

Usually, when others heard this, they would be doubtful, asking if it was true, or console the other person by saying that they probably thought too much. 

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Yet, Shen Jue only whispered, “It’s alright.
I’m here.” 

Gu Yanshu’s seatbelt was stuck. 

Shen Jue turned around, his arm moving across Gu Yanshu’s body, as he tugged the seatbelt down.
He naturally leaned on Gu Yanshu’s body, his breath warm, as his ears were a mere 10cm away from Gu Yanshu’s lips. 

An impulse shot over Gu Yanshu, and he instinctively pushed Shen Jue away as he asked sternly, “Shen Jue, what are you doing?” 

Shen Jue’s brow was raised, “What did I do again?” 


Gu Yanshu managed to control his expression and tone till he appeared calm.
“Teacher Shen, don’t you think this action is inappropriate?”

“Why is it inappropriate?” Shen Jue seemed extremely interested with this comment, “What’s so inappropriate about it when it’s between two men?”

That’s right.

Why was it inappropriate when it’s between two men?

All straight men would think this way. 

A few years ago, Gu Yanshu would have thought about it this way too. 

But it was different now. 

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Gu Yanshu didn’t know whether his self-control was good, hence rather than losing it when it happened, they might as well clear the air when he was still clear-headed. 

“Our CP rumours have already brought about so many negative effects, so I hope that Teacher Shen can watch your actions in future.
Don’t do things that cause others to misunderstand, in order to avoid unnecessary problems.” 

“Such as?” 

“Such as avoiding some types of unnecessary body contact or jokes.
It’s not difficult to do that.” 

When was he ever joking?


It was silent in the car for some time. 

Shen Jue knew that Gu Yanshu was seriously unhappy.

He said in a low voice, “Gu Yanshu, are you still angry with me?” 

“No.” Gu Yanshu turned his head to look out of the window and replied nonchalantly, “Let’s go back first.
Otherwise, we’ll be very late, and might disturb the others’ rest.” 

Shen Jue didn’t say a word. 

He started the car, then drove into the gloomy night. 

The crowds on the streets had started to subside, revealing the city’s original state.
What remained was the countless lights that lit up the outline of the looming dark clouds in the sky that looked as though it was about to destroy the city. 

Shen Jue guessed that it was probably going to start snowing soon. 

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Then, they could ask Gu Yanshu to prepare a hotpot for tomorrow. 

As he thought about it, he raised his eyes unwittingly and glanced at the rearview mirror, then furrowed his brows. 

An old Santana was tailgating them, and the distance between the cars was way lower than the safety distance. 

This car looked familiar, it seemed as though he had seen it somewhere. 


It had probably followed them halfway from after they left the neighbourhood. 

Shen Jue abruptly recalled that Wang Yang had said this morning at the supermarket that there were two people who were sneakily carrying cameras, and when they returned from the supermarket, there seemed to be someone squatting around the north gate.
Then, he remembered that Gu Yanshu also said that someone was following him. 

His eyes immediately chilled. 

Using his Bluetooth to make a call, he reported his location, “Xia Meng, we seem to have met some people, not sure if they are sasaengs or reporters.
Come over and handle it.” 

Just as he finished his words, the traffic light turned red in front, and he jammed the brakes. 

Almost at the same instance, Gu Yanshu yelled, “Shen Jue, be careful!” 

But Shen Jue’s arm had already instinctively covered the back of Shen Jue’s neck. 


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