Ch6 – Sharing a Breath Underwater — After saving me, did Shixiong poison me?

A moment later, he felt a gentle warmth upon his lips and a breath of air passed into his mouth.

That single breath brought Su Mujin back from the brink of drowning.
His mind went blank for a second, and he froze.
In front of his eyes loomed a familiar, handsome face, with closed eyes and long eyelashes, looking particularly bewitching underwater.
It was his shixiong. 

After realizing what the other person was doing, Su Mujin’s heart began to beat wildly.
He felt he was going crazy.
He had never been so intimate with anyone.
Even more frightening, he discovered that he didn’t want to struggle, but rather wanted the feeling to continue.
What was going on with him?

Just as Su Mujin was caught in a trance, Gu Feng suddenly opened his eyes.
Su Mujin nearly choked, and quickly pretended to struggle free.
Shixiong had been especially considerate toward him so far.
He absolutely could not let Shixiong discover his abnormality.



“Stop flailing, you little rascal.
I’m not taking advantage of you!” Gu Feng released Su Mujin. He also felt incredibly wronged, okay? That was his first kiss.
Just pretend it never happened.

Su Mujin felt a little disappointed and frustrated at the loss.
He looked around, taking stock of the situation only to discover they were inside an air bubble. Woah, how marvelous! 

Gu Feng observed Su Mujin’s wide-eyed wonder, and proudly declared: “This is the spell called ‘Water Repulsion’.
Tomorrow I’ll teach you, since without it, I’ll have to keep rescuing you.”


Su Mujin, “.

Right, this was exactly shixiong’s style.
The situation just a moment ago was surely Su Mujin’s misinterpretation, nothing more.

The sky had already darkened by the time Su Mujin broke through the surface of the tarn.
Gu Feng cautiously looked around.
The deep pool was surrounded on three sides by a mountain peak, while the fourth side was the forest from which they had burst into the terrain.


That’s right! The secret terrain was here. In fact, it was not simply a pool of water — it was also fed by a spiritual spring.
Time spent cultivating here was twice as effective as regular cultivation, and merely drinking the spiritual water could also boost a person’s cultivation level.
In addition to these magical properties, when the water was used in alchemy, the success rate of pill refining was significantly improved.

Gu Feng had Su Mujin follow him out of the secret terrain.
Sure enough, from outside, it once again appeared to be merely a precipice.

“Xiao Jin, look over there.
What do you see?” Gu Feng pointed at the cliff and questioned Su Mujin.


“A pool.
What else could there be?” Su Mujin was baffled and stole a glance at Gu Feng. 

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Gu Feng: “.

No wonder my previous incarnation could stumble upon the spiritual tarn while casually strolling around.
When I was unable to locate it today, it turns out the problem was with my eyes.
Come to think of it, wouldn’t that boy Su Mujin have seen it earlier, yet never mentioned a thing? We wasted two shichen looking for it in vain. Thinking of that, Gu Feng balefully glared at Su Mujin.

That intense stare made Su Mujin begin to feel restless.
Only then did Gu Feng cheer up and retract his gaze. Sure enough, bullying Su Mujin was still entertaining.

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Afterwards, Gu Feng was both mentally and physically exhausted.
He had no energy left to cultivate, so he and Su Mujin laid down and slept out under the stars.

Early the next morning, Su Mujin woke to the delicious aroma of roasting meat.
Opening his eyes, he saw Gu Feng in the middle of cooking breakfast.
Su Mujin felt a little ashamed. I shouldn’t be so lazy.

“Awake? You’re right on time.
The meat is perfectly cooked.
Come eat up.” Seeing that Su Mujin had woken, Gu Feng smiled and spoke with a laugh.
This morning, he seemed to be especially gentle and caring.

Su Mujin stared distractedly.
He appeared a little embarrassed by the excessive indulgence from Gu Feng, and his ears turned slightly pink. Shixiong’s smile is really handsome, Su Mujin thought. 

Unfortunately, as soon as Gu Feng finished speaking, he turned his attention back to cooking, and did not notice Su Mujin’s abnormality.

Gu Feng had been a bachelor for hundreds of years, and had perfected his barbecue technique to a considerable degree.
The meat sizzled, with beads of hot oil dripping enticingly along the edges.
Seeing that the meal was nearly done, Gu Feng used a branch to pierce several of the tenderest pieces, then handed the branch to Su Mujin.


Su Mujin took a bite. Delectable! Simply delectable! The outside was crisp, while the inside was tender and not too greasy.
Devouring bite after delicious bite, he was on cloud nine.

“Slow down, there’s plenty more.” Gu Feng worriedly watched Su Mujin scarf it down, and felt he had to remind him or else he would choke. 

Su Mujin was expressionless, but his face flushed a suspicious shade of red.
His pace greatly slowed and he began to take smaller bites.

His blush is so intense, Gu Feng thought in bemusement, but he’s still really adorable like this.

“If you’ve eaten enough, it’s time to start cultivating.
Later we’ll only consume fasting pills.” Gu Feng saw Su Mujin had nearly finished, so he began to explain.

“Mhm, I’ve eaten my fill.
Shixiong don’t worry, I’ll work hard to cultivate so I can protect you.” Although he regretted that he wouldn’t be able to eat meals prepared by his companion after this, Su Mujin understood that improving his cultivation was urgent. 

“Very good.
First I’ll teach you ‘Water Repulsion’.
Are you prepared?” With an upright attitude, Gu Feng strolled over to the spiritual tarn.

What do I need to prepare? Su Mujin inspected himself, before suddenly realizing. Of course! That’s what I need to prepare.

Gu Feng waited half a day for Su Mujin to reply.
Turning around, he saw Su Mujin starting to undress.

Gu Feng: “.

“We’re just practicing ‘Water Repulsion’, not taking a bath.
No need to disrobe.” Gu Feng said as his face darkened.

“Got it, shixiong.” Su Mujin tied his belt again and tidied up his clothes.
He was silently critical. Shixiong really angers too easily.
Whatever, I’m too magnanimous to hold it against him.

After Gu Feng explained the incantation to Su Mujin, he took the lead and jumped into the spiritual pool.
A barrier of air about a foot thick formed between him and the surrounding water.

“Jump in! Just remember to recite the incantation while you leap, and circulate spiritual energy around your body.” Gu Feng turned to face Su Mujin as he spoke. 

Previously, Su Mujin would have leapt in without a second thought.
But, after having nearly drowned yesterday, there was a shadow of fear in his heart.
As he hesitated, his pulse sped up.

“Didn’t you say you would protect me just now? Don’t tell me you’re too scared?” Gu Feng deliberately strung out the last couple syllables, his voice becoming magnetic, and channeling the spirit of that mythical skirt chaser Dengtu Zi.

“N-not afraid .
.” Su Mujin stutteringly spoke.
His heart raced, but it wasn’t due to fear that time.

He jumped down while silently reciting the incantation and circulating his spiritual energy.
As long as his shixiong was present, Su Mujin discovered he could access seemingly boundless strength and courage. 

Su Mujin succeeded without mishap.
It was just a simple spell, after all.
If he wanted to accomplish bigger things, he needed to master this first.
Gu Feng would not have the time to personally teach Su Mujin everything he needed to know in life.

“You’re doing well, keep it up and follow me.” Gu Feng spoke and took Su Mujin’s hand, leading him to the bottom of the pool.


As soon as he had entered the water, Su Mujin discovered he and his shixiong were each surrounded by a bubble.
But, between the two bubbles, there was a link where the two of them held hands.
Realizing that, Su Mujin’s recently calmed heartbeat once again picked up speed.
Originating from shixiong’s grip on his hand, a scalding heat slowly traveled across his body. Ever since yesterday when shixiong gave me air, I’ve felt so strange.
Could it be that shixiong poisoned me with that breath?

Gu Feng felt Su Mujin’s palm begin to sweat, and thought Su Mujin was frightened.
Gu Feng paused and placatingly said: “Don’t worry.
I’m taking you to the bottom of the pool to locate something.
If you see anything that glows or sparkles, you must tell me.” 

“Okay .
.” Su Mujin sensed that they were sinking deeper and deeper into the tarn, but it felt different than yesterday.
Today he wasn’t scared at all.
No, he actually felt joyful. I really must have been poisoned.
I’m certain of it!

Gu Feng was oblivious to Su Mujin’s mood.
He wholeheartedly threw himself into looking for the lingyao at the bottom of the pool that could purify spiritual roots.
His previous incarnation had used the lingyao as a gift to repay Gu Yunxi, but in this lifetime, he would never repeat that mistake.
Gu Feng planned to have Su Mujin use it as soon as he found it.
The tarn was abundant in spiritual qi, and it was the most suitable place to purify spirit roots.

After who knows how long in those depths, he finally caught a glimpse of a distant glow.
Gu Feng grew ecstatic, and pulled Su Mujin along to swim over to it.

As they drew close, they saw a glowing plant, similar in appearance to a lotus.
It glittered alluringly in the water. Finally found it. Gu Feng relaxed and finally let out the breath he’d been holding in.
It was exactly that ‘marrow purifying lotus’ that could wash away extra spirit roots. 

“Xiao Jin, this lingyao can purify spirit roots.
You can eat it and use it to wash away your fire root.
Then the quality of your remaining wind root will be improved.
Got it?” Gu Feng carefully plucked the flower and presented it to Su Mujin.

Su Mujin was dumbfounded.
He had no idea how to respond.
There was only one lingyao here, and his shixiong didn’t even hesitate when handing it over. Am I really deserving of this kindness?

“What? Do I need to feed you myself?” Gu Feng asked and reached out to lift Su Mujin’s chin.
It appeared he really would feed Su Mujin.

Didn’t mean to inconvenience Shixiong.
I’ll eat it right away” Su Mujin’s face was red as he took the lingyao.
Downing it in a single gulp, he opened his mouth to show he’d completely swallowed it. 

Gu Feng’s eyes glinted, observing Su Mujin’s response. Sure enough, every time I act overbearing and intimate, Su Mujin immediately does what he’s told.
This method isn’t bad.
Seems I can continue using it.

“The process will be long and painful, but you must persevere.
Otherwise, all this effort will be wasted.
Xiao Jin, you can do that, right?” Gu Feng deliberately leaned in close to Su Mujin, his lips brushing Su Mujin’s ear as he uttered those words.
In order to achieve his aim, Gu Feng had no choice but to abandon his moral integrity.

“Shixiong, don’t worry.
I will expend all my effort and not disappoint you.” Su Mujin was beet red.
At that moment, he likely would have climbed a mountain of knives without the slightest hesitation, had Gu Feng asked it of him.

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